Filinta Season 2 Episode 8 English subtitles

Sister Aslinur, are you on their side? I know. I know that you know. What would he say, Ali? "It's not the time to grieve now, son, It's the time to stand up and fight." We'll can be sad later, Ali. Now we do not have time for that. Do you think those bastards will chase us, Mustafa? I have no doubt after today's raid. But where to? You choose. A chief should act like one, brother. All right. Into the forest. Good idea. Mustafa, I guess this time our job will be harder, brother, huh? Give me your blessings. Nothing like that will happen. Mustafa and Ali have raided Servet's place. What? The Supreme Master was right again. They must be killed immediately. Servet? He has gone to where the brothers are. There' s nothing to worry about. He didn't know anything about us. I mean, only as much as we told him. We're taking action tonight. Our Padishah summoned you to appear before him urgently. So the rats have started to emerge from their holes. Exactly as we guessed it would be. Let's go. He revealed nothing, despite my insistence, my Sultan. He only said that it was related to the Kulliye Raid. He said he would tell only you, in private, what he is going to do. Pasha, people cannot not just enter into my presence at any time that suits them. The situation is desperate, Pasha. Permission is granted for one time only. Let him in. Aye, my Sultan. My Sultan. My Sultan, we've heard about that deplorable incident and firstly... Since you tell me you've heard about the incident, I'd like to hear what you know about it. Excuse my forwardness, sir, but I can tell only to you. Sir, our international intelligence service reports that the Russians have been scheming against you for a long time. Just like you do. Speak, Ambassador! As you order, sir. Our intelligence... Come in! Come, Davut Pasha. But sir, I will tell only to... I have asked Davut Pasha to join us. Speak. As you wish, sir. The Russians, yes have gathered the necessary information from the palace officials and, after making preparations that took a year, they carried out this deplorable attack with their well-trained men. Why have the Russians done that? We don't have solid information about that. But you have some guesses. Yes, well, we could say that. We think their aim may be to bring you low in the eyes of your co-religionists in Russia. But they'd know that this is a cause for war. You are right, Pasha. But the Russians have ventured to go to war. What about you, Mr. Henry? What have you ventured by giving us this information? We're going through very strange times. I can feel the boundless the power. However, I felt I was an invincible power when I established the state bank. But now, I feel an irresistible power pulling me in. It is impossible for me to resist. And yet I have wasted so much time, money, wealth... But if you can't overthrow kings or change the borders of countries, I mean if you can't be the ruler of the world, whatever you do is just dust that is scattered by the wind. Finally, Cemil, finally I am faced with a power that is equal to my dreams. And you. I will assign you a great duty soon. Your order is my destiny, Boris Efendi. My Sultan, as I told you, the intelligence service confirmed that the Russian Embassy has been very active since yesterday. Sir Henry, you have given such valuable information. For our friends. Sir Henry, what will you do while we enter the Russian Embassy for investigation? I don't understand? Forgive my forwardness, my Sultan, but if you allow me I'd like to speak the language that the Ambassador Efendi understands. Feel free, Davut Pasha. How can a person not understand the trap that he set for himself? Let me explain it to you. When we entered the Russian Embassy, one of your snipers was going to shoot someone in the Embassy. Am I wrong? What? What sort of claim is that? Not a claim, Ambassador Efendi, the reality! We caught your man two hours ago. My Padishah! I can understand your efforts to start a war between us and Russia. In a probable Ottoman-Russian war, your fleet in the Baltic Sea would suddenly unfurl an Ottoman flag and bomb St. Petersburg. And in return, we would oppress the Russians in the Caucasus and the Balkans. By doing that, you would be in a stronger position against the Russians and would be able to get whatever you wanted in the negotiations. What about us? Thousands of our people would die as martyrs. I was just trying to be helpful... -I mean... -I am also talking about a fictitious thing. Ambassador Efendi, our Padishah wants to be alone now. My Padishah? Efendi, if you ever dare to play such a game again, I will feed your bones to the dogs. Davut Pasha, no games whatsoever. I am just telling you the truth. To exploit other people's grief and muddy the waters is an old habit of yours. There you go. Pasha? Open the doors! Courage is the greatest virtue, but in the right place and at the right time. It's in his blood. He'll become a warrior. My Sultan. My Father Shah will find us, you'll see it then. I doubt that. I am going to take the children to Mother and come back. Be careful. Especially about the man called Mustafa. He is not trained, but he's a good fighter. Don't worry. Hold on. You are like a lion, God bless. I wish I was dead, Chief, and not still live to see these times. No dying! Payback time. Who did it, Chief? Which bastard? We'll find out. No need to worry, I will find them one by one. Give us your blessings, Gazanfer. What's going on, Chief? We're going to war. I give you my blessings, Chief. May God give you strength. Good bye. You keep up with everything, Leyla. Our job. Words cannot describe how sad I feel. How is Aunt Ayse? One part of her wants to go after Giyasettin Efendi, the other part is fighting to stay here and not let her children be motherless. Leyla, I entrust her first to God and then to you. Alright? Fine. Mustafa. Please take care of yourself. Okay. I can't live without you. You cannot handle those men! -Sureyya... -Let me help you. Your prayers are enough, Sureyya. Your stubbornness will get you killed one of these days. You are the apple of my eye. You're my everything. My ocean-eyed love. But I was affianced to death before you, Sureyya. Don't worry. Whatever will be, will be. And also, with God's permission, we can overcome them all. Ali, please don't go, Ali! I can't promise to come back alive wherever I go. But you'll be in my heart wherever I am, Sureyya. Only you. Padre, you kidnapped Cadi Giyasettin's children while