Film Episode 10 TT The Students with Ron Contarsy

well we were up at the crack of dawn oh wait it's still the crack of dawn we were up at 3 a.m. hit the RV got on the road I think we went about 20 miles the wrong direction turned around all right so the two things I hit the most are probably waking up early and being cold so here we are at 4:00 in the morning and 40 degrees today we have Ron Qatar see on set with us set being the desert of Idaho he's gonna teach us how to do studio lighting out in the desert today when I was about 17 mr. Rahn quitarse did one of my first photo shoots and he's really great photographer but he's a little intimidating the makeup artist is laughing so here we are we're doing hair and makeup in the RV well M Emmys doing here and makeup and I'm gonna learn all of her new tricks I'm learning new tricks Emmy we're gonna have a beautiful day when the Sun pops up over these dunes it's gonna be glorious Ron is gonna be using my camera today and I promised him that I had everything I needed and how I get here and I'm missing all kinds of stuff and this is driving me crazy because I don't want to get you know that so today is Tanya and Tian being the student they brought in Ron to show them flash photography balancing that with the natural light I'm also really interested to learn that so I'm looking forward to it I'm kind of hoping I can learn it from inside the RV maybe just listening to some audio or watching with binoculars I'm not really having a go outside kind of day so we'll see how it was tee and I have never really been that into flash photography natural light is just just our thing but you know what I don't think that it would be fair not to keep learning and not to know how to do it if we ever needed to in a in a flash we get to flip it today and be the students over on mr. Kent RC he's going to guide us through the steps of what it takes to to use studio lighting on location we knew that ron was a perfect one to teach us because he is like a flash master Ron and he's awesome awesome he's got this down this is something that we wanted to learn for quite some time and we have a master of light out there and who's gonna really show us what's up we got to stay tuned in though because Ronald's quick and he's good and he wants us on our toes trust you me it's like a general in the army of photography setting up the computer right now so make sure it so we're gonna since we are shooting filled but we're gonna be as digital as a backup Canon 5d Mark 2 unit backup want to be high we wanted to be out here a little bit earlier but got a little bit of a late start but there are no problems only solution so we're gonna make it work we have hair and makeup and then as she gets ready you know and we see what the lighting is and how the Sun comes up we will move accordingly I'm very very improv I don't really I don't really I mean even if you turn on me to be kinky I don't know if you can record this but even the lighting on that back there I don't know if you're picking that but even though if you look house with quality with the landscape from this right here there's a shot right there as I see her come out of the trailer right object accordingly I shot here actually was out here around 12 years ago I was shooting for a modeling agency that was based out of Boise Idaho and was coming out here at least two three times a year believe it or not I feel good I'm ready to go yeah it's early animal hair people are waking up but this is this is a this is unusual I mean this is the type of thing that when you start doing more productions you get used to this type of routine and I think everybody's doing a great job considering this is not a part of the norm you know we're basically doing this on the fly the fact we have an RV that came out in the 1970s came from national national lampoon's vacation but it got us here so we're gonna make it work it was kind of a stressful morning couple things went wrong we didn't have some of the equipment got a little bit of a late start today it was wild and crazy but boy is that guy cracked the whip what I could not have gone wrong today everything went wrong like from the generator being forgotten to us going the wrong way in the RV to me losing all kinds of important things on the camera that ron was gonna use of mine Ron I think we have minimal power right now although I'm not exactly plugged into the steamer well we can have cord running through the window back the RV into somebody's SUV some sort of converted that I don't understand but hopefully it will not start an electrical fire and we'll all be fine and I think we have power running to the curling iron then - so we're powered up 15 pair black gloves hey guys we're on here for we gotta get this all organized they can win can we keep creaking guys we got to keep this place clean there because a clean ship is a happy ship and if it's all messed up it's out of control I'm out of control you don't see me out of control no giving out orders left and right you kind of have to you kind of have to wear but have some thick skin when you're working with Ron then we're testing our steamer and yeah let's unplug the curling iron beckon I mean we'll make it we'll make it work regardless yeah this is another thing man you guys you know everybody that generator not being here is major major mock-up I'm in Estes I mean everybody's just assuming that everybody has everybody it's