Filinta Season 2 Episode 3 English subtitles

Look man, this isn't going to work that way. It's best we decide. I think "Zeyrek Coffee House" is good, what do you say? Well, it doesn't really sound that good. "Ceyrek Coffee Shop" is much better. No man, "Zeyrek Coffee Shop" is easier to pronounce. It looks good. Look Zeyrek, it is hot and I can hardly breathe. I say "Ceyrek", so it will be "Ceyrek". Hey! You've talked my head off too early in the morning! Just shut up! Chief? What chief? I am not a chief and you are not officers. That's right, chief. We do not stay even a minute when you've left. -So we also resigned. -Yeah! We left. We left, but not really. How am I going to explain this to them? May God help me. Gosh! Zeyrek, come, come. Remember he lost his head and obviously he hasn't found it yet. -He doesn't remember how to explain! -True, that's true. Chief, let me make coffee for you. Sometimes I think that it was best you resigned. Istanbul is not ready for an incredible duo like you at the moment. Zeyrek, the chief most likely had a fight with Aunt Sureyya. That's why he's coming down on us. Hey! No fight or whatsoever! You blackguards! What are you doing? Coffee. Give it to me, I'll take it. You mind your own business. -Okay. -Yes, chief! Pour it. Well, it is so hot here standing next to the fire. I am burning! You take care of the shop, chief. Hey man, if we hadn't resigned, we could have been in better positions than them. Yes, we would be Mushirs by now. -We would be chiefs, wouldn't we? -Yes we would, but it's fate. -Come on, move. -Fate! Drink it, you'll feel better. Where were you? Here and there. So what happened? Hey man, don't start again! Look Mustafa, the woman is the richest person in the world. Who am I? How is it possible, what can we do? What will others think? So? So what? Weren't you the one who said "Do the right thing and don't care what others think"? -Me? -Yes. Brother, what I said was very swaggerish, I really congratulate myself! Sureyya said, "You are telling everyone to be patient and I am fed up with being patient!" -Who are you telling to be patient? -Leyla. -Why? -Hey man, didn't you... Mustafa, the subject is me, me! Concentrate on me. Then I said, "We only have this much salary and Mustafa and I are both doling out this salary to the children. I can't buy that pair of shoes you're wearing, not even one shoe!" Mustafa, this woman was brought up on velvet, brother! How on earth can I maintain a family with her? No wealth can buy what Sureyya wants, Ali. Can love be bought? Huh? You love each other, what more do you want? Stop being so pigheaded! And stop upsetting the girl. -Do you think she's upset? -Good God! "Do you think she's upset?" Who do you think sent me here? Oh man, this woman has got me pegged! And we also saw how she fought. I hope she smashes your face in and you come to your senses. Come on, these things shouldn't be postponed. Anything can happen. You've seen what happened in my case. Finish what you've started within a short time. Don't get upset afterwards. Man, her right fist is really strong. I thought she put my chin on my nape! My Pasha brothers, we're late! Come on! Come on! Yes, Mustafa, tell us, we are listening to you. Hodja, this house on the map we have here is one of the communication spots of the Supreme Council. It's on the Black Sea shore. Our aim is to raid it here and obtain as many documents as we can and capture those bastards alive. But what are these? We need to capture them alive. Davut Pasha said they couldn't be captured alive. When they realize they are going to be captured, they'd poison themselves and die. With... -Henbanes! -Henbanes. I have an idea. Oh God! Do you know what's inside this? The antidote. The antidote to the poison that kills everyone. But that's also a poison in the end. Welcome. I went to visit the injured, they said you were here. So, you're an expert on poison? Well... Well dear, can you prepare an antidote for me that obliterates the feeling of love in just a second? Is love a poison that there can be an antidote for, Sureyya Hanim? Well that's a very good idea. If Leyla can prepare an antidote, that would be great. Sons, we're encountering strong assassins. First, I want you to be careful about not getting killed. I do not want you getting harmed, not even a hair on your head. Hodja, it is better that you don't come. What are you saying? I mean that we can handle it. Not acceptable. Now, there is a possibility that we may not return. There may be people who you would like to have their blessings, or say something. Go now, let's