Fire Safety Top 10 tips to keep you safe at home

we want you to enjoy living in your home and to stay safe and well every year hundreds of people in worcestershire face the horror of a fire in their home we want to share 10 top tips and common-sense advice to make sure you are not one of them number one never leave a lit candle unattended make sure that it is in a proper holder and away from any material which may catch fire number two when cooking never leave a pan unattended especially of cooking with oil clean pans and grills regularly to avoid grease or fat from Catching Fire if overheated number three turn off your grill of them or hob when you have finished cooking and make sure there are no hazards such as tea towels left near hot surfaces number four never overload plug sockets or extension cables and do not run cables under carpets or rugs as this causes them to overheat number five check electrical appliances regularly to make sure that cables are not split or broken and there are no signs of burns or heat damage number six unplug electrical items especially phone or portable device charges when not in use except those which are designed to fail such as a fridge or freezer number seven if an electrical appliance such as a kettle toaster iron or microwave stops working properly unplug it and stop using it it could easily overheat or give you a shock number eight when using a tumble dryer clean the lint filter regularly and never leave it running when you are not at home number nine if you are using a portable fan heater make sure that it is in a cliff space and not likely to come into contact with any material such as clothing paper or plastic which could overheat and ignite a number 10 if you smoke make sure that you put out the cigarette carefully pay special attention if you retired and take a medication or used alcohol many fires are caused when lit cigarettes fall out of a smokers hand when they are fallen asleep test your smoke alarm regularly if you have a battery operated a lot why not change the battery when the clocks change if a fire does start when you're in your home do not try to tackle it yourself dial 999 for the fire service your priority is to get everyone out as quickly as possible have an escape route planned in advance the best route is your normal way in and out of your home but consider an alternative if this becomes blocked make sure that everyone in your household knows what the escape route is stay clear and do not enter the building unless the firefighters tell you it is safe to do so we hope that this never happens to you if you are worried about safety in your home talk to your neighborhood housing team who will be able to give you advice or put you in touch with the appropriate service