they had to be killed. Kill them all. There shall be no witnesses left. Who decided to kidnap the children? No, the children are coming with us, no! Farah! That girl! She must be punished. Padre and Farah made a mistake. They need to be punished, but they are chasing Mustafa now. If they kill Mustafa, we'll be rid of one our greatest enemies. Buy if they fail, Mustafa will punish them anyway. In both cases, the Supreme Council will win. Fighting is part of human nature. But the important thing is why you fight. Our primary duty is to protect Filinta Mustafa and Blade Ali. And our secondary duty is to capture at least one person from the Brotherhood alive. They're still in Istanbul. We'll look as if we're defenceless and draw them toward us. You must be the one to decide where the fight will take place. The forest is better than the street. Trees are our friends. You may divide your strengths for victory. The other important thing is, who is beside us in this war? Hurry up. Go around the back! Don't lose sight of them! Run, follow them! Your first shot must be very accurate. This way. We must hit the enemy like a ton of bricks. What are you doing? -Move, we're leaving. -Leaving? I said we're leaving! The most dangerous enemy is the one who recognizes the right time to withdraw. Stop! How could you find the Mirror House? The Mirror House! There is another Mirror House! Why did we escape? This shame... Are you questioning my orders? Because of my pride, we underestimated them and fell into a trap. -Let's go back to the school. -No! We can't go back there. That would put the school in danger. Send all the men to the mansion. -The men... -We are relocating for safety. The location of the school should never be revealed. What do you expect? A medal? Uskudarian Burhan's Turkish delights. You can't find any better. Actually we were unfair to you, Pasha. Count yourselves forgiven after all the things you've done. But we missed the bastards. The night is not over yet. You'll follow me this time, Davut Pasha. The Mirror House. These lines indicate two houses, not one. I didn't understand the last time, look at the lines. There is a specific order between those lines, Mustafa. Precisely! Morse code alphabet! Well done, Ali! That wouldn't occur even to the devil's mind. The Mirror Houses. One of them is in town and the other is in the countryside. To hide. The Mirror House. Ortakoy. Tonight, there has been a failure. Mustafa and Ali are still alive. Fortunately, we don't fail very often, do we Stefan? As you know, Stefan was in charge of the Brotherhood. Can you take the blame for this failure, Stefan? Every mistake we make shows us the way, Supreme Master. And? You may be a king or a beggar, but we all are equal to each other in the face of death. Bravo Stefan. I have never doubted your loyalty. But a mistake such as this one could not go unpunished. My brothers, there is no room for error in our Brotherhood. And the punishment for error is death. From now on, the person who is in charge of the Brotherhood is Boris Zaharyas. Finally! We received the news you sent with Gazanfer. So, the Mirror House of yours is here. I knew you'd solve this riddle, Mustafa. I really liked Cadi Giyasettin. You! Do you kill the people you like? We were trained that way, Mustafa, to kill. Why did you help? I don't know the answer to that question. But what I've gone through and the things I've seen while I was with you, made me question the things I was taught until today. Then why didn't you come to us, Skopjan? I guess I wasn't brave enough. Tell us what you know, now! This war is very dirty. Children are being kidnapped, women are being killed. What about you? Are you one of those kidnapped children? Neslihan Sultan, Cadi Giyasettin's children... Since you've understood us, come on, tell us where the children are! Everybody is sold. Your secrets are hidden behind the walls. Where are the children? They must have sent them to the Mother. Padre... Don't! He knows everything. Skopjan! Be calm. Once upon a time, we did nice things, didn't we? Things that we would be proud of. Be calm Skopjan, don't do it! I told you, I guess I am not that brave. -Skopjan! -Skopjan, don't! To see what will happen to you... Don't! ...requires someone braver than me, but I am not as brave as you! -Be calm, Skopjan! -Don't! Forgive me. Don't do it! Skopjan! God damn it! First he made us come here and then he committed suicide, without saying anything! His conscience! He could neither be completely on their side nor on ours. But he did one useful thing and then left. If you had let me carry out the raid, we could have captured this man alive. He wasn't going to come out alive. Think about what he said. How come? Your secrets are hidden behind the walls. Ali, give me your knife! The wall was blessed! Their den is here! Celal. What happened? You take the kids to the Mother. The brothers will come with me. What about Padre's order? Do what I say, brother, don't question what I do. All right, brother. Come on. What's going on? Nothing. It's just a feeling. We're going back to Istanbul. If Celal Efendi has a feeling about something, it must be right. We're going back! We're going! Come on! -Five of them left. -Only one left? Yes, the one with the shaved head and blue eyes has ordered them to do so. All left, except one. We'll wait for the right time. Pasha, Mustafa should conduct the raid. Come with me. This way. Mustafa, I want one person from the Brotherhood taken alive. Don't worry Davut Pasha. Abdullah, you go with Davut Pasha. Come on. Follow me. Ali, check the house. Oh sons, I am just an old man. I can't harm you. Don't do it. Filinta Mustafa. My sons killed Giyasettin, and I will kill you. So you are the father of those murderers. Padre! Yes. I am the father of those warriors who make you spit blood and will breathe down your neck until hell freezes over. And Cadi Giyasettin was my father. Even if you fill the ocean with our blood, you can't finish off the Brotherhood. We are the guards of the Sacred Wall. You are the dogs that pee on the mosque wall. Your appointment with death has arrived! While you are killing me, the daughter of your Great Padishah and the children of Giyasettin whom you call your father, are getting one step closer to our side. Don't you ever say their names! You'll never be able to find the children. I will find them like I've found you! You cannot kill us off. There are too many of us. One of you a day, and one day, all of you! Padre. Thank you. You!