Filinta Season 2 Episode 2 English subtitles

I have to be at the dervish lodge to examine the children. Let's go there together. No way! I am not on speaking terms with that man called Ali! Please. No. You may not be on speaking terms with each other, but I don't think this will take long. You are so lucky in matters of love. I wish I were as lucky as you. You should make your own luck. But how? With patience. You couldn't finish yourself off, so you came here to get killed by me? You can kill me if you like, I won't resist. Is this the new trap of yours? I've been looking for you for six months. Why did you escape? So, do you think that I do not have the right to mourn for my daughter? Where did you bury her? I asked you! Where did you bury her? She must be with her mother now. In heaven. What about you? Where will you go? Do you know that? To hell! Can you feel the fire? The death? Your sins? The lives that you've destroyed, the rights that you've taken? Can you feel the torment of the hell that you'll suffer in return of those sins? Lara... Don't you say her name! Don't you ever say her name! You should be the first person to forget Lara, sister. Mustafa suffered horrible days. Just a little patience, sister. Mustafa will have eyes only for you, after all. Believe me. And you must be a gentleman. Oh, "Gentleman" is for boys, right? Consider the same thing for girls... Anyway! Look at me, Ali Efendi! Do you think it's that easy? After you shouted at me and broke my heart, you thought you could make it up to me just by bringing some flowers that you picked from wherever? Do you see that? Oh my sweetie, the ocean-eyed beauty! All right, I may have picked these flowers from the graveyard while I was on my way here, but I am just a poor former officer, Sureyya. I have nothing to give but my heart and these flowers. All right, all right! Doctor, emergency! Sergeant Gazanfer's been shot! Gazanfer! Get the operating room ready immediately! Gazanfer! Stay strong, brother. Stay strong Gazanfer! Brother! Stay strong brother! Who did this to you? How did it happen? Hurry up! Be quick! I was her father. I loved her more than anyone. I'd have given my all to save her, just like you. But none of us could save her. Do you know why I am here? To tell you that I am no longer angry with you. What a disgusting man you are! I... I wish we could change our past, Mustafa. I wish... I was a good person like you, but now... nothing is meaningful. The power, the puissance, the life. If the real owner of my heart, my daughter, my Lara hadn't died... Where did you bury her? Get out of here! Never stand before me again! She is so far, Mustafa. So far. How did this happen? Mecit and some others heard gunfire coming from the barns out back. We ran and rushed him to the hospital. Didn't you see their faces? Who did this? Who? Good job! We got rid of Gazanfer. You haven't got rid of anything! How did they find you? Peace be upon you! And peace be upon you. Hope nothing is bad. What is wrong with you? What are we doing, Hodja? What do you mean, son? I mean, what are we doing here? If that's what you say, there is something wrong with you. Obviously, somebody has flared up the fire in your heart. Boris! He came to visit me. Here. If he's back, that means he must have some unfinished work in Istanbul. I could have killed him. But I didn't. The man who killed my family and turned this world into a dungeon for me was in the palm of my hand. But I didn't kill him. So, son, if you had killed him, do you think you would have established justice? What justice, Hodja? We were after the evidence, the witness and the justice, and now we stand by idly! And those damned criminals who were certainly guilty kept on committing crimes by looking into our eyes. They ran wild around us making fun of us. They have the guns and we have the justice! What justice, Hodja? We have lost so many lives, don't you think that's enough! I have no justice whatsoever! It is over. Having a son is like a eating a hard candy. Not so easy to chew! Skopjan, what was your real name? In the Bitola? Stavros. Stavros. Your job here is over. We will send you back to the Bitola now. Padre wants to see you. Padre? You have been away from your brothers for years. Finally you get to be together with them. But the police station demonstration was a failure. You have accomplished your duty deservedly, Stavros. You didn't let us down. The Supreme Master has sent his regards to you. That's a great honor. Today is a very special day for us. The strongest fighters of our brotherhood are here. Stavros will be joining us soon. He wasn't a skillful warrior, but he was a good trapper. Everybody has their own duties. Maruf is right. My children, to the brotherhood! To the brotherhood! Are my orders and instructions negotiable? Never, my Sultan. Then what is this desire of yours to negotiate? You were right about so many matters in the past. Perhaps you will be right about this matter too. But my decision is final. We will try this job. Aye, my Sultan. But... But intelligence is a dirty job. It is not something a man of justice who has spent all those years being a Cadi can do. Mustafa and Ali are good officers. They are talented boys, but they are not trained enough to be assigned to a high position in the intelligence service out of the blue. And also, this situation doesn't fit the merit rating system of the intelligence service, which took years to develop. It will cause problems. That's what you want to say, but you keep it to yourself, don't