Filinta Season 2 Episode 4 English subtitles

These stones will be enough for weight. With these, they will think we are still on the horses. Right. I'll have them trail me. This will save you at least half a day. It'll give you enough time to go to their places and get back on the road. Go there and wait for me. I'll be there. -Why are you going, Mustafa? Can I go along? I am also involved. Why doesn't anyone ask me anything? Abdullah, I need you. Then, next time, it's my turn. Next time, Abdullah, next time. Heads or tails? Heads. Tails. Tails, tails. Tails, tails. Heads. Tails. Next time. -Give me your clothes. -What? I said give me your clothes. Mustafa, there's something going through your mind. I hope it's nothing bad, brother. I know you don't like these kind of jobs, me neither. But the order has come from the top. I have left the documents belonging to the woman we killed where you asked. Good. Because that woman will be replaced with another woman. The other matter? We're handling it, Boris Efendi. Good. Good. I shall become acquainted with Sefika. Sister? I am so sorry. Who are you? I am a newcomer. I entered the wrong room. I am the teacher, Aslinur. -Hello, welcome. I'm Leyla, I'm a doctor. We've been expecting you. Glad to be here. I'm sorry, to have disturbed you at this time of the night. -Good night. -Good night. What happened? They stopped here. Judging by the weight of the horses, they must have changed the children's horses. These tracks are made by lighter horses. They're heading towards the river. As I guessed. If they can reach the river and get to the other side before us, they will arrive in Istanbul ahead of us. Come on! We have no time to waste. Sleep tight, Mustafa. Come on, come, you demons! Gentlemen, there has been a deep silence in Istanbul for a long time. We must be careful. Germany is a very strong empire. We should keep our doors open to everyone who is willing to share our strength and aiming to circumvent the Ottomans. You won't get involved in anything that could reveal our relationship with Boris Zaharyas. We will become more powerful with the help of the bank. We need to have Boris Zaharyas at our fingertips. You should never leave a door open behind your back. Are you surprised by the fact that I have a garden like this? Nothing you do surprises me, Supreme Master. And so, this is my weakness. Do you like flowers, Boris Efendi? Not much. I don't like their scent. The flowers. The rule of growing flowers is to be attentive. You must water them the right amount at the right time. You must change the soil. You should apply the right amount of fertilizer so as not to burn the flowers. You must pay attention to the angle of the sun. I mean, growing flowers is similar to making a good plan. If you skip over a single thing, the flower dies. Just like the plans. Good morning, teacher. You too. Sorry for last night. Not at all. When I saw you by the wall, I thought I was dreaming. And I was a little afraid. I would be afraid if the same thing happened to me. I was looking for Shefika, so I entered the wrong room and woke you up. It doesn't matter. We got to know each other and have a chat. Aslinur Hatun, where have you been? Shefika Hatun is looking for you. Most of the time, our enemy is within us, Boris. We are our own worst enemies. A plan that hasn't been well thought through is a punishment, leading to action without thinking and to failure. First you placed an assassin in the dervish lodge with a fake identity. Then you researched if there was a person who knows her by that identity, and who could identify her. But why have you chosen to have her family taken hostage instead of eliminating her? If a good plan succeeds, the feeling of victory is priceless. Sister Aslinur, welcome. Glad to be here, Shefika. Shush, there's nothing to it. We'll just be playing a game, okay? What's your name? Which is your favorite toy? This one? Huh? Does it have a name? No? All right, then the name of this toy shall be "Sister, save me!". Now we are going to play "Sister, save me!", okay? Good girl. Please, for God's sake, release them! I will hug them. I will hug her whenever I see her. -How are you going to hug her? -I will hug her as if she were my sister. We will leave you alone. You must have things to talk about. As you must have guessed, it concerns the matter of not eliminating the girl, I mean the threat. -Of course. The only thing lacking in the plan was trust. To maintain the feeling of trust, everything had