Filinta Season 2 Episode 50 English subtitles

IN MEMORY OF THE MARTYRS OF THIS GREAT NATION THAT REIGNED OVER THE WORLD FOR CENTURIES WHO LOST THEIR LIVES TRYING TO BRING JUSTICE. FILINTA AT THE DAWN OF A THOUSAND YEARS FILINTA AT THE DAWN OF A THOUSAND YEARS Padre. At your command, my Supreme Master. I command you to kill two more people from the list that was in the notebook I gave you. As you command. Istanbul is going to have one of her historic moments with your help. Up to hundreds of thousands of funeral arrangements will be made from two separate edges, and from two remote flanks. -Master Cemil. -My Supreme Master. I demand provokers in large numbers. Don't you worry. We have such handy men who can turn any amicable event into a battlefield. Good. That's exactly what we need. Istanbul must become a bloodbath tomorrow. Do you understand what I'm saying, Master Cemil? Of course, I do, Supreme Master. -As for you, Server. -I'm listening, Supreme Master. Both newspapers must pour gas onto the flames. They must keep the tension high rather than soothing the populace. Don't worry, Milos Efendi. You'll get more than what you've asked for. I have faith in you, Masters. We must be victorious after this last battle we have entered against the Ottoman Empire. I hope you won't disappoint me. Master. You know, our Sultan gives much importance to this. I understand, my Pasha. But each line has a different cryptosystem. It's really too hard to decrypt. We need some time. Master, we have everything but time. You must uncover these names for the land to continue to exist, Master. I understand, my Pasha. Find the second and third names so that we can eradicate this organization called the Brotherhood right away. Understood, my Pasha. I'll decrypt this code even if it means staying awake all day. Good, Master. Good. Leyla. I've come to apologize. What did you do to apologize for, Mustafa? For what happened last night. I apologize. What happened last night, Mustafa? You came home last night and ate, as usual. -And Farah came and you two left. -You're right. You're totally right. But the land was in great danger and I had no other option, believe me. Then you went to save it. With Farah. You're being unfair about this. I cannot think about anything else. If you tell me that you forgive me, I'll make up for all of this. What if you have to go again tonight? I won't have to go tonight. If anything comes up, Gazanfer or someone else will go, but I won't. Deal? Okay. I believe you. Whatever happens, I won't leave the house tonight. Promise. But if you go tonight, I will never forgive you. I won't let you down. You'll see. If God allows. For you. A FEW DAYS LATER * Brother. You have done well. I did what my duty asked of me. Let them see what it means to conspire in Dersaadet. Bastards. They think we can't do whatever job we want wherever we want to. But I heard that you did another job you weren't supposed to. I couldn't come back without settling that as well. You'd be pissed. I heard that these bastards did not stand idly by while I was in Krasinare. Don't ask. After the death of Doctor Hayrullah the murders of Fehmi Yasar Efendi from the Union and Progress Party and Yakup Izzet Efendi, the Imam of the Fatih Mosque were next. Journalist Fehmi Yasar, Yakup Halil, the Imam of the Fatih Mosque. Mr. Fehmi Yasar! Yes? Yakup Halil, the Imam of the Fatih Mosque has been killed. Yakup Halil, the Imam of the Fatih Mosque has been killed. They're one step ahead of us again, Mustafa. They're trying to pit people against each other. If we don't take measures, we must expect greater dangers in Istanbul. Just as I planned. The streets are in chaos, Server. No one can talk about peace when people pour onto the streets, Master Cemil. Tomorrow's plans must continue to aggravate the situation. Both flanks must blame and turn on each other so that the clashes can grow apace. And the funerals must be the biggest ones Istanbul has ever seen. The fuse we ignite there will set the whole land ablaze. You'll see. That's what happened. People flocked to the funerals. The city went into rampage because of the provokers amongst them. It took us three days to alleviate the situation. There would have been bloodshed if we had failed. -Have you solved it, Master? -Almost there. Miss Feriha from Pertev, the Newspaper agency. The one we trained. Farah's mother. Farah! Miss Feriha? -I am looking for Miss Feriha Nur. -She has just left. Miss Feriha Nur! Miss Feriha. Yes, it's me. Farah! Farah! Farah? Come on, let's go! Farah? Let's go! -Come on! -Come on! Hang in there. I'll save you. Miss Feriha. Miss Feriha, are you okay? I'm fine. What happened to me? Help! -Lay her on the stretcher. -Help. Prepare the operating room. Quick! A girl got in front of me. I don't really remember. -How is she? -I don't know. Poor girl. She risked her life for me. Please