you? Pasha, I bet you remember the problems that happened when I made you head of the intelligence service. They said "What the hell will this lunatic do here?" sir. And what did you do? You have embarrassed the people who said those kinds of things. Pasha, we are going through an extraordinary period. We need lunatics like you who love their country. As you approve. We do what is necessary. Good. Giyasettin Efendi is the new chief of the service and of you. May God not put us to shame! What happened? He's been shot, brother. -How is he? -They took him to the ward. We are waiting for Sister Leyla. We removed the bullet and took him to the ward. Thank God! We will keep him under observation. He will recover, if God permits. If God permits. Thank God! Is he awake? Can I see him? He needs to rest now. It won't take long. Just a minute. Thank you. Excuse me, Hodja. Gazanfer! Gazanfer! Open your eyes! Come on, brother. This shall pass, come on! Who did this? Huh? Who? Say it again. Sco... Skopjan... -Skopjan! Who are they? Karahalogullar's children. Is this why they sent the best man of the brotherhood for such a simple job? Stavros, we do not question, we just do it. Right. The brotherhood needs new soldiers. We are going to the Mirror house. We will be hiding there for some time. You will join us after the dust settles. Padre's order. Skopjan... How did you find him? I've been looking for him for months. We received a tip at the police station that he had been seen around the port area. -So? They really tried to disappear when they saw us, but we chased them. -The port area? -Yeah. Oh Hamdi, you are not going to smarten up! Then? They pulled us specifically to the area where the old barns are. Specifically? You might not believe me, but it looked as if I was the only one that he wanted. He could have killed me easily after he shot me. But he didn't. He came right next to me and said something about you. What did he say? Mustafa shall find me for the brotherhood. He said; Mustafa shall find me for the brotherhood. The brotherhood. Have you dealt with the Stavros matter? Yes, Supreme Master. We are encountering a very smart Padishah. Do you know what makes the Padishah so dangerous, Alexander Efendi? His knowledge of the course of events and the politics in the world, sir. Yes and no at the same time. True and wrong at the same time. The real power that rules the world is the people's little ambitions, Alexander Efendi. Do not assume it is "the kings" or "the parliaments" that rule the world! No government can rule the people for long without their will. The real power is to understand the people's nature. You are right, sir. The Ottoman Empire hasn't been ruled by a Padishah that can read the people's nature this well for around 150 years. He knows that the power of malice works very well. This was something very good for us up until today, sir. Yes, it was. Because this sustained the empire against the fast growth of the British and the French. And it balanced the distribution of power in our favor. And it made the fall of the Ottoman very hard when it was its time to fall, and that is bad for us. Your orders? Call our brothers to dinner. We will play the game that we know best. Boris Efendi? Yes. We have found Skopjan, as you ordered. He was in our custody. Today he took part in a gunfight. He injured Officer Gazanfer. But when he was about to kill him, he did not. Perhaps he wanted him to survive it injured. But why would he do something like that? The conscience. Conscience? It enslaves even the smartest person. Give up following Skopjan. Aye. It is an obligation for us to find that bastard called Skopjan. That's right, brother. Not finding him till now is our fault. We had other things to do, man. They kept us from doing anything, don't you know it! Where to, folks? Keep your eyes open! Where can we go to, Hodja? To establish justice! I am not a Cadi and you're not an officer. How are you going to establish the justice, son? With your gun? Huh? If you are going to establish justice with your gun and bullets, if you see your laws above justice, shame on me! Hodja, I am not after personal revenge. You know this very well. To protect all the human and faith values that we represent, I am after rightness and victory. Excellent then. Where do we start? I know exactly where to start, but with your permission. Accepted. We are following you. Well done! Have you all been examined? Yes! Go on then, out! Look at their joy. May God bless them. If only you were joyful... I am happy, sister. What happened? -Now you assume that you will be the happiest people on earth when you marry Mustafa. Of course you do. Do it. And you'd complement each other very well, but you should know something. What should I know, sister? My Giyasettin, Mustafa and Ali, you know them, they carry their coffins wherever they go. They have married with their guns before us. Come in! Esat Pasha! I am sorry for your loss, Boris Efendi. Thank you. You weren't in Istanbul that much after that deplorable incident. I needed to seclude myself. I hope you can understand. Of course, of course. I bet you know that they also killed Azize. I heard. I am sorry for your loss too. Thank you. -If there is anything I can do for you... -Nothing! Nothing? Haven't we paid the price for our sins? How about taking a break in our collaboration? As you want. -Then we should... -Of course. You are excused. We are living in the same complex, but we do not see you around so often these days. You are right. You