to be done carefully. Just like growing flowers, isn't it? Don't worry, please. No one will be harmed. Just do as you're told. What will happen to my mother, father and siblings? Do you want your family to be fine? Yes, I do. What if that girl talks despite everything? Of course, if she talks, the assassin will have to kill her, but that would attract a lot of attention, so the best way would be to send her to where her family is. You will go to Yusuf Efendi and tell him that your family is sick. You will ask for permission to go and you will leave the city with your family. Bravo, Boris Efendi. It was a good guess. It was not a guess, Supreme Master. If I had been the one making the plan, I would have done the same. But keeping in mind that the best plans are made only by the smartest people. You're going on a trip. But we didn't tell you where to. To a place where no one can find you. Any news from our children, Pasha? No, my Padishah. Who knows what they are dealing with! Shush. They're here. They're sleeping. Get on your horses now! We're going to Istanbul! Why does Mustafa always win at heads or tails? I just cannot understand it, Father Giyasettin! Actually the Mustafa I know leave nothing to chance. Doesn't leave anything to chance? Ali, I made those coins especially for Mustafa. All the coins he has in his left pocket have tails on both sides. What? And heads in the right pocket? -Yep. -You set me up! Sorry, but otherwise we couldn't have persuaded you. From now on I am not talking to you, Abdullah. I am cross with you. Ali! Oh my Mustafa! Father Giyasettin, I cannot be cross with you. Did you see that, dude? They tricked me! Not really! -Bless you. -You too. What's that? -What number is this? -Two! Yes, two! Oh God give me patience! Can you give us a lift to that village nearby, brother? Come on, it's just behind the mountain. All right. Come on! Peace be upon you, brother, what's this? I wrote it, teacher. Let's have a look. -Well done! -Teacher, can I write too? Me too? That's enough for today. You can write it tomorrow, okay? Come on, slowly. Did you take your book? Wait, I'll open it. Here you go, slow down! May it be easy! Welcome. Glad to be here, Davut Pasha. We've left the children in the Nizamiye. We heard. Thank you. Aslinur Hatun? It has been two weeks, but I still get lost. Don't worry, teacher. I've been here almost a year, and I still get lost. Did you get lost again? I'm keeping the children's medicines here. It's cooler. How did you become a doctor? A female doctor? My mother died of an illness when I was very little. In those days, no medicine, no doctor could bring about a cure. On that day I promised myself I would become a doctor. To find the cure for the illnesses of my loved ones. So as not to lose them. I also know very well what it's like to be motherless. I am sorry for your loss. In those days, everybody used to say that a woman couldn't become a doctor. But thanks to my Pasha father who supported me all the time. I studied medicine in Germany. There aren't any female doctors there either, did you know that? Well, your Pasha father was such a good man. Of course there are things that we women do better than men. If we are given the opportunity. I have to examine the children now. But we can continue our conversation later on, can't we, Teacher Aslinur? I'd be very pleased. What a life! We are more skillful than men, I by killing and you by making people live. Leave my daughter alone! From now on they are the property of the Supreme Council. You will have to fight for it! We are very far apart ourselves. Come on, let's talk at headquarters. Davut Pasha, we have been on the road for two weeks. My sons are tired. First they need to rest and feel better. All right. Take a rest and then we'll meet at the headquarters. Go and get cleaned. Wear clean clothes. Eat something. Then we'll meet down there. I'm so hungry I could eat an ox, Mustafa. I never thought I would say the same thing but same here. -Are you going to eat an ox? -Yes. You would, I believe. You go ahead. I'll come later. Let's eat. