Filinta Season 2 Episode 7 English subtitles

Any news from our daughter, my Sultan? No. No. No, really? I can't live if anything happens to our daughter. I couldn't bear it. What if something happens to her? May God give us strength, wife. If God permits, we will find our children. If God permits. If God permits. What a great miracle! These children will become our fearless warriors 15 years from now. Padre, your orders? Take the brothers, and take the children to the mother. Aye, sir. You will love us very much, my child, very soon. My Father Shah will find us, you'll see what happens then! No, no, Princess! Don't touch them! -Okay, okay, easy! -The Sultan and her warriors! Celal, this one is going to be very nasty! Come in! Davut Pasha has arrived, my Sultan. Let him in. My Sultan. Are you aware of the severity of the situation, Pasha? A handful of bandits martyred Giyasettin Efendi and our young soldiers in the Kulliye above the secret headquarters of our intelligence services! They kidnapped my daughter Neslihan Sultan and our Hodja's children! You've told me too many times that you have established an intelligence service like no other in the world. Were you just telling me lies, Davut Pasha? It was the truth, my Sultan but... We do not have time to waste with explanations. You will find my daughter and our Hodja's children immediately, and you will punish those bandits who are responsible for it, Pasha! My Sultan, I am reluctant to say this, but we need some time. We do not have time, Pasha! My Sultan, my primary duty is to tell you what happened exactly as it is under any condition. The people who are responsible for this incident have been hiding for hundreds of years. We cannot find and expose them in an instant. You can rest assured we will find your daughter, Neslihan Sultan and the other kidnapped children. The people who did this to Giyasettin Hodja will pay a heavy price for it. I swear an oath! Padre! You should come with us, Istanbul is not at all safe at the moment. The safest place is where they would least likely findus, Celal. This school has been protecting us for centuries. -They will never find us here. -Padre! What would you order us to do after leaving the children with the mother? After leaving the children with the mother... Get in the line. Behave well, don't make me angry! Where are we? The palace of the enemies. Thoe jackals do not have palaces. They have dens. How is Ayse Hatun? She's still unconscious. May God heal her fast. Amen. What's the situation in the city? The city of Istanbul is weeping. All the people are crying because of Giyasettin Efendi's departure. The Ottoman Empire has lost such a blessed man. It is impossible to replace him. We surely belong to God and to Him we shall return. Everybody must have started to spread rumors that the Sultan of the world could not protect his own child on the Ottoman Empire's own property, and asked how on earth he will protect us. We did what could be done to prevent the news about Neslihan Sultan's abduction from spreading, my Sultan. Don't flog a dead horse, Pasha, bad news travels fast. You urgently need to get busy with finding the children. My Sultan, we will rescue you from here. Yes, definitely. You sleep, I will keep guard. Yesterday, we achieved a great military success. Gentlemen, you should know very well that military victories make you feel sluggish, but financial victories fan the flames of a person's ambitions. We have all the shares of the British oil companies in our hands now. We've entered into a new phase in the struggle for oil reserves in the Middle East. From now on, we will be directing British policy in the Middle East. The balance has changed. We are with Britain against the Ottomans. And you should also know, brothers, that the countries established by shedding of blood and yelling will all be history someday. The leaders of today who fought to establish countries and for whom monuments were erected will be forgotten. And when that day comes, the world will be one state only, and we will be ruling that state. Son, anger is like a fire, it burns hottest where it first starts, and then a spark may reach to the enemy or not. It is hard, Hodja, I cannot hold back. Hodja! I just want to lay waste to everything! I give you my blessings. And you must also give me yours. Oh God give me patience! What would Giyasettin Father say if he was here? Let me tell you, brother. He would say "God is the only giver and taker. Be strong." He was our Hodja, Ali. He was our father. He was our mind, our conscience. What will we do without him, Ali? Mustafa, God took him. Now you must replace him. You will be our strength and mind. Great Cadi Giyasettin! How can I replace him Ali? One day, Giyasettin Father pointed to you, and do you know what he told me? What did he tell you? Some people are just so different. Cadi Giyasettin was one of the most exceptional representatives. He exemplified all the characteristics of this ancient nation's nature. He was a role model, and he had a very special gift. He could stay calm in even the most