could never guess what troubles we are dealing with under the same roof. As our Padishah ordered, you are more than welcome here. I do not have any information about the incidents happening down there, nor would I like to have it, but I'd like to know why you have picked here? Here is the last place that a man can think of coming for these kinds of operations. If a person wants to do evil, he will find a way sooner or later, Davut Pasha. He will do whatever it takes and finally infiltrate. You do your training for two hours every day without fail. The most dangerous enemy is the silent one. As Padre said, we need to be ready all the time. That's right. My body is vigorous. It is here that is tired. The dreams... The dreams again? I see the same woman all the time. She loves me, hugs me and kisses me. And then somebody separates us by force. Celal, why are we the "chosen kids"? What? Why have they chosen us? Don't you ever think about that? All those people we've killed... All those wars we've declared... -Why are we doing this? -Farah! You know what your punishment will be if Padre hears about this. Death. I've learned not to fear death being an angel of death, Celal. Doesn't this ever happen to you? Farah, get this bullshit out of your head. We, the chosen ones, are the fate of this world. The fate of this world? Do you really believe that? Celal, the world is massive and we are such small beings. That cannot be its fate. Brothers, I made an urgent call to meet with you. We are under danger. The Padishah has made Cadi head of the intelligence service after the bank. And we couldn't exterminate him in the big explosion. Boris knows that very well, don't you Brother Boris? Supreme Master. Yes Boris Zaharyas. What happens if Giyasettin's morality and strength, Mustafa's intelligence, and the Padishah's vision and mind are combined? Davut Pasha. I have asked them to collect everything about the Supreme Council. I hope it's all right for you, if God permits. You are the chief of the service by the order of the Padishah. You have every permission in your hands. But it would have been wiser if you had asked that from me. The person who is next to you... I am Abdullah, Photo Abdullah. We know who you are. And your inventions too. When Cadi Giyasettin invited me, I had the chance to look around a little. So you've looked around? Yes. I was very surprised. You have brought every new invention here. If we are in an international war, and we definitely are, we need to know what our enemy's strengths are. It is not the science that we fear, it is the exposure of our secrecy. Don't worry about that Davut Pasha. From now on, Abdullah Efendi will be working with us. We also have an order here that we've established. Tens of informants are on the street. They're checking on every hole, and listening to every sound they hear. The only thing they want to know is where we are deployed. Thank God we haven't given away even a bit of information yet. Our success in this matter comes from the order we've established here. You will get used to my methods, Davut Pasha. The enemy against us is the devil. To overcome the devil, sometimes you need to act like the devil. Justice does not work in these matters. These matters cannot be solved by justice. You will soon realize that, Giyasettin Efendi. Giyasettin's new duty causes a great threat to our goals. Not only to our goals, but also to us! If we can't manage to stop them now, it will be too late. What shall we do in this condition, Boris Zaharyas? You know the best, Supreme Master. To clip the Ottoman's wings, we will repeat the same thing we did 25 years ago. Get ready for "Operation Pharaoh". Send news to the Bitola. The angels of death shall come. We will finish off what we failed to do in the police station explosion. We are aware of the greatness and the danger of our enemies. But you are still unaware of what the service will gain from our methods. If you see the matter that way, there is nothing I can do. What's this? Where did you find this? What's this Davut Pasha? A map and a house. They call it "the Mirror House". We assume that this house may be one of the communication spots of the Supreme Council. So you assume? Yes. We are keeping a close watch on this house. -Since when? -For six months and four days. What is the point of waiting? -To catch the big fish. -How would you know who the big fish is? It is a feeling. What are these? They're like boundary points. We haven't figured out what they are yet. We're still investigating. We will raid the Mirror House. Don't do it, Giyasettin Efendi. Intelligence first! It is a mistake that you assume we have more time while the enemy is gnawing away at us. Look. Do you know what these stains are? Blood. One of my soldiers who was with me for 20 years died a martyr in my arms while trying take hold of this map. Don't worry. This map won't go to waste. If you are determined to go, I will give my best men... As you said, this is not a war, it's a raid. May God help you. Abdullah, research the other documents. Bring Farah to me. Ready! Come, Farah. Have a good look at them. Most of them won't survive till your age. Some of them will be spies and some of them will be warriors, but none of them will be as talented as you. I remember the first day you came here. You were a skinny, weak girl. But now I see that you are the best female warrior the brotherhood's had in centuries. That's why I trust you so much with the duty that I am going to assign you. We are starting "Operation Pharaoh".