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Sorry, my clothes got dusty while I was traveling to here. I guess you've come from afar. Yes, very. The towel is yours. Right. Good day. Good day. -Welcome back, Mustafa. -Glad to be back. Good luck with your work. Teacher, where are you going to? I am going to the market to buy the things I need. Oh God! Sefika Hatun. Your friend from the Bursa Kulliye, Sefika Hatun received permission 15 days ago to go and see her family because they were sick, but she still hasn't returned. Do you have any information about that? Sefika told me she might not come back. Oh God. She told me just the opposite. She said if she didn't come back, we could ask Teacher Aslinur, she would know where she was. Well, she told you that? But she didn't say anything like that to me. Good heavens. Gentlemen, we will draw all our men back from the streets. We will be invisible, even our shadows won't be seen on the streets. There is so little time left for us to thwart the Padishah's most strategic move in order to make the Ottoman Empire regain its power. We are starting "Operation Pharaoh". Get some rest brothers. Be ready for the big night. Welcome back, Padre. Have you completed the preparations? Yes, sir. They're waiting for you. My men couldn't gather any information about the seven men that were chasing you. So those men who said they were going to their Padre have escaped, Mustafa. Did you just say Padre? You are the only seven people who managed to stay alive after encountering the brotherhood organization. Do we have any information about the name of the Padre? Of course we do. Padre is one of the men at the top of the brotherhood organization. But where have we heard that name before? One of the men we killed said his name before he died. Also we found these in that house. But we couldn't prevent them from burning some things. We must analyze them as soon as possible. Gentlemen, the Padishah is expecting us after afternoon prayers. We've been playing with those little toys like children thinking they have power. How much time we have spent struggling with the wrong things! We were blind, blind! While the power of the world was before our eyes... On what have we wasted our time, I still... Tomorrow night none of our men will be on the streets of Istanbul. You will draw all of them back, understood? Understood, Boris Efendi. Because tomorrow night is the big night. And also, beautify the garden of the house with flowers. Yes, immediately. Tell the gardener. I want a flower garden. Aye, Boris Efendi. How much time have I wasted to reach the real power! These Ottoman Kulliyes are like castles. They have high walls. We can enter from this gate. If we enter from that gate, we won't be able to get out. My beautiful daughter, what have you learned for us? We cannot attack directly. Why not? It is surprisingly well protected. The dervishes inside and the shopkeepers outside, everybody is like soldiers. That means they're protecting the most important person who is the target. Then... Don't worry. I'll find a way to get you in. The apple of my eye! -My ocean-eyed love! -My Ali! My clothes are very dusty and dirty, sorry about that. Your dust does not make me dirty, my Ali! I will appear before our Padishah shortly, but before I came to you. I hope you made the necessary preparations for the henna night. Of course I did. They will handle it. How? Who's going to handle it? The experts on that subject. Do you know why I came here Sureyya? You are my greatest chance on earth. Whenever I stand next to you, my heart gets bigger and bigger. Whenever I look into your face, I thank God a thousand times. A thousand times! Oh no! If I'm late for the Padishah, Father Giyasettin will kill me! -See you! -Ali! They will find you, Sureyya, they will! The henna night! Yes, the henna night! Thank you. Enjoy it, Mustafa. Come with me now. Come on, man! Hop to it! So, have you settled into your house? Yes I have, Hodja, thank God. I am expecting grandsons from you in that house, you should know that. If God grants me. If God permits. God willing! Son, look, I am not good at these kinds of conversations and I do not like to stick my nose into love matters. But life goes on, the past is gone. We should concentrate on the future. I... would like Leyla... -Hodja? -Hang on, hang on, listen to me first. As you know, we are marrying our crazy son off now. And you should know that I think you and Leyla would make a great couple. Thank you but... That is Leyla, Hodja. Wife... Come here. Come. This is my will. If anything happens to me, you won't let this kid go hungry. Why do you say that? May God give you a long life! Oh God! God forbid, Hodja! Even if I do not live to see it, you will do whatever it takes to marry this kid off. Consider it done! Come on, the time has come, let's go. -See you. -Bye. Teacher, me! Me! Me! Me! I wrote it, teacher. Let's