Filinta Season 2 Episode 19 English subtitles

GERMAN EMBASSY But-you... Supreme Master. It is an honor to see you here, my dear friend. The message you delivered to me was very important. The British are trying to take over the Ottoman Empire's bank. And the Queen is unable to protect her own banks against us. Quite ironic. What are his plans? To eliminate Boris and Sureyya, to begin with. The British have implemented a special team for that. Whatever happens... ...Boris and Sureyya must live. We cannot afford any mistakes with that. Thank you very much, my friend. By the way, how is your lovely wife? She is very well. Send her my greetings and love. With pleasure. Keep me informed of every movement that the Brits make. As always, sir. -Bombing was intended to draw us there. -Exactly. Where do we stand with the school situation? I have narrowed the target, Pasha. There are five missionary schools on the coast of the Bosphorus... ...and in its upper region. I have to say something. Does intelligence mean chattering like old men, Pasha? Let us raid them one by one. Their deaths will not be in vain. I promise that they will not have died for nothing. They will be avenged. I will find the schools and the children. Most of these schools are known for their excellent education. Those who graduate go on to serve in important positions within the state. The Padishah is not in favor of the raid. Besides, almost all of those schools are being watched. How? Who do you think is cleaning and sweeping the floors? ...or teaching the classes? The Ottoman Empire has eyes everywhere, gentlemen. Abdullah. Do those schools have symbols? -Most of them do, Pasha. We will take a look. -Let's do that. Come in. What is it? Wait. Mustafa. There are two children in the külliye. They insist on talking to you. They say that you know the importance of the matter. What's going on? -Let them come in. -What are you talking about, my son? Are you out of your mind? What will the children do here? Sureyya. There is something wrong with you. I feel like a ghost is following me. and that very bad things are going to happen. It is a familiar feeling; one from my past. I don't want anything to happen to you, Ali. I don't want anything to happen to you. You are no longer here, but... ...your image still haunts me, Akbar. Good God. Uncover the children. Come. What is it? -What's going on? What is this place? Cut to the chase. I believe we have found the school you are looking for, Chief. They don't say "out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems"... ...for no reason, Abdullah. There's obviously a method to your madness. Well done, boys. Here we go. Good Lord. You know that divine providence comes unexpectedly. You are like an untimely winter, Blade. You know, I really admire you two. What do you want from us? There is a school in the upper region of the Bosphorus. In all my life, I've never once studied Let me guess. You're going to enroll us in school and whip us into shape. Enough foolishness! Imbecile. Listen. We are going to infiltrate it. My God. God forgive me. Lads. Teacher. You have my permission. Go get some rest. Why are those candles burning for no reason? Don't you think it's wrong? Why are you showing off, man? Hands up! Yes, armed men came here, but they were French officers. We teach the children histories of war at this school. We introduce them to the soldiers of all countries. Our friends grew suspicious... ...when they saw them armed and in plain clothing. We thought they might do something to you. Yes, but you cannot raid a school on suspicions alone. You should have come to me before the raid. You should have asked. We are sorry. And I'm sorry on behalf of all my friends, sir. Right. What terrible luck. Allow us to try it our way. Have it your way, gentlemen. Do what you will. And we will do what we will. My mother was brushing my hair. I was playing with my doll. Then... came. Who were they? -Let go of my daughter! -I want my mother! I want my mother! I want my mother! Who were they? I want my mother! -Let go of my daughter! -I want my mother! Let go! Who were they? Think, Farah. Think. The truth lies in the dead ends of your mind. Who were they? My children. You live by forgetting. Forgetting is our fate. We stand up to death and pain by forgetting. You will forget. Memories of your former life... ...will fade alongside any hope to ever have that life again. You will be born again here. You will become brand new people. We will be your parents here. When your training ends... will have powers so great that... ...the world will kneel before you. You will be the soldiers who will take revenge on the Ottomans.... ...for murdering your families. Here... ...punishment as well as reward are administered intensely, my little