meet after the night prayer. Why are you looking at me? Why don't you go, man? Should I really go, brother? Of course, you must. We shall consult the other conditions later on. Marry me! Dear members of our company, let me introduce you to the so-called Blade Ali! I wish I did something right just for once, you idiot! Dearest "membranes", can you excuse us for a second, or maybe we should go out, Sureyya... Hanim? What will we do out? We may eat rose and lemon flavored Turkish delights, take a tour in Sadabad? Don't you hear what I'm saying? If you'd excuse us... Good day to you. Say hi to your wife. Say hi to your wife, but I must tell you, that tie doesn't suit you. I think I recognize you from somewhere, but... Did you see how I barged in? So that's how you propose... with a whop? Understand me, Sureyya. I wish I could say fancy things, those ornamental poems to you. But this is who I am, Sureyya. I am a street urchin. I have learned what I know on the streets. I'm so afraid to say it, but at the same time, can't hold it in. We love each other to death, but can't show it. I loved you so much Sureyya. Every time I looked into your face, I drowned in the ocean of your eyes and was reborn again. You are the air that I breathe. You are the fire that burnt in my heart every time I hear your name. How well you spoke! That's how I generally speak, dear Sureyya. Yes. I know it was so sudden. Just give me a chance, Sureyya. Consider my proposal once again. What? Did you just say "Yes"? I heard you, you said "Yes"! I heard you say "Yes"! I was walking there and you said "Yes". I heard. I heard it with these ears. You said "Yes". You said "Yes", Sureyya. But I want everything. You'll start with "the bridal henna night". Promise! As soon as I am back from the mission, I'll talk with Yusuf Efendi and we will prepare the best "bridal henna night" ever in our dervish lodge! The best "henna night" ever! What mission again? I will be away for two weeks. But I'll be back for you, Sureyya. What if you don't come back? I've been there once before, dear Sureyya, and I did not feel well there, not at all. I'll be back. I'll be back. Come in! Permission to enter? Of course. Please. Let me offer you something to drink. I am so moony, I am sorry, please have a seat. You have saved so many people's lives that are very important to me. You know that. I didn't get the chance to thank you properly. May God bless you. Not at all. It's my job. Abdullah Efendi came today, he said you needed something, so I will do that something, I mean something... Thank you. Wife, come. Have a seat. Wife, if God permits, I will be away on a mission for two weeks. Where? I get it, you won't say it. The Sultan of my heart, don't ask so I won't have to answer. I have a strange feeling that does not pass. You're a Cadi. You were trained to be one. But, what is this all about now? Does your job include all these secret missions and stuff? We accept every duty our state assigns us. There is no escape, you should know. Oh Giyasettin, please come back home safe and sound. If God permits. -My father has come! -Yay! Come, come. Look at me, I won't be home for two weeks, you will do whatever your mother tells you to, okay? -Okay. -Deal. Farah, you are going to Istanbul by train, as we talked about before. Get ready. Aye, Padre. Weren't we all going to Istanbul together? But there is somewhere we should drop by first. What is this? The thing you asked about, I mean, what Abdullah Efendi asked about. Does it have an effect on henbanes? It was impossible for me to prepare a fully effective antidote in such a short time. But this will do the job. I do not know how to thank you. May God help you. Mustafa, actually there is a way to thank me. What is it? For you to come back safe and sound. Promise. Mustafa, Giyasettin Efendi is waiting for us. God bless you. ONE WEEK LATER I thought we were going to Istanbul. There is one more thing we must do. We will drop by Vladimir. We are going to the Mirror House. -Why? -He will join us. I know that you don't like him so much, but you should have respect for your elders. We could have handled it ourselves. This is not a personal matter. We need Vladimir. And he is still the best man we have. They can't find us here. As Padre said, it is best to be cautious all the time. Keep watch outside. Come on. Come with me. How are the children? They haven't eaten anything yet. Their decision. I am not going to force them to eat anymore. The brats are spitting on me, I go mad. I am afraid I will beat one of them badly. You cannot touch them. They are the Supreme