have a look. Well done! Teacher, me! Me! Me! Well done! Did you take your book? Leave me! Farah. There is something wrong with you. What's wrong with me? I don't know. You act strange. What makes you think that? I've known you for years. You look so far away. Are you close to yourself, Celal? Who are you? Who am I? We are far apart from ourselves. Stop talking, work! Is Mecit not here? Get you gone, you Weasel! Perhaps I came for you, Hamdi Agha. I'm going to make a complaint. Look at those men! You are wearing the porters out! Look how sweaty those men are! That's not sweat, it is called elbow grease! You have no idea about that, you idiot! You shouldn't speak like that. Whenever we get together, you are breaking our hearts. Yep, Cemil gets over-sentimental. I swear I get over-sentimental. We must be respectful towards each other, don't you think? Am I asking for too much? You don't earn respect with fear, you Weasel. What does Boris want? Say it! Nothing. What? What? Nothing. What the hell do you mean! I mean that the porters will stay in the harbor tomorrow. They won't go anywhere. We do not want any incidents in Istanbul. They can go anywhere they like after tomorrow. Understood, Hamdi Agha? Say hi to my Mecit! DOLMABAHCE PALACE Hodja, I've heard about your successes from Davut Pasha. Not at all, my Sultan, what have we done? You saved my children. I am so grateful to you that I would sacrifice my life for you. May God keep us from such pain. -Amen. -Amen. Open the door. Davut Pasha told me that you had purchased some very important documents. Unfortunately, my Sultan, we couldn't prevent some of them from being burned. We are analyzing the damaged documents, my Sultan. I am sure we will get a positive result. I was sure you would get such results when I assigned you to work together. We are on the right path, Hodja. With God's permission, we will remove the leeches that are sucking on the Ottoman Empire, one by one. God willing! The success... Neslihan Sultan, what did we discuss about entering a room without asking for permission? I am sorry, Father Shah. They told me that Blade Ali was here. Did you hear that, dude? She said my name. The name Filinta Mustafa is shitty! All right, say what you want to say to your brother, Ali. I wanted to thank him for the invitation. Good. Watermelons! Thank God, they're back without having come to any harm. Come on, cheer up! Yes they returned this morning. But Mustafa didn't even look me in the face. He would, he will! Leyla, I think you'd make a great couple. You are a unique person. And so beautiful! You have dedicated your life to healing people. Realise what a great virtue that is. Have self-confidence! Of course Mustafa will notice you soon. Be sure! Sureyya Hanim! Brother Ali came to our coffee shop and said "There will be a henna ceremony, go and buy the necessary stuff" and then he gave us the money and left. There is no need. I can handle it myself. No, no way. Officer Ali would never let that happen, never! Yes, look at this. What is it? It is a henna tray! It's very nice. Weren't there any shinier ones? -No. -I told you. I swear, I told you that she wouldn't like it! Look Sureyya Hanim, don't say that. The henna tray that I am holding now is very suitable for distributing henna and knick-knacks. Is it over? -No, it is not! And with that, we have henna handkerchiefs! And also we have bowls for knick-knacks! And also henna! We have everything, I swear! I admit that we couldn't make a proper presentation now. Ceyrek, hold it. Sureyya Hanim, it's not done that way! I never compromise on quality! Now, Ceyrek come! Now madam, Sureyya Hanim, you may say what else can that be for. I'll show you. Come closer. Now the tray that I am holding... All right, all right! I am taking them all. Yes, that's it! Oh well, sorry, we got confused! We have something to tell you. As you know we are very smart, sometimes our brain gets overloaded and we forget things. But we know who is brave and big-hearted. Yes, you know our chief Officer Ali, has a heart of gold. If he saw a boy walking with bare feet, he would take off his shoes and give them to him. And that wouldn't be enough. He would sit next to him and cry his eyes out! Well, what we're trying to say is that whenever we see our chief smiling and happy, we know that it is because of you. God bless you. Yes. May God grant you a long lasting marriage! My beautiful aunt! And may God grant everyone friends like you. Take care of yourselves. Thank you aunt!