ones. When you don't obey the rules... will be punished... ...and those who obey, will be honored. The arms of darkness are tough... ...and its breath scary. If you do what we ask of you... will be rewarded with heaven. Otherwise... will suffer in the darkness of hell for all eternity. You will risk your life for Brotherhood and you will fight. You will kill so that you do not die. Each person you kill... ...will be blessed with an afterlife in heaven. Except for the Ottomans. The mother of all evil is the Ottoman Empire. Was it all a lie? Was it all a lie? Was it a lie? I'm going to inform Mustafa. You stay here. Anything on the symbols? Yes, Pasha. Let me show you. This is it. You are the only thing I have. We have to take care of this immediately. Don't worry. We will take care of it. We will wait for the right moment. We have already started gathering intelligence. This will be a good opportunity for you to make up for your previous failure. Filinta Mustafa and Blade Ali. It will be their turn after this. I will take great pleasure in killing them. First, let us take care of our required duty... ...then we can begin the enjoyable part of this Istanbul trip. I understand that British Ambassador Henry offered you his collaboration. That is true, my Sultan. What I want from you... to bury the Supreme Council deep in the shadows of history... ...with the help of the Ottoman Empire. You must get closer to the British, Davut Pasha. My Sultan. You must get closer to the British... ... step by step. You must accept even if they offer you a bribe. My Sultan. I realize our duty is to collect intelligence... ...but I am an old man who is set in his ways. I cannot take that much. You can handle this, Davut Pasha. I trust you completely. It is obvious that our key doesn't open the door to the Supreme Council. But maybe the Brits' key does. We can reach the Supreme Council and, through the Council, our children. As our Padishah commands. -Davut Pasha. -Yes, my Sultan. Never underestimate the British. Look, you are a man of war. You know better than any of us that war is a matter of deceit. You will sit down at that table for the big game. In the end, we will we or we will lose. May God bless us all. Amen. So Mustafa has killed another one of our brothers, huh? Yes, Supreme Master. We also know that Mustafa is aware of the school's existence. Which is why we've evacuated the school. This is the opportunity we've been looking for. We will get rid of both Mustafa and the British, my Sultan. Let's check the schools. Not just the ones in the Bosphorus. That dog, Maruf, could have led us astray. We've checked, but let's check again, Pasha. If Mustafa finds the school... He will. I am sure of it. In the meantime, we will leak the information... ...that I am also at the school. When the British arrive at the school to kill me... ...they will see Mustafa. But before that, Celal... ...will go to the school to set up an ambush. He will leave without a fight... ...but it is necessary for you to be there and to be seen. Otherwise, Mustafa will realize that this is an ambush. The best of both worlds. Bravo, Efendi Boris. Bravo. Move. Are Mustafa and Ali really dead? No, they're lying to us. Yes, they're lying to us. So how come Mustafa and Ali couldn't find you? Maybe they really are dead. That's not possible. So why didn't they come? Maybe we can escape here. Let's win their trust... ...and then escape when we have the chance. I felt so certain. But all doors seem to be closing. I will take my chances with Farah one more time. God, help us, so we can find those children. I'm sure they are thinking of escaping right now. You enjoy upsetting those children, don't you? I upset you a lot, too, when you were a young child. But look at you now. You have become a great warrior. Zozan. Keep an eye on them. You're an orphan, too. Like me. Those who kidnapped you, turned you into a murderer... ...and those who found me, turned me into a man of justice. I'm a murderer? Yes. You were young. You were too young to tell right from wrong... ...but you have to understand the truth. I know exactly what I'm going to do. I will not help you, Mustafa. Why? My brothers. They were young like me, too. All that happened to me, happened to them as well. They are as guilty and as innocent as I am. Farah. Tell me where the school is. I will do all that I can to keep your brothers alive, I promise. Either you will die, or they will die. Because we were raised to choose death over surrender. Tell me what you know. Let's save those innocent children. I cannot put my own brothers in danger. Look, there may not be hope for them. But there is still hope for the these kids who have been kidnapped and converted. If you help us, you will be helping them, too... ...and others won't