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we're doing the creepy creepy creepy episode today we're gonna be hanging out in an old abandoned Penitentiary today is going to be so awesome yawns back we have a fantastic location the old pen we're going to base our shoot today off the story of the Idaho's most prolific serial killer a woman who killed her husbands and her kids other members of her family hi I've been in an old prison before that was abandoned I've been to Alcatraz and I've been to another one and you know what they make for really beautiful photographs to be honest all this concrete and dim light that comes through and so as creepy as it is there's going to be I think a really beautiful element to it I mean it looks great it's old has amazing lights I hope that it's on the pictures and it would be really something special something you don't chew in every day we have two amazing models I'm so amazed that we will be able to see and also I get to shoot a model that I wanted to shoot for a couple of years now Ryan's excited today I'm excited for him so we have two models today and they're actually quite lovely and beautiful I'm going to probably tone that down a little bit and make little more eerie and dusty and creepy so I think the styling is pretty important today to pull this off it can't be too pretty but you know if you still want your breath taken away they're so beautiful that no matter what I do to them I'm sure that their their beauty is going to come through and they're just going to be perfect for this so maybe while Ryan's shooting one I'll get to shoot the other one hopefully I'm going to cross my fingers because then we have beyond in the mix today which you know that's like three people who all want to shoot really really bad we had sessions where I was teaching Ryan he doesn't need any seating but we were we had a session on that and we were we were doing some some other things together but now today we're actually have the chance to go out and shoot like freewheeling and we have a great location it's a penitential airy facility here in Boise Idaho everything really came together today beautiful location amazing model I'm sure the styling is going to be fantastic cool story good friends I'm not one of my favorite photographers everything's perfect for today and I can't wait to get out and make some amazing images tea has chosen some pieces that are you know sort of maybe like Bridal s because they call her like the Black Widow something about it I'm excited for you this is your big shoe which is awesome and we have yon back in the house no pun intended back in the big house yes back in MIT we have our beautiful models Jennifer who is also a film photographer whoo Jen and then we have the beautiful Rachel here today who's gorgeous and she's all the way from New York to be with us today boo boo and tia is going to tell us a little bit about styling so you know I guess the story goes that this prison here used to be a maximum-security prison for men and women I personally love like see scary you know old decrepit and from the stories we've been hearing about this prison uh I cannot wait to get to like see it and maybe experience some of the creepiness there's the story of a woman that was in lockdown there years and years and years and years ago and she was a creepy creepy gal and so we're sort of inspired by this and we're going to we're gonna play off of that today she's like a woman's serial killer I think I'm gonna style the girls kygo sleeps so kind of like when we get there the ghost of this woman is there waiting for us waiting for her close-up it's kind of like a little bit of a Bridal thing like going on in there because she kept marrying him and killing him take the money as I can I can't wait and then we have Tia for styling and makeup this will be like the perfect thing but the the Sammy sound so we have probably nice light falling through the windows um yeah not much can go wrong I would say these girls are beautiful and I'm gonna play that down today we're gonna we're not we're not this is not a beauty shoot it's just more ghostly and telling a story so the styling I'm going to go a little bit with the era of the of the of the dresses but as far as their makeup goes it's it's probably going to be very minimal if any at all so um you know it'll I don't know what I'm gonna say next but well we've got a limited time we got two hours to shoot inside and we're gonna make the absolute most of it so let's go do this let's go what hut two three four hut exactly no hands and since we're in the prison we're going for kind of a ghostly vibe I thought it might be fun to do some double exposure Polaroids the Polaroids are already inherently kind of dreamy and when you double expose them they just get this like translucent glowy feel so we're going to do one right now and then we'll pull it and show you what it looks like perfect thanks okay so if you'll just turn your host is a tiny like that music right back yeah did you light into the camera right there also I did a pack of Polaroids today that is just some of the best I've ever done so I played around with some double and triple exposures and just I don't know everything worked today awesome now if you'll just step out we'll do that exact same shot I just did just focusing on the background all right and it'll take like three minutes so if you just want to cut back in we'll see it when it's done we can anymore it's been about three minutes since we shot our Polaroid so we're about to pull it you want to do the honors okay there we go you want to hold it up they can see it so the way I did this shot was a metered her face at the correct ISO I overexposed it by a half stop took the pitcher had her step out shot it at the exact same exposure again so like half of the images her face and half of the image is the wall so it makes her skin about 50 percent see-through that's how you do that