difficult situations, and was able to see to the bottom of muddy water and beyond the fog. He was also an important man for the Muslims. All his decisions were made not only in the interests of the state but also the interest of the Muslims. The Padishah noticed his talent. And to make the Ottoman Empire great again, he had him head up the state bank and the intelligence services. Yes, sir. We eliminated him because of that. Filinta Mustafa is even more dangerous than Cadi Giyasettin. Oddly enough, he's not yet aware of this. He said, "As with every good person, the source of courage is faith. You cannot scare a devout person with an enlightened heart, even if you blow up the world with bombs. When it comes to courage, God has granted Mustafa the strongest faith of all of us. Ali, if something happens to me one day, Mustafa will replace me. His reputation will be known all around the world." Mustafa! He said that. Did he say so? He did, brother. This is the will of our father, Mustafa. Stand up, gentlemen, the time has come. Stand up. It's time to cut off the heads of those snakes who are trying to abuse the innocent children. Cadi Giyasettin was a very loved person in the community. There are so many people crying because of the death of that blessed man. Grant unto him eternal rest, O God! Amen. You both are soldiers who have been trained by him, and work for the good of this nation and the Muslims. May God be your helper. I know exactly from where we should start. May God be our helper. Amen, brother, Amen. Who is responsible for this contemptibleness? Who is responsible, I said! Who is responsible, I said! Cadi Giyasettin was a great man, Sureyya. Yes, we were enemies but I always respected him. And when a great man dies, Sureyya, everybody must show due respect. Giyasettin was not my friend, he was a great enemy whom I respected. And for me, this is a gain. Who is responsible for the Kulliye raid? This arrow killed the Cadi Efendi. Each of the people who carried out the raid used a different weapon. True. They made a very good plan. First they let their men in and shut the doors breaking contact. They were the best warriors I've ever seen. By killing 50 guards and Cadi Efendi, they managed to kidnap the daughter of the Sultan of the world. Have a look at the arrow. See the gouges? It is designed to be shot repeatedly. Who do you think did this? Your brother, Emrullah? No. He is smart enough not to get involved in something like this. The weapon that shot these arrows is an antique, but it has been brought to perfection. This arrow is a work of a masterful craftsman. What are we going to do Mustafa? We are going to a place where nobody expects us to be. I don't know who carried out the Kulliye raid. Just one thing, the person who was able to kill the Padishah's Hodja Giyasettin and kidnap the Padishah's daughter on the very same night, must be the strongest man on the world. What do you think? In my opinion, Boris is not involved in the incident. He may not be personally involved, but he definitely knows about it. Follow him closely and inform me about every breath he takes! Yes, madam. Esref Efendi, your son Mehmet is in safe hands. Don't worry. May God accept, brother. God bless you. My condolences to you. So you've heard. Bad news travels fast. I am also praying for him. Thank you. I need you. Kill them all. There shall be no witnesses left. Let go of my daughter! Let go! I want my mother! No, the children are coming with us. No! -Let go of my daughter! Let go! -I want my mother! Farah! Farah! Padre asked me to talk with you. You are going to ask me why I kidnapped Cadi Giyasettin's children. Look Farah, we are soldiers. It is our duty to follow orders. The order was clear, wasn't it? Not to leave any witnesses behind. What is the children's guilt? An honorable warrior should not kill an innocent child! If your disobedience continues... Will he kill me? I talked to Padre. He is convinced. The children are a weapon for us. But if you fail to obey the order once more... Won't you be able to protect me? Celal, get this into your head, I don't need anyone to protect me. Attention! Close your eyes. Stand up my friend. You've done a great job. But we have lots to talk about with you. Come, let's talk first about our mistakes. You used to manufacture your bullets yourself. To make sure they easily reached their targets. May God forgive me, I used to. Look, this arrow is also special. Look familiar? Perfect craftsmanship. Do you see these gouges here? Of course you do, that's why you're here. Look Mustafa, we the assassins know each other and we also know where to get supplies for the weapons. This is a very special item. Do you know who will become the Padre after you? It's up to the will of the Supreme Council. Celal. But I hope you will be serving us for a long time. Padre, you kidnapped Cadi Giyasettin's children while they had to be killed. It was a decision made on the spur of the moment. -If you'd like... -Who decided to kidnap the children? Farah. That girl! She should be punished. Filinta Mustafa will come after