Filinta Season 2 Episode 5 English subtitles

Everybody around the madrasa, the shopkeepers, the hawkers are all soldiers of the intelligence service. We must be very careful. Do you like flowers, Cemil? Do you like flowers? No, I don't like flowers that much, they smell. I don't like the scent. Right? I thought the problem was me for a moment. Have you done what I told you to? -As you've ordered. -That means? None of our men will be on the streets tomorrow night. Because tomorrow night the world will fall apart in Istanbul. Shall we get rid of these? Aye, sir. My instructions will be carried out to the letter, understood? Come in. The meeting is over. What happened, Riza? They've found the children. Who? -I don't know. -What don't you know, Riza? The men from the intelligence service, they say. Oh, Esat Pasha! I failed again! Who are those men? They've found the Karahanogullari's children. They have subverted one of the most important wings of the organization. What more should we do to satisfy you? My Sultan, I am sorry to repeat, but the operation we carried out will not be without retaliation. We must not let our guard down. Davut Pasha, what do you suggest? Should the public not go out on the streets? -Should we empty Istanbul? -My Sultan... Davut Pasha, if there is a danger, you are the one who will figure it out and prevent it. If we withdraw into our shells, won't that be just what our enemies want? Wouldn't that make them happy? Wouldn't they think we're afraid? I trust you completely. You have a completely free hand. You can take all the precautions you like. Aye, my Sultan. What's going on, father? There's news from Boris. All of the porters will stay in the harbor tomorrow night. There won't be any incidents in Istanbul, not a single one! The coast is completely clear. All the jackals on the streets are in their dens now. A disaster always gives a warning before it happens. Tomorrow night, son, there will be an earthquake in Istanbul. -Stop! -Why have you come, chief? You won't even let me touch your beard. Oh God! Let him do his job. Mustafa, I saw you clearly in this mirror, brother. I saw you in this mirror. You're telling him to cut! If you listen to him and make me smooth-shaven, I'll beat the hell out of you! He is a barber, his job is to cut. If he doesn't cut, he can't earn money! Why are you shouting at him? Oh, this is going to be much harder than I thought! Hey, look at me. You are mad already! This is just a start, we've got a long way to go! You'd look very good without the moustache! What? Don't! Cut just this much, so little! Sons, as you have reached this honored position by defeating tens of your brothers, great duties now await you. You, Maruf! You, Destan! Zozan! Sami! You, Ejder! You, the warriors of the Supreme Council, your parents were slaughtered by the Ottoman soldiers. Are you ready to kill for the Supreme Council? Ready! Are you ready to die for the Supreme Council? Ready! Tonight is going to be a very big night! Which one of them is more beautiful? Sister Sureyya. Sister Aslinur. No, I think Sister Leyla is much more beautiful. No, Sister Aslinur! Sister Sureyya. Sister Aslinur. Sister Sureyya is more beautiful. Teacher Aslinur is the most beautiful. Hope you marry soon, girls. God willing. Turn your back, let me look. Turn again. Oh my dear Master Yasin, would I ever change you! -You'll look very handsome! -Really? Do you know on what subject we argue with Sureyya, brother? For her, the best master in the world is Kohen in Pera. It's him. He is the court tailor. Even if we combined my annual salary and Sureyya's, we wouldn't be able to afford to have him sew as much as a sock! My lion-hearted master! Innema emruhu iza erade sey'en en yekule lehu kun fe yekun. Fe subhanellezi bi yedihi melekutu kulli sey'in ve ileyhi turceun. Sadakallahulazim. Subhane rabbike rabbil izzeti amma yesifun. Ve selamun alel murselin velhamdulillahi rabbil alemin. Al-Fatiha temea salavat. Yusuf Efendi, you've done such a good thing by allocating this Kulliye to Ali. He has become very happy. Ali is our son. We're so glad if we share in his happiness. -Oh my! -Hope it's nothing bad, daughter? Good evening, would you like some sherbet? Thank you, daughter. This woman must be a newcomer in the Kulliye. I've never seen her before. She came from Bursa two weeks ago, to take care of the children. She is a very nimble woman. Everybody has come to love her in a very short time. But there is a matter I cannot solve. What is it? Sefika Hatun is missing. How come? She asked for permission to leave two weeks ago to attend to some family matters. She said "If I don't come back, you can ask Aslinur Hatun". -Did you ask? -We did. But we didn't get a response. Let's talk about this matter later on, Yusuf Efendi. Would you like some, brother? Abdullah, as I've been thinking... You've been thinking? Ali, you surprise me. How is this henna ceremony performed? It is a ceremony performed upon the declaration of marriage and involves praying for the newly-wed couple. If God permits, you will get together with your loved one, my Pasha. If God permits. They shall not build houses on high hills They shall not build houses on high hills They shall not let girls marry men from different countries They shall not let girls