Filinta Season 2 Episode 20 English subtitles

God, who turns bad into good. Help my children. God's compassion and benevolence... ...comes when least expected. Dear God. Be compassionate and benevolent to our children. The Brotherhood pitted us against the British and pulled away. How is that possible, Mustafa? Alright, they found out that we were coming to the school. How did they have that nice boy and his men come out at us? They predict our moves in advance and take caution accordingly. The British wouldn't have come here if they didn't have something to gain personally. Obviously, they were played, too. We will find out when the Gentle Boy wakes up. Alright, but how did they find out that we'd go to the school, brother? Do you think they have their own men among us? I don't know, but we should consider every possibility. Do you realize? -What, brother? Somebody helped us at the school. Who? So, Mustafa... alive, thanks to you. I don't understand why we did this, Boris Efendi. Think of it like this. The longer Mustafa lives... ...the weaker... ...Supreme Master will become. Supreme Master. Do you want me tell you... ...the best way to deal with a great mind? First of all... make them feel they are stupid. It's enough to have them slightly doubt themselves. They will always feel obliged to you. And if you manage that process well... will take control of them... ...and enjoy making that mind your slave. What do you think? Such a remarkable trick. Isn't it? But... and again... will start to hear... ...the silence of the person before you. That silence... ...increasingly... ...grates your ears. It grates... ...and it grates. It almost turns into a scream. At times like that... burn with the desire to hurt that person. So much that... ...that desire fills your whole body. But... have to be careful. After all... any case, you need them. Right, Cemil? BRITISH EMBASSY Tell me, what happened? Speak! Sir, unfortunately all our men are dead. What? What are you talking about? What about Boris? -Boris is alive, Sir. He and the bank board will appear before the Padishah today. I don't believe this. How... How could this happen? Where is 001? His fate is unknown, Sir. Gather all the confidential files on the Supreme Council. Why are you still here, Yorge? But, Sir, it's impossible for them to raid us here. This is British soil. Stop talking nonsense, Yorge. I'm not expecting a raid from the Ottoman Intelligence. I'm expecting one from the Supreme Council. Speak, Alexander. Sir, yesterday's plan failed. Mustafa is alive. -What happened? -As planned... ...the British team and Mustafa and his team came face to face. They fought. Our men escaped. So? Filinta's team killed all the British. Mustafa has gotten away yet again. What else? One of the special agents of the Queen of England has been caught. That is good. Boris has succeeded. Good. Efendi Alexander. Your hatred for Efendi Boris is clouding your mind. But you should know the Queen of England hates us much more than... ...she hates Boris. So... ...for one of the Queen's spies to be caught by Mustafa... Boris' achievement. Now, go and congratulate Efendi Boris, Alexander. Yes, Sir. DOLMABAHCE PALACE Now, this esteemed engineer... What is your name again? Nuri, my Sultan. Yes. Upon researching his previous activities... ...we understand that Nuri Efendi's knowledge and experience... enough to set up a new weapons factory. But there is a problem. As an entrepreneur... ...he doesn't have enough funds. You are right, my Sultan. He doesn't have enough funds, but... ...we have a lot of legitimate reasons to take risks. Fine. Boris Efendi. Do you believe this sincerely? I do, my Sultan. Fine. Any powerful citizen that thinks... ...of the welfare and future of the Ottoman Empire... ...sincerely believes in the making of a big weapons factory... ...and takes all the risks for that. Isn't that right, Boris Efendi? You are right, my Sultan. Fine. Since we see eye to eye... ...I have an offer for you. You understood the things I told you again last night. We are against a mind that pits us against the British. So, we have no choice but to be smarter and more cunning than them. Did we find anything about the school? We carried out an investigation at the school. Guess what? The school manager was found dead. Right? -Exactly, Mustafa. They weren't going to leave someone to sing like a bird behind them. Here is what is weird: The educational activities still continue in the school. Other teachers and students know nothing about what is going on. Those devils... ...infiltrated the school... ...and carried out their deeds unbeknownst to the school. Great. What are you thinking Mustafa? Let us see what we have. Let us do that. We haven't figured out the burnt documents yet. We haven't been able to make Farah talk. We came up empty-handed from the school investigation. We will wait then. Wait for what, Pasha? For them to attack us and make a mistake. What if they don't attack right away? Mustafa. A good hunter is not the one who wanders around too much... ...but is the one who waits for a long time at the right spot. We can wait, Pasha... ...but there are two miserable mothers. They look us in the eye every day. Every day. We don't have time. What's on your mind? We will be the hunt, when we are the hunters. When they try to swallow us, thinking we are easy meat... ...we will stick in their throats. Here is my plan: Since we have no doubt... ...that Nuri Efendi's initiative will bring prosperity to our country... the president of the bank... will be best if you take the responsibility. Your personal wealth and guarantee... enough for warranting the incentive... ...that