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[Music] [Music] Guadalcanal September 1942 the war is young but the Marines hanging on to their narrow perimeter are old beyond their years reinforcements have not yet arrived food and ammunition are running short the outlook grim hey Sarge Gunny coming head Carnival wouldn't you know ok Shanghai couldn't be better hey yeah I brought you some more grenades comes from my mother's side of the family need anything else cold beer hot Dame shower I'm sorry I did promote a gallon of sake though we cannot get off when you get back good this could be a bitch for gunnery sergeant did you string wire out there yes grandma and a hunk of some ration tends to and few grenades they come we'll hear him if they come they got a battalion at least have you better holiday you get overrun why you had tail it back we'll look out for you 500 yards through an unfriendly neighborhood at night well yell like hell I'll let you through might be a long night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] get yourself out of time last night sergeant sir I say you had your hands full yes sir well we're pretty hard to miss yeah I'm sorry sir I'm not hearing too well that's understandable you get a fine job sir so today [Music] now I suggest you going back don't get yourself some about Chow on coffee [Music] that's the end of it well lasted quite a spell we must be getting old they're smart it's like furniture polish no one's got a gun to your head where I was the only game in town sergeant canal what's your trouble colonel basement once your dates cue they said to bring your gear what gear bye excuse me I'm just telling you what they said well are you totally now why not shove off you know something no no I caught me flat listen you get your gear on I'll walk you over there listen I don't know a thing I'm just a gunnery sergeant right here you know all the dope before happens you really want to keep the beast waiting here and I'd suggest one here okay yeah that's fine swell okay I kind of wanted to see me yeah Eddie's is I just having a little hair clip here you know I hate it when that white fur starts to spread out that's a problem apparently you're not going to be trouble with us here how long you been in a chloride sergeant a little over seven years yeah 30 oh man huh if I'm lucky you know sergeant this this war has been real tough on my platoon leaders I'm short for them right now so come on in lieutenant sir I just made a second lieutenant out of you I know I said come down from Petone sergeant but then we all have to make sacrifices it's official the papers are on their way from Division it's all the same to the colonel I wouldn't want to leave my outfit you see what you want and what I want have very little to do with it jack now this war just getting started a lot of people or should we say some of the people back in the states haven't the slightest comprehension as to what it's all about now Washington headquarters held the War Department would like some way somehow to enlighten those people one week from today you were being given the Congressional Medal of Honor in Washington they're going to hang a medal around your neck butch in a cage shipped around the country and let the defense workers have a peek at a real live hero how's that strike you damn it colonel lunch is not that kind I'm major would you help him put on those bars I I hate a man who's out of uniform [Music] that sake makes you dress backwards got my leggings on wrong those look good on you let me be the first knock it off louse you know about it all the time I've heard a little scuttlebutt oh man the state you realize how many lonesome dames are are back there yeah yeah well I'll try and find out let you know good give me much of a choice you need your choice you got it made just get used to the stinking place you'll get used to Washington force yourselves they go yeah yeah we'll look it on to me pretty quick I'll be back you keep your head down here ain't no one gonna beat me out of my beer Asian coffee sir [Music] as submitted by your commanding officer Colonel basement and recommended to the Congress of the United States and approved by them it is with the greatest pleasure that I present to you this medal the nation's highest honor which you have earned through your distinguished service to your country Thank You mr. president lieutenant gentlemen I assure you that this is one ceremony that I enjoy profoundly and if fala doesn't seem to echo my sentiments it's only because he's scotch and taciturn now I'll release you to the press with a word of warning sometimes they're harder to face than the enemy [Music] they just flew in and they are tired you can have all your personal interviews later a right at this time they would like me to say something on their behalf and that is that they are unhappy to be leaving their units but quite naturally they're glad to be back home just tell us why they brought him home War Department Dreaming out so yeah they going back to combat not now they've had their share of the fighting they're going to be turning the country for the Treasury Department selling Warbucks come on come on Jack what you support what's good to be home I'm just glad to be home [Music] you think that at least has some danger the welcoming committee be plenty on tour yeah but what am I gonna do about tonight Oh gentlemen glad to see you're all ready I have your attention please you've got it my name is Peggy Sandford I'll be with you on the tour in charge of schedules hotel reservations appearances that sort of thing sort of a non-commissioned flunky any questions yeah I got one what are you doing tonight sleeping lieutenant the same as you you'll be tired we're flying to Pittsburgh this afternoon and then to Detroit in Chicago thank you Perry you're copies of the schedule any more questions about the tour no fine then we'll assemble downstairs in the main lobby at 1200 hours your luggage has already been processed thank you and I'll be seeing you later good-looking check not bad she shot you down pretty fast any time Old Navy sane I have not yet begun the fight yeah well I don't think she's your tank maybe yours could be 50 bucks on the guy she goes for you're on you better pay me now unless of course the young lady is fresh out of patriotism hedging already huh would you like to make it 100 go 50 suits me fine thank you sir what somewhere Ola not sure night happy landing myself you look so lonely perhaps I could you if you really want to make me go back to your own seat I know why you thought that Dad No Deal did you get the building better on me believe me lieutenant I do know better okay goodbye things I'm American she is professionally just okay lover you try kicked I'm scared no it's what I can say yeah careful [Music] hey that's up first class nothing but the best for our boys in uniform glad you feel that way but just call me check just call me miss Sanford that's B all worked in Pittsburgh they're sending you out there to sell war bonds all work and no play makes Jack a washout man gave me a little fun haven't you heard there's a war on okay people shooting at each other everything