you so this morning I couldn't find my light meter which stresses me out but uh the context has a spot meter in it and that's how Tanya meters and her works always properly exposed so I had her show me how she did that I just switched my contacts to spot metering got him close metered the skin adjusted the exposure from there I'm once you've shot enough and enough situations of light you know about what the exposure is so when you can use something to verify that and just double check it I still felt totally confident resist it step away you are one two three open I stood with them keep them closed opposite okay Jennifer and I have picked our first location we're here at one of the cell blocks there's some amazing light some amazing colors inside so we're gonna go in and start shooting here we go hey awesome uh so right there wow that's just incredible that is pretty amazing okay so I'm gonna meet ru great teacher that's exactly you can say I'm kinda static right there get a beautiful profile in that same thing just kind of looking down maybe like this much just I can see your eyes Wow to the wall back Wow I love that fabric really awesome No in this corner summer yeah it's right back Winkle and yeah just perfect gift especially for that just like whoa awesome let's go - uh-oh awesome so the shuttle I have dirty is the floor we're going to be okay you're just explaining one of the shots we set up this prison has such amazing reflected light and the blues and greens of the paint colors are just going to work phenomenal with Fuji 400h because that's its strong soon as its blues and greens on jennifer is patiently freezing for me but we're getting some beautiful images we just have this beautiful beautiful open light coming from the door it's a strong source so you can see that it's quite illuminated but I and also have some pretty quick fall off so if you can turn your headlight back this way you can get some really nice harsh shadows on the other side when I'm shooting portraits I like to look for compositional elements to make them a little bit more interesting so we have this kind of white square on the wall so I'm just positioning her to use the square in the composition in a couple different place so we're going to grab a couple of shots like that and then we'll move on to something else cool so if I can be that's actually really pretty hey you were standing with your shoulder tried just right there that's actually perfect perfect you the only thing I regretted about inside the penitentiary was because we were on such a tight time restraints I only got hmm maybe a tenth of the pictures that I saw in my head okay so exactly the same thing for okay just go out slide over right there okay so remember everything's against the wall and there's a lot of everything in your elbows there's that tension in your hands this time do it like this like on like that so your bigness yes feel that there's a little difference there like that he gave me my time and it was so awesome thank you right look that direction just your face OOP keep going mmm don't move now it's not dreamy or sweet it's hard put your feet right side by side right next to each other one two three look down at your feet hands again that chin keep the back keep everything else too straight keep the hips going forward Rachel just look at me creeped me out with your eyes bring your chin up to the light I want to see your eyes quick yes that was pretty do that again one two ooh beautiful reso tighten it up right now tighten it chin down down down down down down fire to me one yes don't be afraid of light don't be afraid of direct light it's beautiful just you know expose correctly for it like I was I had I think my exposure had switched without me realizing it so that's why I just shot a couple more just to make sure but um but yeah don't be afraid of the light Rachel right here yes face up to me creeped me out with your eyes in the Sun yeah hold that chin goes out oh oh look ooh Elsie hold on you you you you turn your face a bit more to the moon just like someone's making a face motor give more is more in a bit low do that again that's good yeah and now you just look so much so what we're doing right here is it's pretty dark again we have dark wall so the dark green and that will put on the film will be really a nice background because she will really pop out with their white clothes and the fair complexion and I put it in front of this window because then even this effect is further emphasized so she's really standing in the light is really shining and another nice thing we're having here we're having some backlighting from back there so you have like some really three-dimensional look to the mall because you have light from different directions of flat but the the like is the impression that it looks really nice and three-dimensional and for the posing and everything we try to keep it a bit within this setting so this prison setting bit yeah but sober but some saw was not the work bit dark and moody and so forth the other thing it was because we were really eager to get shooting and today was really the day what we could do it I was interesting to see as well that I think all of us were so eager to food that we cannot let go so once we're in in the soil of the state of mind of shooting you really have to take the camera away from us otherwise you will not stop how so tourists coming don't yelling I'm yelling at you not the man yelling you is a trick that look at your and we did some outdoor shots as well also Quizzle with some quite funky colors which everything very faint colors but they all blended beautifully and to each other today was fantastic probably my favorite day yet the location was spectacular sometimes you see the photos and you think it's going to be good but you don't really know we got there and the light was just gorgeous it had these blues and green tones which the Fuji 400h just excels at capturing