marry men from different countries They shall not look down on her mother's sweetheart They shall not look down on her mother's sweetheart Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Davut Pasha, you don't look very happy after the raid. Don't say so, Giyasettin Efendi. God helped you and you achieved a positive result. If God permits, we will learn lots of things from the encrypted documents you obtained. We have also delivered the children to their parents. So, what's the cause of your anxious demeanor? The children's kidnapping incident is still a mystery. There will absolutely be a reprisal for that. Although we've doubled the security precautions, but this henna ceremony... Pasha, if you have taken security precautions, leave it in the hands of God. Other than that, it is the will of God. Good evening, they sent sherbet from inside. Thank you, sister. Here you are. -Thank you. -Enjoy it. You're so kind. Enjoy it. I am not down on you, Giyasettin Efendi. But you should know, everybody is alone in this business. Why do you think like that, Davut Pasha? Experience! I have been fighting for the perpetuity of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. What's bitter is, that I was exiled every time I was out of favor. A person understands loneliness when he is out of favor. I am a lonely man, Giyasettin Efendi. Until now. Until now? Until now, Davut Pasha. You should know that, from now on you have a brother. Make way! I guess Neslihan Sultan may have arrived. She must have requested our Padishah to let her come, and obviously he didn't turn her down. Thanks to him. Welcome my Sultan. You are going to marry Blade Ali. He saved my Father Shah's life. True. I've always wondered about how henna ceremonies are performed. Thanks to my Father Shah, he gave me permission to participate. We're honored by your presence. Please, you may sit. My Sultan, please sit here. Please, go on. They shall not build houses on high hills They shall not build houses on high hills They shall not let girls marry men from different countries They shall not let girls marry men from different countries They shall not look down on her mother's sweetheart They shall not look down on her mother's sweetheart Aslinur Hatun! Madam Doctor? What happened? You used to call me Leyla, why call me "madam doctor" now? Leyla. Why don't you come? I will fetch some candies for the children from the cellar, and be right back. May I be excused? Where are you going, Abdullah? To headquarters. There is lots to do here. I shall analyze the burnt documents. -All right. -Good luck with it. Thank you. The actions that our Padishah wanted to take resulted in entangling the Ottoman Empire with too many enemies. We know. So you should know this as well, we're the last fortress. Nobody should be able to pass beyond us. Good evening. I brought sherbet for you. It is forbidden to drink at work but actually we're so thirsty. Enjoy it. There are too many guards. I think they must suspect something. What do you say? A crowd. Around 50 people, our exit may be problematic. Let's cancel it. No way. Celal. Farah! I said no way. Then I am going to leave the back door of the cellar open. You will enter from there. The inside is like a fortress. If we defend the entrance door, they cannot get close to you. You will be out protecting the door. For your life! Bring the henna, mother Bring the henna, mother Dip your finger in it Dip your finger in it We have a guest tonight We have a guest tonight Give your bed to the guests, mother Give your bed to the guests, mother Give your bed to the guests, mother Give your bed to the guests, mother I have a bad feeling, Giyasettin Efendi. You have had that feeling since we raided that house, Davut Pasha. You are very apprehensive. Look, today is a happy day for us. Relax, just a little bit. Relax? This job taught me something. Precautions should never take precedence over being vigilant. Excuse me, I am going to the headquarters. The arrival of Neslihan Sultan rubbed salt in the wound. Giyasettin Efendi, thank you... brother. -In, in, hurry! Go in! -I won't! We could not handle it if anything bad happened to you! Run, run! You are impertinent! In the name of God! Cadi! Aren't you a Cadi? How talented you are for a Cadi! Hodja! Hodja! Father Giyasettin! Hodja! Kill them all. There shall be no witnesses left. We have no time. Are those that woman's children? No, the children are coming with us. No! Come on, the men won't be able to hold out any longer. We have no time left, come on! Father! Father! Leave me! Father Giyasettin! Hodja! Hodja! Sons! Sons! I am leaving this world. The reunion time has arrived. Sons you are with God for the good of this nation, the Muslims. Take it out, Mustafa take these things out. Don't ever stray from the right path or justice, sons. Take it out, Ali. Take that thing out, son. Take it out. Take it out. Take it out. Take it out, Mustafa. Take it out, son. I give you my blessings. Bless you. And you must also give me yours. I give you my blessings, father. I give you my blessings, father. My feet and my hands are getting colder, sons. The time has come. The time has come. Come on, turn me towards Mecca. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger. Allah is the greatest. Father Giyasettin!