have to go through the pain that you've been through. I would like to help you, but I can't. Why? Why can't you help me? Because you were right. Because of my conscience. And my conscience won't let me put my own brothers in danger. So we have to rely on thugs. Greetings, Kostik. Kostik the pervert. You know, this man... ...knows the way to the schools in Istanbul... ...better than the teachers. He's always... ...on the hunt outside the schools. Isn't that right, Kostik? We heard about your reputation. Come on. Let's show him some love, so that... ...he sings like a bird. Scumbag. Now... ...if you are ready to sing... ...answer the questions that I ask you. We need to find a school on the upper part of the Bosphorus. What kind of a school? A regular school, but there are some suspicious things going on there. Spies, things like that. There is a clergy school like that. They never open their doors. It's in the upper part of Arnavutkoy. All right. I understand. I accept. Mothers... ...and fathers... ...should watch out for scumbags like you. I'm sick, Agha. I cannot stop. Doctors come to the aid of the sick. See? This is nice. Bekri. Bekri. Bekri! Sifahi is waiting for us. Boris Zaharyas. He will visit a school in the upper part of Arnavutkoy tonight. Why? I don't know why. Well, why should I believe you? If you looked into my background, which I know you did... know that I am one of Boris' closest men. Garbis. What do you want? To leave. I just want to leave this country. I'm tired of living every day with my head in the lion's mouth. I have a lot of enemies here. You understand, don't you? If you are telling the truth... ...we always have a place for men like you. Did he take the bait? What do you think? He did. Hook, line, and sinker. Go inform Boris Efendi. Very well. Where are you going? To meet the Brotherhood. Boris Efendi has some wishes. Cemil. Be careful. -Good luck. -Thank you. What happened, brother? Were you able to get her to talk? -She wouldn't talk. -I learned something even more important. -What is that? That she has a conscience. Leyla has done well. She is a tough girl. Abdullah. Have you been able to find anything? One of the schools we've been looking for has changed its symbol. That's why we missed it. Let's see. This is it. -Arnavutkoy. -Let's go. What's going on? We've found where the school is, Pasha. Good. Prepare the men immediately. Is Maruf here? He's not? Who will give me the injection? You gave Garbis weekly medicine. What about me, huh? I come here every day. Easy, brother. Garbis gets what he deserves. Go on. Now get out of here. Thank you. Do you think there are children inside, Abdullah? They are staying somewhere else, Pasha. Trust me. Come on, Boris Efendi. The British are here. Now it's time for Mustafa and his entourage. This is the place. How did you know where to find it? Tricks of the trade. We've found it. Have we done wrong again? If you knew, why didn't you tell us? Well, we thought that if we were able to find it... ...then Mustafa would surely be able to find it, too. Were we wrong? The men inside are all certainly warriors. We're going in. Come on. There may be children inside. Not one child is to be harmed. Everyone must be careful. When Mustafa finds the school... He will. I'm sure of it. In the meantime, we will leak the information... ...that I am at the school, too. Boris Zaharyas. He will visit a school in the upper part of Arnavutkoy tonight. But before that, Celal... ...will go to the school to set up an ambush. When the British arrive at the school to kill me... ...they will see Mustafa. There's our target. Look at him. It's as if he wants us to see him. It is necessary for you to be there and to be seen. Otherwise, Mustafa will realize that this is an ambush. Celal will leave without a fight It shouldn't be this easy. I smell a rat, too, Mustafa. They are showing themselves as if they knew we would come. They're here. We're leaving. Don't die, Mustafa. I will kill you. Gentlemen. Let's be careful. May God help us. -Amen, Pasha. -Come on. What a surprise. Mustafa and Ali. Come on, then. Come. What is the world coming to? This has been easy. This has been very easy, Mustafa. What's this? Damn it. Look at this. Here comes the British poodle. So, today is the day. We have some unfinished business. You will never know it, but... ...I saved your life, Mustafa. Do not forget this favor. I owe you one. Thank you. Here's the census taker. They ran away, those jackals. Shall we go after them? What kind of people are they? Where are you going? The show isn't over! We have a lot to talk about. Let's catch up first. There is much you will tell us. Have his wound checked. They are a fragile nation. He appears to have a phobia of blood. -What? A phobia of blood? How imprudent!