done you should have a checklist and and when I get my chutes ready I put it all by the door you know and everybody's here sort of like peeled out west and very cool I mean I grew up in the West and I've been in the mountains but you know you got to change hats and when you're doing a production is you got to have everything you got to have everything to generator check Oh where's generator okay we don't have you everybody just assumed if it's granola guerrillas hey get this if you're gonna start doing this stuff you got to get out of that granola head you know he let us know that our Western hat was gonna have to come off and our eastern hat was going to come on so we could run the ship more efficiently and get the chute done a lens hood there's no way to get to it it was one bad thing after another hilarious it could not have happened at a more hilarious time with Ron like sergeant Ron barking orders boom boom boom boom boom he wants it done before you can ever even think about getting it done he wants it done all yesterday so what are we learning here gang we learn to make a checklist check it twice like santa claus maybe more times and getting so mad at everybody it was awesome but you know what it works for him 20 some-odd 30 some odd years working in production making beautiful pictures covers editorials i mean the man has he's like the Energizer Bunny he just keeps on going it was really funny actually but a little bit shameful it was like oh my god it's so embarrassing I have to say I think for some of the crew today was definitely a real like really far outside of their box his whole his style his way of doing things but the cool thing was Ron made the best of it that's the beautiful thing about the world isn't it that we all get to kind of choose our formulas and our methods and our perception and our the way we the way we go about doing things let me just get a new horizon turn that up there's several ways you can do you strove outside you can either overpower the existing light and really create a an environment where you have a couple lights firing but you really want to capture you want to capture environment and make it look a little bit surreal so what I asked ready to bring and you brought a real nice light here what is this this is the it's a it's an alien beast 1600 it's a lot of portable it's portable of a 22 inch beauty dish and to fire it off just we're gonna electronic slave here yep yeah I'd be perfect so what we're gonna do is that this is gonna be he's going to be mobile and we're gonna use the digital background or we would have had Polaroid but we need Dizzy's instead and we're gonna fire move the light he'll be able will be able to see where the light looks best and we're years ago when the a Polaroid you basically had to go off the Polaroid put it on your honor specially when it's cold on here you can warm it up make sure and then pull of and then you get a little bit of a scratch design we have a budget I mean I had and I went to the pro photos the d9 to suffer that but why I have a little equipment that works fine you know it's just it's not it's not what you tell you if it ever flashes you can work with it tools don't make the car Verner he's the carpenter because Aaron I was going to show you right now the like this is the perfect Apple we should have been out there we should have had two shots going right now we miss that really nice light so what we're gonna do is now the sun's gonna come up a little bit I just Suns up right now so what we're gonna do is we're gonna I'm gonna have open up and have a little lens flare so we're trying to figure out along with our generator bag it backed up that package studio partying right now because they got the day off so so we're figuring out a way to block the Sun from my my lens don't have the lunch a key elements blend shades me those so when he's just rigging up Allen shade now or these will be fine - or we got other ones so we got to food we got enough heaters here camera and Jolene so you guys are gonna part and work like this right here so basically then I'll tell you angle it just I don't know and I'll take you angle it this way exactly how you feeling kids okay you're cold or whatever okay now what you're gonna do see great I'm gonna have to actually sit away you can lean up against this thing create almost like a nice little lean okay but definitely no I'm gonna give it a warming treatment you know in fact I'm gonna go I'm gonna shoot mostly horizontal on everything because I can always do a vertical I'm dropping into the sides so it's always good you go more cinematic this way would this way we got the vertical top to bottom and we can always crop it on the sides smart thing to do and yeah you bring that right behind me there it's absolutely stunning okay let's uh coming around here try if do we have a broom in the in the van can we have a broom I just want to sweep some of this this area yeah I just want to smooth it out I love the little feet things you're doing and even like to try and do it natural itself looking down and just feel it okay I just want you to feel you're just hanging out I'm not necessarily here okay and I like that I like that like that's nice nice space right there pretty you're very calm you're not trying and I like that and I don't want you to try just be I'm ready to go gang this uh we have the broom yeah yeah yeah I love that perfect beautiful good open even open