Council's property now. After a couple of years, they will be completely different people. Shh. Easy! Shh. Easy! The horses were startled. There is someone out there. It's a trap! You and you, leave now. Throw the documents in the fireplace. Here comes the welcome committee! Why don't they say "Okay, we surrender" for once! They are shooting quite well, Ali. I heard the bullet pass right next to my ear, Mustafa. -Are you ready? -I am ready, brother. On the count of "three". -Okay Mustafa. -One, two, three! Now! Set the hut on fire. In the name of God! Abdullah, let's go. How were you able to find the Mirror House? Padre will sort you all out! Wait! You are not that good. Abdullah, the documents! Padre. Brothers, I am coming to join you. Where is he going to, Mustafa? He said he would reunite with his brothers. The only place that you can go is to hell. Abdullah, let's go. Come on! You can't escape from the brotherhood! Hodja! Giyasettin Efendi! God protect him! Thank you, son. Let's go. Help! Anybody out there? The kids! God help us! Sons, be careful! Ali, to the other side! Anybody out there? Ali, they are here! Out! Thank God! How did they find this place? I don't know, but I am sure they're still here and watching us. Well done, Ali. I told you, brother. These ears hear the clip-clop from miles away. Who are they? I guess that dying man's brothers who he was planning to meet before he died. What shall we do now, Mustafa? A bevy of men, but... We're going to Istanbul. No information is more valuable than these kid's lives. These are the Karahan Bey's children. We must take them to Istanbul. They can't have gone too far. If we had chased them... We will perform a burial ceremony for Vladimir. We are wasting time. But Padre would want the same thing if he was here. We will perform the ceremony. They will chase us. Their horses are faster than ours. And we also have the children. We will get caught if we do it this way. We need to move fast. That's the only way we can survive. You're right, son. We are going after them. Have no mercy on any of them. Yes, Sister? They sent me from the Bursa Sultana Kulliye. I am looking for Yusuf Efendi. Come with me, Sister. You, go back. Yusuf Efendi, this woman came from the Bursa Kulliye. She wants to see you. Go and call Meryem. So you are the governess sent to take care of the children. Welcome, daughter. Glad to be here, sir. Sorry for disturbing you at this time of the night. You have come very late. Was there a problem? No. Actually, I wanted to tour Istanbul and eventually I got lost. I don't like handling these kind of jobs that involve children and women. Me neither. What's this "me neither"? C'mon man! Finish this and knock it off! I was six years old. My father said that my mother was a loose woman. He beat my mother to death, before my very eyes. Right in front of me! And that day I realized that justice existed only for strong people. Why did I kill her now? I don't know either. How would you know? Knowing is not our job, it is doing. What was her name? Aslinur? Aslinur. Rest in peace. You said your name was Aslinur? Yes, sir. Aslinur Hatun, Meryem will show you the place where you'll be staying. Good night. Good night! Oh, Aslinur Hatun, another governess came from the same Kulliye last month. You'd certainly know her, Sefika Hatun. Sefika, of course I know her, why shouldn't I? She was thrilled when she learned that you were coming. You shall meet with her in the morning. -Good night! -Good night! You've come from a long distance, are you hungry? No, I am not. You must be tired. I should show you where you will stay. Well... Where is Sefika staying? Sefika is staying in those rooms over there but she must have fallen asleep hours ago, she goes to bed early. Please. Psst mom, have you fallen asleep? I have, but why haven't you? If you have fallen asleep, how can you talk? Because mothers can speak while they sleep. I woke up too. Oh God, you have all risen! Come on, sleep time! Sorry Leyla, you'll be sleepless because of us. I am enjoying this kind of sleeplessness. What should I do? I felt anxious at home, so I took the kids and came here. Glad that you did. Mom, when will our dad be back? Soon, sweetie, soon. Brother Ali and Brother Mustafa will also be back, won't they? Yes, of course they will be back. Let's stay here until dad arrives. Let's not leave here. You didn't miss our house, did you? I missed it, but here... Here is fun. And you've also got so many siblings here. And Sister Leyla. The younger has gone to sleep, now it's the elder's turn. Close your eyes now, let's sleep.