Filinta Season 2 Episode 9 English subtitles

You! Stop! The antidote is working. She'll live. We have captured one of them alive at last. Well done, Filinta. Thank you, Leyla. There isn't anyone in the house, Pasha. We couldn't find the kids again. We would escape if our hands weren't tied. -I can untie yours, my Sultan. -How? Like this. Mustafa. -Take them away. -Stop! What happened? This woman was in the Islamic Monastery. Enjoy it. Thank you. Enjoy it. This was the woman who they put in as a spy. Don't worry, she'll tell us everything she knows. How? Let's talk about it at headquarters. Davut Pasha. Mustafa! The woman who is lying on the floor killed our father. And she is brave enough to commit suicide... as not to be captured alive. Allow me to deal with this matter myself. I can't give her to you because of what you have just said. This matter has come to a point that can not be left... the justice of your ambitions. Let us do the job what we are specially trained for. Son, I told you before, they go about in groups of seven people. Now the others are waiting for us to make a mistake hiding in the corner. You are mistaken if you think I am going to risk the only thing... ...that will help us to find the kids... ...while six murderers who are good at their job... ...are breathing down our necks. Actually, it is you who is mistaken. Enough, Mustafa, enough! Don't kill her! Guns down! You killed my father. And you killed my father, too. I have nothing to lose. I'll take my father's revenge, you'll see. I'll meet him in the gate of heaven. Take her, chain her! Put the armor on her! We'll meet, Mustafa! It is like a deadlock! Mustafa, Ali, you can't behave independently like that. This is not your personal matter, it is a state issue. Considering the greatness of your anguish, I am acting more merciful... ...than I usually do. But if you repeat the same mistake, I won't forgive you, you should know. Mostly people do not like me, even I can't stand myself... ...from time to time. Homeland is besieged by the enemies within and abroad. The sons of Ottoman are the soldiers who are thirsty... ...for the sherbet of martyrdom. They hope to fight and die for this country... ...but this is not the time to die. You are lionhearted and ironfisted soldiers... ...who have been trained by Cadi Giyasettin. But we must err on the side of the caution... ...against our enemies. Davut Pasha, smart enemies teach you to take measures... ...strong enemies teach you to be powerful and... ... treacherous enemies teach you to set traps. We are prepared for all of them, thank God. It is obvious, Giyasettin trained you well. Come to see the captive tomorrow. If we can't make her talk tonight, maybe you can tomorrow. Gentlemen... careful. Even this man's dead body may cause us trouble. Farah shouldn't have been captured. She might not have got the chance to commit suicide. They will make her suffer. Don't let that happen. Your sharpshooting is good enough to shoot from this distance. -They've put the armor on her. -Shoot her in the head. Impossible. The target is on the move. Ejder! -That young man who was in the Kulliye. -Shoot him. Shut up! How long have you been giving the orders? What happened brother? Nothing. A feeling. Every bad thing that happened to us was because of your feelings, Mustafa! Let's go. So it's you that have it out for us. Good. What may be better than a skillful enemy... test our strength! Farah was alone. Padre! We are going to the mansion immediately! The child! The child! If your fever goes down, you will get rid of your nightmares. You have to live for your children, sister. Grit your teeth. What are you doing? Nothing. I... dream, dream. Yes sister. Any news from the children? Mustafa, Brother Ali will find and bring the children... ...don't you worry. Do you know what will happen when the dawn breaks? You'll sing like a bird. How many people? What do you say? How many of your friends did we kill? Shut up, bitch! We lost tens of our friends because of you! Then wait for new ones. We are stopping over here. Wake me up in two hours. You keep guard first. Don't you ever try to do a trick! There are creatures that eat children in this forest. He must be at the gate of heaven now. I would never guess that your soul would travel to eternity before mine. We'll take our revenge on the Ottoman... ...who are responsible for the Brotherhood's anguish. Tearing them to pieces won't be enough... ...we'll do whatever is necessary so their descendants... ...will pay a heavy price. Take Padre away. One way or the other, you'll talk. I can see the hatred in your eyes. Good. Fear is hidden behind hatred. If you've understood... ...that you should fear me, that means... should have understood that you have to talk. The source of fear is death, Davut Pasha. Do you think that "There is no fear behind death... ...not even the smell of it" hasn't been taught to us? Weren't you the one who rescued me while I was trying... fall into the arms of death before your eyes today? Look at my eyes again now. What do you see? Hatred? Fear? What? What