tell me, is she okay? She's your daughter. She'll live. You'll kill every name on the list one by one, Padre. As you command. Are you sure you want me to kill everyone on this list? Wait for my word... begin. Whose names are on that list, Supreme Master? The names of those who will soon die. Since you aren't telling me the names I must have done something to disappoint you. -To our success. -What success? If I had been disappointed I wouldn't hide the names on that list. I would hide the notebook itself, Master Cemil. You look as pale as... ...a withering flower. Why did you do it, Farah? Why did you go there? Why did you choose to sacrifice yourself? I'd have sacrificed myself for you... ...if only you'd asked. I'd gladly die for you... ...if you asked. I have nothing on the inside. Empty. Cold. I have no feelings on the inside. Only you. You're the only entity inside me. Don't die, Farah. Please don't. If you do, I'll cease to be. I'm only a shadow... ...if you die, Farah. Where's the woman that came out of the operating room a while ago? Take the corridor on the left, chief. Don't even think about dying. Mustafa. Farah. Tell me. Mustafa. I'm right here. Beside you. I love you, Mustafa. Mustafa. I'm here. Mustafa. Tell me, Farah. Don't leave me. I'm right here. I'll never leave you. I promise. No matter what the cost, I won't leave you. Leyla. I'd do anything to make you love me like that. Come in. Where have you been, Master Cemil? I'm sorry I'm late, Supreme Master. We're done here. There's one more to die. And we'll depart from Istanbul another day. Who's the last one to die, Supreme Master? Come in. Maybe you could tell me who the last one to die is. I'll tell you tonight. My dear daughter. Where will you go? What will you do? Please calm down. I'll find somewhere to take shelter in. Bekri Efendi. Say something, for God's sake. You've called on the name of God. Miss Leyla! My dear angel with wings. Don't make us sad. Don't leave home. And if my Filinta, chief, finds out about it, he'll skin me and make shoes for you out of me. God forbid! -Nanny, make way. -Daughter, please be calm. What's happening here? You don't love me. All you think about is that woman, Mustafa. -Mustafa, you don't love me. -What're you saying? Divorce me, Mustafa. -I beg you. Divorce me. -No way. Mustafa, I won't stay as a property left by Cadi Efendi. Divorce me. -I'm leaving this place. -Leyla. Don't go. Daughter. Leyla, please. Leyla. Please don't go! I've lost her, Ali. I've lost Leyla. She didn't deserve any of this. All of this is my fault. That's true, Mustafa. It's all your fault. What kind of a man have I become, Ali? You're a human being, just like all of us, Mustafa. Like everyone. And this is all your fault. And yes, Leyla is innocent. But... -...the heart wants what the heart wants. -It does. It did. I pray every night. I've begged God for a long time. To put me in Leyla's path. I look at her. I just look. Maybe my heart beats. But it doesn't work. You can't force it. I know it's our father's will. I thought maybe I could start to love her when I saw her each day. But there was something. Something that closed all my doors on Leyla. I can't sleep, Ali. For a long time now. I ask the same question. What's my sin? What kind of a test is this? What kind of a test is this, Ali? God is what it is to love... ...and the one who puts love into our heart. It's the will of God. I can't love someone who stained herself in our father's blood. I can't. I'm a married man, Ali. Married. And what I have to do now is bring my wife back home. Bring her back, Mustafa. I don't know if she would. Would it matter... ...when you have Farah in your heart? Drop that gun. I've waited for this day for too long. I want to look you in the eye when I kill you. You say you want to look me in the eye, yes? But I think I'll be the one to do that. It seems that I'm the last one to die. Obviously, the Supreme Master didn't want any dead weight when he left Istanbul. Obviously. Yet, I am not so sure that the Supreme Master is able to leave Istanbul anymore. -Which one of you is Filinta Mustafa? -I am. -I was told to give this letter to you. -Told by who? Yes. The Supreme Master cannot leave Istanbul easily. You know why? Because when I figured out that he had betrayed me, I wrote a letter to Filinta Mustafa. He must have it by now. Milos must be, as usual, in the suffering room, as Kenan Efendi. What's he going to do when he sees Filinta Mustafa at his feet? Unfortunately, you won't see that, Celal. Get out, Kenan Efendi. You have nowhere to hide! Should I call you Kenan Efendi or perhaps... Master Milos? The game's over. God forgive me. You know better. You're the most competent student I have ever trained. You're my masterpiece. From now on, the job is yours. Pretend to have forgiven him and go back home. You'll kill Mustafa when I send you the word.