Final battle dozens of enemies are besieged and killed by 4 Chinese soldiers!Cheetah soldier 35

Hold it. Yano. Mieko. You two better retreat now. Go and report to Commander Miyamoto. Tell him it's not good here, ask for reinforcements. Go! Now! -Yes, sir. -Yes, sir. Xiang'er. Biaozi. You guys take down the two of them. Yingzi and me stay. We'll deal with Atasaka. But, cap... Stop it. Hurry up, go! -Sure. -Sure. Go. Flunky Jap! Go the hell! Mieko, there's no good for us keep fighting like this. I'll cover you. You just go and report to Commander Miyamoto, and ask for reinforcements. No, it would put you in more danger. Just go, take orders. Yes, sir. Even if I take you with me down to the hell, you never think it to leave the Ghost Valley Mountain today. Atasaka Ryuichi! I'm fucking telling you, this is the territory of China. You take your army coming to China, it's invasion! I'll let you to die here today! Flunky Jap! This place will be your grave. Cap, are you all right? I'm all right. We took down Ishihara. And we killed Yano. We've destroyed all the Japs outside. Good job, guys! The reinforcements of the enemy is on the way. Let's take all the antiques and retreat now! Yes, sir.