do you see? You stand before me with ten men and tell me I fear you? I pity you, Davut Pasha. It's the only thing that you can see in my eyes, nothing more. Why can't we talk privately Davut Pasha? You think you can provoke me. And then get yourself killed by me. I get it. You are not there yet. Open the door! My father used to say that some people were tested... ...with difficulties. Like Brother Filinta. Nobody could stop him yet from having the courage of... ...his own convictions. Nobody could get their teeth into him, we must be as brave as him. As my father used to say, neither the mountains... ...nor the flood can stand in the way of a faithful person. The children! The children! You animal, the children have escaped! You idiot! They've escaped! How come? Celal! How am I supposed to look Celal in the face! -They're chasing us. -Let's hide in there. You die if you escape again. Good morning. Good morning. How is her health? Better, thank God, much better. Have a seat. How are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Good. At least you should be fine. You got very tired. Was the medicine useful? It was actually. Actually? Leyla. I need your help with something. If there is something that I can help with. It's for a person who is resisting to talk. Is there any medicine that will prevent her from resisting? Well... Actually there isn't. All the medicine we have is for healing. I get it. But a compound such as that can be made. But it would be very dangerous for the person who takes it. Are you sure that we are at the right place? The bastard who killed two of our friends is inside. This man is like a snake. He is very dangerous. Be careful. There shall be no casualties. Kirimli, you go to the back. You, to the right. Mecit, you come with me. Come on, son! Don't move, you bastard! Be calm! On your knees! If we are going to play leapfrogging, you won! I've got a lot of spondulix! Get the spondulix, take wings, move! Do you think you can buy me with your money? The men that you killed had little babies! That's good! Take the spondulix and give them to the kids, make them happy! Bekri, say your last prayer! Let me pray but I am not sure if God would accept! Mecit, stop! I swear he accepted! What's going on? Mecit, what we do with him does not concern you. Son, they wanted us to capture him alive. Leave him, Mecit. Our elders know better. I hope you have something in mind, Mustafa. Boris Efendi? Boris Efendi! The coach is ready. What a nice coincidence! Anything we do is not a coincidence, Emir. My friends call me Boris Zaharyas. As the Supreme Mastered ordered. Then I will certainly call you that. The Supreme Master summoned you before him. You'll be comfortable here till my Pasha brothers arrive. There's no place like home, Snapshot Abdullah. Bekri Agha's favourite place is the place... ...that has a roof above it. Till you arrive, I will shave these hafizs... ...and put them in order. Stay calm, don't worry. I hope you don't forget to breathe till I come back. Don't you worry Abdullah Efendi, we will dote on this friend... ...till you come back. Thank you. This friend hasn't said a word since he came. You look like a chatterbox. You talked so well at this time of the night, Hafiz. Look, I have a marvelous voice, if I start singing... won't be able to shut my mouth till the morning. Let me make that clear! This is not the time for it. If I can not get my beauty sleep, I become tetchy. And when I am tetchy, I accidentally hurt people. If you slept for six months, 24 hours and 75 days... wouldn't be beautiful. Who the hell is this paragon of beauty, dude? If I were you, I'd take him seriously. I'll shut up. All right. There you are! DOLMABAHCE PALACE Unfortunately my Sultan, despite all our efforts... ...we couldn't find any clues. This incident is not that easy, Esat Pasha. The incident is international, we've learned that. On the other hand, your situation in this position. That's actually what we need to talk about. We will talk about your failure, Boris Zaharyas. My failure? If I have failed the Supreme Master. I am never going to apologize for it. Esat Pasha, during the time you have been in this position... ...your successes has made us proud. You have shown outstanding effort to pacify Dersaadet. And of course, with the help of Cadi Giyasettin Efendi. May God rest his soul, my Sultan. Amen. What I will ask of you is you to continue... ...your duty deservedly. As our Padishah approves. Open the doors! So, you are not going to apologize? No, because there can be hundreds of reasons for failure... ...Supreme Master. But no excuse can replace victory! The balance! If something in your life is out of balance... are probably making a wrong move. Last night, something happened that has never happened before. The leader of our military wing Padre did not die of natural causes... ..on his bed, he was killed by his enemy... an armed conflict. Enemy? And by your common enemy, by Filinta Mustafa! And one person from the Brotherhood was taken captive! What a wonderful success for the Ottoman!