will be given to Nuri Efendi, right? It is enough, my Sultan. So, there aren't any problems. I hope this will bring luck to our country. The Ottoman Empire's own weapons factory... ...with Nuri Efendi's initiative... ...and Boris Efendi's guarantee... ...will be established. May God bless us. As our Padishah commands. Fine. The Ottoman Empire's first national weapons factory is being established. With your entrepreneurship and warrant. What an honor. Yes, I hope you will be honored with such an honor as soon as possible. Boris. Your fabulous intelligence that you trust so much... nothing compared to the Sultan's. Farah. I want you to leave yourself to me. You are in a deep sleep. Where are you? On my mother's lap. She is kissing me. She smells like lilacs. What does the place look like? A very big... ...beautiful house. Do you see someone else? Yes. There is a man. Can you describe him? There is a small carpet. The man is... ...bending down and standing up on it. Is he performing a prayer? Yes. Yes. He is performing a prayer. He is your father. The man stood up. He is coming towards us. He is smiling. He asks my mother for me. Miss Leyla is attending to Farah for about two hours every day. I hope she will get good results. I hope so. Farah. I want you to come to yourself slowly. You will wake up the minute I touch you. Wake up Farah. Do you remember what you saw? Yes, I do. Tell me. Again... mother was there. I was at the same house. There was a man. He was your father. My father? He was my father? Farah, what was your father doing? Performing... Was he performing a prayer? Your father was performing a prayer. Was... father Muslim? Yes. But that is impossible. Farah, you told me you wanted to get rid of your dreams completely. They weren't dreams. Those were real things you experienced. This is impossible. This is impossible. Farah, they weren't able to erase your memory. Please leave me alone. This is impossible. When you wore that on your neck... were just a little girl. It was heavy for you. That necklace will weigh more with each passing day. They will want to take it away. Maybe they will hurt you. Farah. There is no room for sadness in your heart. Sadness only slows down the life of the people you will kill. Whereas for us, death is rebirth. And if a time comes... ...and you can no longer carry this necklace... will only hold on to your brothers. Don't you forget this Farah. Only to your brothers. Who am I? Hold on, hold on. Are you okay? -I'm fine. Fine. Let me see this one, too. Be careful, okay? Get up now. She is regaining her memories. -Meaning? Have a little bit more patience, Mustafa. We will win. It's easy for us to be patient. What will Aunt Ayse do? You are right. What is going on with you? We are trying. Wherever we probe, there is a weird conspiracy. So, the information that will come from Farah is vital for you. Yes. Mustafa, I need some more time. Mustafa is such a lucky man. He escaped another ambush. It's not luck. Somebody helped him. Who? Someone who knew about this. We will find them. We will find them, eventually. Someone left you a letter. Who? They didn't see who left it. Open it. Open it. Find me, Celal. Yes, Sir. Are they obstructing our ships in the Liverpool ports? Not only in Liverpool. We have problems in all the British ports. It is as if an unseen force is in play. Good. That means we are on the right track. Yes. Ms. Sureyya. Yes, you are powerful. You don't have a credit debt. Almost all your companies are making huge profits. But... -But what, Ethem Efendi? Ms. Sureyya. I am your most loyal servant. It is my duty to tell you the truth. Yes, I'm listening. Ms. Sureyya, what are you doing? What do you mean? I am out of line. No, Ethem Efendi. Finish your sentence. Ms. Sureyya, you came here only for a while... take Boris Zaharyas into account. But now, these things you have been doing... Yes, you are right. The desire to settle the score with Boris Zaharyas... ...who caused the deepest wounds in my past, brought me to Istanbul. Yes, I am a rich woman. A very rich one, indeed. I am powerful. I may even be considered a power addict. And I have to oversee the businesses that are the source of my power. But, Ethem Efendi... ...there are two things that are more important than... ...all the riches and power of this world. One of them is love... ...and the other is being involved in a cause... ...that really means something. Thank God... ...I have found both in this city, to which I came full of hate. Now, let them set up weapons factories. We will make the biggest industrial move of the Ottoman Empire. We will be doing something very beneficial for our country. Giddy-up. Giddy-up. Giddy-up. Why did you call me out here, Efendi Alexander? Supreme Master asked me to congratulate you on your achievement. And you congratulate me like this? You can fool everyone, Boris. But you can never fool me. What is that supposed to mean? It means this. You shouldn't have come here alone. You. It will look like you were killed by the British. Because of the bank matter. You brought this on yourself Boris. You cannot kill a Brother, Efendi Alexander. Easy now. You could never save yourself from this. You have no idea what I can do, Boris. How did Supreme Master allow this? He knows nothing. When I heard that the British were preparing to assassinate you... ...I said, ‘This is it. The opportunity I've been looking for.’ The British will be held responsible for this. And you will get away with it, is that it? Don't you think Supreme Master will find out about this? Do you think I don't know what you are doing? Huh? The Supreme Council has never been this weak since you joined us. You. A villager like you... trying to take over the Supreme Council. I will not let that happen. What are you doing here, Davut Pasha? You may continue to sleep if you want. We can negotiate before the Padishah tomorrow morning. What are you talking about? What I am saying is, Ambassador Efendi... ...we caught your Queen's most important... ...spy tonight. His name is 001 or something. I couldn't quite understand, but... ...really, where do you find these awkward names? -I don't know anybody like that. -Is that so? I have been paying him the utmost attention, thinking he was close to you. After I get his confession... can be sure that I will introduce him to you personally. I'm sure your Queen's goon... ...would like to identify the person... ...who abetted him to commit crimes. We don't seem to agree. What a shame. Agree? Agreeing. Yes. If you think that the Supreme Council has become weak...'s because of the Supreme Master, not me. -You are wrong. -You are wrong. Everybody gets old. If you want to keep the Ottoman Empire and the world... the palm of your hand and wrap them around your little finger...'s not enough just to hold the reins of power. You have to have the smarts... use that power. Join me. Come with me, so that we can rule the world together. When real power is close by... ...there is no use looking for a new one, Boris. There is no way to convince you, is there? It's obvious. Then, let me ask you one last question, Efendi Alexander. Do you believe in love? Your Padishah inarguably refused to collaborate with us. The Padishah... ...after his daughter was kidnapped... having difficulties making decisions. He does not realize that the real danger is the Supreme Council. I certainly agree. Listen, Ambassador Efendi. Here is my offer to you... ...and this is a one-time offer only. You will give us information about the Supreme Council... In exchange? We will hand you your goon 001. And you will work with Britain regarding the Supreme Council matter, Davut Pasha. Never. Never with Britain. You will get closer to the British, Davut Pasha. My Sultan. You will get closer to the British... ...little by little. You will accept even if they offer you a bribe. Davut Pasha. The Ottoman Empire is in danger. You can now do what your family couldn't do years ago. You are the person to save the Ottoman Empire. But you see, everything comes with a price. You will either work with the British... ...or the deal is off. Think about it, Davut Pasha. If we become allies... and Britain can do such great things. We will have no obstacles left in our way. We will get through the present... ...only to rule the world. You will soon see how generous the Queen is. Let us meet... the Emirgan Grove tomorrow morning... ...and discuss this in detail. Remember, Ambassador Efendi. You will give us information about the Supreme Council... ...and we will give you... ...your goon, 001. Deal. Excellent. You really start to live when you are in love. And as you love... grow ambitious and hopeful. Have you ever experienced those feelings? Have you ever been in love? You haven't. Love is such a feeling that... always want to be at the top. You want to experience it purely... its simplest form. And one day... ...if they put an obstacle in your way... go crazy. You see nothing. You give up your beliefs for love. You take lives... ...just like that. Then again, and again. And again. Poor Alexander. So stupid to believe that I came here alone. You are a coward, so clumsy not to pull the trigger right away. -Did he take the bait? -He did. Yes. But we shouldn't ignore the possibility that he didn't. Are they that stupid, Pasha? They are not stupid, Ali. Their desires and ambitions make them take a leap of faith. Now we can proceed to the second stage of the plan. Celal. Yes. Now it's your turn. You promised. Tell me, where are they keeping Farah? Where is Farah? I don't know exactly. Two "Efendis" in one night is too much even for you, Celal. Farah. Where is she? I am your only ally! Now... ...clean up this mess first. Bury him somewhere nobody will find him. Then start to think. Where can Farah be? In Mustafa's house? That is enough for me. If you... ...point a gun at me ever again, use it immediately... ...otherwise I will never think twice of taking your life. I'm so exhausted. Same here, brother. Good night then. Are we sure that Farah is there? How can they put Farah in such an unguarded place? I don't understand. They hide valuable assets in the most unexpected places. If that's true, then tonight is our lucky night. We will rescue Farah. And we will finish off Mustafa. I have missed the coldness of my gun. Be careful. Take smoke bombs with you. -What are we going to do with them? This is not about Mustafa. There are two heart-stricken mothers. Farah. If you don't help those kids... will be the one to cover their innocence with blood. They will raise them as killers. Nobody is innocent in this life. Farah. You didn't have a chance. Because they murdered your family. But those kids have a chance. Those kids have mothers they can reunite with. Do you think I am stupid? Do you think I am stupid? Really, I'm curious. I will tell you where Celal is... ...and Mustafa will kill them blindfolded. Do you think I am stupid? Put your hand on your heart, Farah. If you hadn't raided the kulliye... ...hadn't killed those people and kidnapped those children... ...would these things have happened? Was Cadi Giyaseddin the one who stole your childhood? What did you take revenge on him for? Do you know what keeps someone who lost everything, going? How can you know? If you help... If Celal sets out to do something he won't stop until he does.