up the jacket just a little I love that yeah even little bit more honey even more like this and even put the hand like there yeah we want to see that detail on that good excellent kid beautiful don't look at the breeze I love that I love that in just your eyes like that do it again you did and head up a little bit more nice good good nice hon I like to turn the body this way nice i love that looking straight out there like after at the light don't move at all here we go I'm gonna shoot some film on this 80 at f10 480 at we can go no open up 80 just put that on to test go what's our next lens after this 65 do we have a 65 but is this what do we go yeah let me have a 65 oh yeah you know me right behind you the whole time justice business yeah that's the land that's it there you go yeah I like that nice and simple I like that there you go sorry here we go chin up to me nice I like that simple do it again chin up a little bit baby flip the hair back I love that don't move move nipple spot I love that eyes eyes over me now eyes like you're looking over my head nice there we go look at their like their good love that love that nice excellent hold on honey no beautiful boy just keep the head up baby that's a little bit off work at the reporter face nice tonight good work them up breathe don't forget to breathe nice here the whole Hill good beautiful I like it off camera that's it we're done get it warm good shot number one done good okay here we go guys here we go look at me you don't have to have the light just completely average you can fire it you look and just we're gonna turn it I went to get a sliver so basically we're here we're gonna take it we're gonna do and we're gonna the lights gonna go out there but we're still gonna get get some of that from out there too much I can train that the head out with a smaller head you can write lunch uh because this one oh that's 16 I have eight hundreds of won't put out as much power too much it worth it end of it okay this is Louis setting I can get it smaller yeah get smaller head we're getting on that I like this throwing off looking down like that nice love that love that right there beautiful you're injuring three we get a couple of though let me get a couple of those and even swing out a little bit more main lean lean lean lean lean close your eyes good look push you're gonna come in from over there right I love it now that you let it just go let me just go turn the bag we have the right side of the bag yeah I love that I love that it's not I mean on a camera the gunshots and I like actually some of those and when you put your hand and pop you don't push it and keep the code in front like this see the way it's opening up like that would you opening up like that off-camera though that's a big nice dude I see you like working with the flash and all that but but I'm still confused so will you tell us what what kind of settings you use on your camera and what the differences are and what kind of the flash actually does with this natural light well a lot of times in this type of situation are you okay back there wait look there if you look very carefully well here we have a barrier to Loon nudee bird that I would normally I would probably drag the shutter and I would use I would expose for the shadow area and let the highlights go the thing about using the flash is that you want to keep all the beautiful subtle day okay back there I want to keep all the beautiful subtlety of those values and you want to bring the light in the front so the flash allows you to expose for the ambient light which you would do normally and you pick up all this detail up in if I expose for her all this goes out strobes gonna allow me to have both best of both worlds okay awesome and so that so that stroke right there we're gonna bring it up high and it's gonna come down that's gonna actually kissed in here and pick up a little show but mostly Craig is gonna have the other we have the strobe on a very low power so it's gonna come through here and that's why I put her back here because we've got a path we'll pick up some of those shadows but we don't mind those Rachel's doing an amazing job she's really good so but if you notice be talking more you give him more call over their head gets really big and they'll block out the light are you using the digital mostly to warm her up but also where we don't have the Polaroids over just to get the lighting balance yeah okay but I'm enjoying the film tremendously and what are your settings on the setting right now well I'm at 160 a 13th and this is 400 and safe film I'm grading the film at 320 what kind of film are we sitting with Fuji and pH hey Ryan Muirhead here with a quick film tip for you before you load any of your film you're gonna want to open it up and make sure that they rolled it correctly make sure all the films in there good level well the paper paper backing is on smooth and you can just rewind and you're ready to shoot it's just important to check each time so that you don't have any mishaps while shooting the morning now well there it is there it is thank you perfect shake they're back watching Ron work was interesting I think it was a little bit different than I expected even though I'm not sure entirely what I did expect it's a blistering cold and the wind was gusting and there probably were a lot of reasons to kind of you know I don't not give up but to not give as much but he got it out of them