oh that was beautifully eerie right the location was what's really fantastic two great models style styling was again marvelous I wish I would have this kind of styling that Tia does and back and Brussels up would be just amazing well Ryan how'd it go today was awesome we had such an incredible location amazing models the styling fit the mood of the story we're trying to capture perfectly awesome yeah how'd it go for you guys it was great like I said everything was perfect just like four hours more time and we'll do great yeah for me it hurt it was like going into one of those stores we can't afford anything and it just hurts right here that's how it felt for me we had a lot of different kinds of light we had soft beautiful light we had some really directional light and as soon as Yun and Tania and I walked in there it was just like whoa the pictures are just everywhere I mean we just wanted to shoot all over so how perfectly did that all come together that prison and those girls those dresses and I have to say I'm very proud of those hairdos like the penitentiary it was so creepy and awesome so I want to keep shooting actually I think I almost haven't got it you want to do more and more and more I think all that would have made it better was having two of Gen and two of Rachel ha ha some speaking of Gen and Rachel girls go where the models were fantastic Rachel came in from Arizona Jennifer came in from Portland and they both just did phenomenal I seriously really hope I get to work with both of them again as I get this interesting mixture of innocence but like with sparks off off I don't know being sexy so it's like a really interesting mix that comes together they both had unique eyes unique face shapes fantastic expressions really natural posing Jennifer was amazing Jennifer was on my to-do list of my most wanted list Simpson some time already but of course it's he's from Portland and I'm from Yerba it would never happen so that's great that we got to shoot together but also Rachel Rachel was amazing both of them were so easy they fell into the poses so naturally and the expression so naturally and the Alpha Rachel I love red hair and freckles and all that came together you guys worked in quick succession with three different people was that confusing or fun no I thought it was really fun like it wasn't really offsetting or anything like having all the different styles was kind of an exercise but really really enjoyable what do you think I thought the same thing each photographer had their own way of directing us and by that I think everyone got different shots and I think that's what makes it unique awesome the way that T is styled the models was just like perfect for that environment and the way the light was coming through it was killing me and just in love with the idea of no makeup I mean I basically put a teeny tiny little bit of like that that was it what about you T I was just too absolutely pleased with the choices of girls on the location and how they fit the vibe and the dresses and the and the fact that you guys are getting more time to shoot today that makes me happy because you guys are happy you know I didn't actually want to watch either Yan or Ryan shoot because it's so many pictures in my head and I didn't want to corrupt them so I just like so ii sat outside and waited and was crossing my fingers and hoping that ryan would actually give me some time to shoot the models we only had two hours in there it was just so easy it was just one of those days where every piece is functioning and the shoot is just almost effortless as a photographer once we all I think it's all for all of us once you get into your shooting routine you forget what's left and right and there could be people or not it doesn't really imagine you're always doing your the best you can to you know make the best of any given circumstances but the special days where everything is just perfect are so amazing yeah I think the key to some good makeup artistry sometimes is knowing when not to put the makeup on this is my favorite kind of styling - like I love minimalistic a slightly time period it's just yeah perfect so good yeah blessed go team a really spectacular day I love the styling just that when you have people that are that unique looking and dramatic and talented keeping it simple is so often just the best approach because you don't want it you're not trying to take away from what they're bringing if you have an inexperienced model that could have a effect on her if you might get nervous you might not be so um the flexible flexible and then easygoing but none of them were and so yeah there could have been 50 people in the background I think that wouldn't have had any difference I'm absolutely not the studio guy and why I love locations and especially occasions like that because it helps you get in the mood even if sometimes you take a portrait and you're really close in and could have been taken anywhere it still helps to get convey the mood of this location and it helps your your pictures if you would have taken that somewhere I don't know in a studio I don't think you will get the same kind of atmosphere just like in the models expression I feel so blessed that it all worked out for Ryan that we got to get her out here and and it was just amazed so all in our great day yes I know we'll remember the food for sure and I'm hoping we'll have some really great images all in all today was about as good as it can get yeah this was just a different different kind of shoot and I think we told our story I do so yeah go out and tell your story all film was provided by Fujifilm and a special thanks to Richard photo lab for processing all images in this episode like the music special thanks to triple scoop music frame Network giveaways are brought to you by B and H head to giveaway stop frame for your chance to win find out more about the equipment used in this episode on frame network comm