this. I'll deal with it personally, sir. Are you going to be the one to go out on the streets after all these years to kill Filinta Mustafa, Padre? And with great pleasure! What about Celal? I don't need anybody. But again, it's up to you. This was the answer I expected from you, my friend. Filinta Mustafa will be history in your hands. This arrow killed Cadi Giyasettin. It killed our father. Stand up! Stand up! For whom did you make this arrow? Say it! For Celal. He uses this arrow. I make it for him. Celal? They'll be back soon to finish you off. So they are still in Istanbul, right? Don't be sad, Brother Mustafa will rescue us. Stand up, Farah. Open your eyes. I can't. Why not? Because your light would make me blind, Supreme Master. You are training perfect soldiers, Padre. Ali, go and meet Davut Pasha. Haven't we dropped the Davut Pasha subject, brother? We are officers assigned by the Sultan and that man is our chief. Let him come and do the investigating. The last time we were at daggers drawn with that man. Would he listen and come with me, Mustafa? Tell him that we've raided one of your brother's armories, and then watch how fast he'll come. Hair will grow on his head because of his puzzlement, I must say. Meet me at Abdullah's store later on. Say that Esref has come up with an idea. Davut Pasha should give a dozen soldiers. And also... Oh God, please help us. May our father find us! And if they can't find us, God, may Brother Ali and Brother Mustafa find us. And if they can't find us either, God, show as the way, so we can escape. Amen. What are you saying, son? What do you want? Your men, Pasha. The best ones. They will protect one of our friends. What on earth is your friend planning to do that he needs the protection of my best men? Our friend will do good things, Davut Pasha, good things. If I am able to read your mind, praise be, you are learning the job fast. Padre! What is it? Are you thinking like the others that I am getting old? Padre, you are our greatest teacher. But it has been years since you've been out on a mission. Allow me to handle the matter myself. It is enough that you've made sure that orders are carried out to the letter up to this point. It is enough that you took the children to the mother. Allow the brothers to come with you. You know how enthusiastic they are to be fighting back to back with you. No, the brothers will go with you. The tough guys from the Istanbul organization will be enough for me. And there is one more thing, Farah will be staying here with me too. As you command. What happened? Take me to the lavatory. -I beg your pardon? -I need to use the toilet! Oh, pee here. Well, if you say you can't do that while the Sultan is watching. There is nothing I can do about it. I am not having it! -Greetings. -Greetings. Enjoy your day's work. -Have a good day. -Thank you. More power to your elbow! Have a nice working day. To you too, brothers. -God bless you. -You too. God bless you. Thank you. Thank God. Worthless man! What's up, brother? You have no idea what charity is. The Kulliye and the foundation have become forlorn. So we the shopkeepers will do our best to do something about the Kulliye. Am I supposed to give the money I earn to charity? Oh God! No, of course you don't have to. May God bless you too. So I am supposed to give the money I earn to charity, just because some man died, huh! Your earnings are yours, brother. Nobody is talking about your earnings. That is your money, your elbow grease, your labor! But we disagree with you referring to him as "some man"! He wasn't just some man. His name was Cadi Giyasettin. Cadi Giyasettin was one of the most easygoing, conscientious and equitable man that has ever lived on earth. At the very least he deserves to be called by his name, brother. You are not officers anymore! What's all this bluster about? -Shut up! Shut up! -Boo! Boo! We may not be officers anymore but we're shopkeepers. Get the hell out of here! What a disrespectful man! The man does not lock the door. Maybe we can escape. So let's escape. Where are we going to escape to? We do not know this place. We haven't gone too far. We must be somewhere in Istanbul. So if we can escape, we will be free. Well, well, well! Ali and Mustafa, what incredible men you are! Look at him. Damn him! This turns out to be a great armory. We don't have such weapons, not even in the Kasimpasa Armory. This is going to be a fierce battle. Very fierce. What? You heard me. You heard Mustafa. Don't look at me like that, Abdullah. Look, I know this isn't something unheard of, but these guys are very dangerous. Look Mustafa, if the reason why you are doing this is to take personal revenge, I am out of it, you should know! I am not doing this for personal revenge! I am doing it to drive out the snakes that are feeding on the Ottoman Empire and to show this nation's power. I am doing this for the citizens of the Empire that rules the seven continents, which shall rise and bring my enemies to their knees. That's it, Mustafa! That is it! We don't like taking revenge. But payback is our tradition.