Filinta Season 2 Episode 6 English subtitles

Hodja! -Hodja! -Sons! Sons! I am leaving this world. The reunion time has arrived. Sons, you are with God for the good of this nation, the Muslims. Take it out, Mustafa. Take it out. Don't ever leave the right path or justice, sons. Take it out, Ali. Take that thing out, son. Take it out. Take it out. Take it out. Take it out, Mustafa. Take it out, son. I give you my blessings. Bless you. And you must also give yours. I give my blessings, father. I give my blessings, father. My feet and my hands are getting colder, sons. The time has come. The time has come. Come on, turn me towards Mecca. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger. Allah is the greatest. Father Giyasettin! Father! Get up! Father! Father, get up! Go after them! Leave me! Let me go! Celal, you go. -We'll handle it. -No, keep walking. The bouncers of Istanbul will handle that job. We're going to the horses. Let me go! We're being followed. Zozan. Oh, the sounds are loud. There's a bevy of them. They're getting closer. This way! Hurry, hurry! Get the operating room ready, now! I tethered the horses. -What are we waiting for? -Shush! -Why did we stop? -Shush! Silence! No sound. They've stopped. They're not running away. They've stopped. We'd be hunted in the darkness. Let's wait for morning. Look at me! We're leaving the horses here. We'll all be following. Everybody, form a circle to stay safe. We'll fall into a trap. We'll go on. Everything is on our side. It's getting foggy. Where the hell are you? Come out in the open! Why don't we kill him? Because those are not our orders. Where the hell are you? Come out in the open! Aren't any of you brave enough to appear before me? Celal, leave me. We are soldiers. We obey orders. Where the hell are you? Where the hell are you? Mustafa, what we are doing now is no different than running blindfolded. We will find them eventually, if God permits, but we need to go back now. We must return to the Kulliye. Come on! Do you know the person who is following us? Thank you. Where the hell are you? Thank you. Excuse me. I'm covered with dust. Show yourself! No. Brothers, "Operation Pharaoh" has been carried out. The Padishah's daughter is in our hands now. We've clipped the Padishah's wings. Things will continue to go in our favor until the Padishah finds a talented man to replace Giyasettin. To our victory! And on the other hand, the obstacles to Boris becoming the president of the members' council of the Ottoman Empire's first bank have been removed. I congratulate the president-to-be, Boris Zaharyas, in advance. Okay, you may suture it now. Sister, we did what we could. The rest is God's will. Her pulse rate is slowing fast! Where is the antidote? Have you seen the antidote? Oh messenger of God! Intercede for me, I am guilty, I am guilty. I am desperate. I need you all the time. My guilt of rebellion is great and the soil won't accept me. Wake me up from this woolgathering, oh messenger of God! Oh messenger of God, this world was created for you. The pen broke whilst writing your name down. This world would be Mohammed's who is the prophet of 18.000 worlds. If somebody should own this world it would have been Mohammed's. If somebody should own this world it would have been Mohammed's. Giyasettin Efendi, thank you... brother. Al-Fatiha! In the name of God. Mr. Ali! Cherub person you are! Alright, alright leave me. We surely belong to God and to Him we shall return. A human being is just a guest in this world. Sooner or later, whether we like it or not, death will knock on our door, and we will go on to the afterlife which is our true homeland. Some things may look so hard, but what we don't know is that things that happen are auspicious for us. Death is a bridge. It brings friends together. She vomited again at noon. -Did she receive her injection? -Yes, madam, she did receive it. Ali! Ali! Mustafa, run! Giyasettin! Giyasettin! Giyasettin! My children! How is she? She will recover soon, if God permits. Giyasettin! Giyasettin? God took him up to heaven, aunt! Giyasettin, my dearest! Would this mortal depart from this world? Not even a single leaf moves without the will of God. The fire of your love burns in my heart. May God keep us together. Father has arrived, yay! Come! The children! Where are my children? The children! Where are my children? Ali? Mustafa? We will find them, aunt. We will. What? What happened to them? The children were kidnapped, aunt. They kidnapped them. Aunt, look into my eyes. I swear an oath that I will find my Hodja's murderers. Do you understand me? I will find those who have taken our children from us, one by one. Promise! Find them! Promise! Welcome, my children. Don't be afraid. Be careful, Celal. The children should never see my face. Oh God, I am at your door in desperation. As you made the fire cool for Prophet Ibrahim, grant me relief, oh God. Grant our children the patience to withstand the cruelty. Oh God almighty, grant me the same patience you granted Prophet Yakup to bear the absence of his son, Prophet Yusuf. Oh God! What the hell do you think you're doing! We're looking for the documents about that herd of jackals called the Brotherhood! How are you going to find an organization that has been hiding for centuries like that? Is there a "reserved" document that you are keeping from us? Know your place, Mustafa! Hold your temper! I told that to Giyasettin as well, that you are both lost causes! Actually it's you who are not useful at all. Understood? What? What? Are we going to fight? Did you think the pressure you exerted would be unreciprocated? If these matters are not dealt with in secrecy, you will definitely face the consequences! Cadi Giyasettin was a heavy lesson for us. For those who are willing to learn! All talk no action, Davut Pasha! Gentlemen, your job here is over.