he definitely has a different way of operating than most of the photographers I'm used to being around I also admire the way that he does get involved with the Wardrobe and the hair and the makeup and he's not one of those photographers that just sits back and lets let's his crew do what they want then he pushes the button he's fully involved from from the beginning of the vision to the end he has no problems getting in there and moving a jacket or pushing the hair the way he wants it I think photographers should really look at that he utilized a really simple setup today with some direct flash right behind the camera onto the subject shooting with a pretty deep stop to retain a lot of the information in crisp focus maintained a pretty straightforward shooting style it was really fun to see how how unique every photography style is and how different different photographers do it this is gonna be like a giant hat on you I'm gonna get up on the ladder bring the camera can we have the steps tour here guys good you're killing it love that yeah like it what happened to our virtues okay yeah 116 turn your body turn your bodies turn your body turn yeah turn turn turn turn turn turn away turn away from me chin up a little bit more the other way other way other way the other way other way go go go go go go okay right this one cute last shot here okay we're gonna have you come over here off this Rach thank you you're gonna go straight there hold it that's gorgeous I like your hand just who you are don't worry about the dress well you have a team here we'll take care of you okay bring your head a little bit over all right I'm just gonna place it yeah hold on here no Matthew I like that pulls down again here yeah look where you're pulling it looks like your point just so beautiful I'm really glad that he chose that location and every which way you turn there was a beautiful picture definitely a Rachel did an amazing job you know personally I don't know if I'll ever use flash in in the natural daylight it it has its own look I loved I mean I was dying because there was this gorgeous natural light and I wish I had my camera today that was fun it was really fun he is a riot he is right how did you feel about shooting with him I know he got was a little hard on you a couple times yeah he was very touchy and very expressive I liked watching you transform from the beginning of the day to the end of the day like whatever he did worked because by the end of the day you were just like wardrobe worked fantastic with the location yeah yeah color palette have so complementary I just loved it yeah those girls did a fantastic job so we use some artificial light how do you guys feel about that see I mean I kind of thought here's the truth it's hard to break out from what you see and what you're used to yeah so I mean because with the naked eye it looks beautiful just the way it is right yeah so I guess adding this I mean we're gonna be able to see more as we as we see the pictures yeah I guess it's just going to basically you know give her everything a little bit more shine that's the way I pop a little more pop yeah personally I just wouldn't want to lug all that stuff around it seems like a lot so far that still seems to be what I feel to like this but I am anxious to see how it looks yeah definitely I'm really I do know bronze work looks beautiful always and he doesn't know what the heck he's doing I guess you know there we go we could leave we could leave it to the master he is the master I learned hot Jack with him because he you learned that the minute you hand that camera over it better be on the right setting yeah because I learned that like I learned to be a better assistant mm-hmm it was my first time so and I do have to say that you I mean like from the beginning of the day it's the end of the day you go you definitely you know he is one of those guys he's not gonna let up he just doesn't let up he he has energy from the moment he wakes up to the moment he crashes like he's just he's not gonna let you get off the hook so I guess as a model working with Ronald you got it you have no choice all right he's kind of brutal when you're not yet but when you get it he's got some good really some love for you I'll back up oh yeah good job yeah fun fun yeah a really nice time excellent great crew thank you everybody thank you thank you so I'd like I have a question Ron and how did it feel just to shoot the Mamiya I loved it again I loved it it's a really heavy camera but when you get this camera and you have the full you have the full wine deer eye on the rapid wine and the grip it's a great it's the best camera out there I think mom how did you have how did you feel working with Rachel today Rachel was absolutely amazing yeah she has experience and it showed they have this this face and this coloring and and - I haven't even had a drink today and she looks like Angelina Jolie yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be Ron I'm gonna I'm definitely gonna send it a Paris into New York and see what all film was provided by fuji film and a special thanks to Richard photo lab for processing all images in this episode like the music special thanks to triple scoop music frame network giveaways are brought to you by B and H head to give away stop frame for your chance to win find out more about the acromial used in this episode on frame 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