First Person Zombie Romance Film 7800萬點閱業配活屍片

The violence is spreading aggressively Even our building has been encircled Take my daughter with you Get in the car Thank you for saving me My name is QinQin , what about you Call me YeKon , I'm a YouTuber Can you subscribe my channel ? O...K..... I guess I'm ending my life without kissing a girl even once in my lifetime Hello , Dad Do you want to have dinner with us tonight ? I don't think so... Dad, I wanna ask you What would you do if you come across zombies There is a gun in the back of my car Hurry up ! Let's go Are you ok ? I'm fine Behind you Sorry , it's yours Sorry , I didn't mean to do that Anyway, shouldn't we probably get a car somewhere? I know a cheap second hand car retailer Let's hurry Hurry I want this one No problem ! The total is 299,913 NTD But the prize is 190,000 on your website Website is website, we also have management fee warranty fee and whatnot Please we're begging you, we only have this much money Okay I can get you the one outside That's already below my bottom line I can't open the door I think the engine's stalled out I don't think I can last any longer Sorry, I shouldn't have carelessly bought a second hand car You said.. You haven't kissed a girl before right? Are you not running away? I'll stay here with you I think It's quite romantic like this too