like that how about dinner to me oh very well they're down at the hotel all of us [Music] I don't want your fifty tens or five a lot of people together well they could do almost anything you can do it keep I wore balls and now that fighting marine the hero of Guadalcanal the pride of the Corps Shanghai Jack Canal [Music] [Applause] [Music] well I don't know I I got some notes here I'm supposed to read from them take the truth I'm too scared to read it [Music] [Applause] [Music] I've been wanting to tell you that was a good talk today they liked it put someone up on me no really it was almost professional that part about being scared I was scared well you managed to hide it pretty well I had a lot of things pretty well why don't we talk about it over dinner tonight I don't cherry coke you're persistent yeah oh that's the first thing they teach us in bootcamp concentrate on the objective well maybe some other time I can't add much to what the others are said [Music] Jack Matt percent Ruby the Riveter rosie the riveter two little girls doing their off with this great country of ours in this noble mighty men ladies which other Jack canal hey what are you doing getting dressed about the time I never sufficient don't be late it's great okay look it's probably the worst in San Francisco but the drinks are not big tonight maybe tomorrow no bar will be in Seattle you don't strike when the iron's hot then we're gonna get two hot irons in this search me tonight I got plans oh come on okay girls your career down the wall walls a long wait is one for the really negative negative come on we're going on an operation together okay I'll bring my own booze hey I'm across the hall just in case look I don't want you get the wrong impression but you're the only girls I've ever had my room well you come in a min thank you thought we'd have a little drink well you thought wrong in fact you couldn't have thought more wrong come on now one little drink isn't good I agree completely so why don't you go have your little drink with lieutenant Oberman and his latest I'd rather stay here I'm sorry lieutenant I'm just not your time if you think those little butterflies on the Holloway the young animals don't go find a girl in how old kind of Dame are you anyway I'm not that hard to take you like me I know you do you don't know anything about me now you're young human don't tell me you've never been kissed before not strong on big-headed love who thinks a medal on his chest gives him the right to grab by some sweet-talking ow that could played it safer No by the finest man I ever met had you up pretty good what he used for bait something you wouldn't understand a ring and a promise No [Music] just because one guy turned out to be a louse [Music] it was an ensign on the Arizona killed at Pearl Harbor I'm sorry [Music] behold the one that didn't get away are you still working on that man didn't even get the bottle of honey he's all yours again you're mine [Music] daddy G won't ilex welliton Sables close with Paris lanes dad you want to get the best for me [Music] here's an amazing revelation with even assumed innovation I'd be great sensation I'd be your inspiration daddy I want a brand new color champagne Gaby Oh daddy daddy you want to get the best early [Music] hey what a dance I'm a real good dancer I don't know it's kind of crowded hey what's with you anyway poison that's you baby me poison sir [Music] I've been wanting to tell you something for days I guess I'm sorry yes can get us it up thank you I think we have things to say to each other well why don't we have dinner oh I don't know it's gonna be a long day in Los Angeles Lockheed Douglas the shipyards you still have to eat well you're very nice to worry about my health I'm just suggested a nightclub and some dancing come on I know yourself that much you really are the most persistent man no percentage including all right but no nightclub dinner no movie okay [Music] just that just got no strength of character at all you you [Music] [Applause] it's a beautiful song but sad too like the movie why does everything beautiful have to be sad doesn't I was just wondering who you are really what were you before would you say would you think no question Lu gets you to go for trying to guess guess what why there hasn't been anybody sincere since the Arizona you can say it I'm offered well it I won't let it happen again what are you scared of men who might die tomorrow of things that have to end before they start what else is it what do you want Oh a nice dollar-a-year man maybe or reasonably intact hora somebody say try me I bet the war isn't over it is for me I'm non-combatant for the duration of label hero handle with care you never know what might happen tomorrow I know it's happening right now tonight to us don't please [Music] there's something else you learn in the code by the way [Music] oh yeah tonight ah yes want to come in for a nightcap he twisted my arm [Music] it just happens I keep a bottle for midnight visitors [Music] for midgets you're lucky I got business names from the tray [Music] you're like a chemist [Music] there's looking at you [Music] no weather I told you this matters it against regulations you don't mean it's just all this all this what you want me there sure I do but that's not enough I don't have anything else you should do you got everything I want everything I need Vicky I love you I want you to marry me [Music] I'm afraid you don't have to be that's what I'm trying to tell you I'm here I'll always be here love me baby love me like I love you I do that's why I'm afraid [Music] oh you've been back [Music] [Applause] [Music] how long go on like it over you get back [Music] what's that Marine headquarters Jack orders I guess couldn't last forever they might want to keep you here in New York it's good duty but it's not permanent proceeded by your own transportation to Camp Pendleton better report the colonel eej basement he's my old co commanding officer 1st infantry training regimen for further assignment what will you be doing training troops for the sweet marine force I guess it won't be shipped out thanks cuz she stateside job I read him it's your baby from now on we're garrison troops Hey okay little house you know nothing much a duplex or something with any luck right on a base you'll love it I know you were big I love you I love you so much if anything ever happened to you that's a day you know tomorrow about any day you can name it'll tell it canal it's good to see you colonel welcome to Camp Pendleton thank you sir you're looking fit healthy yes sir merry life must agree with you yes sir you and your wife all situated like bees and clover good good then we can put your ID to work colonel oh how are things when you left with the outfit I mean well ruff actually the men are exhausted the army finally came in and relieved them and then they were all sent down to New Zealand for a rest she happened to see had carnival I didn't happen I made it a point to he said to tell you to get your tail back down there you know he's having a little problem he's trying to drink up all that sake by himself he's a good marine the best that is they'll all be on deck the next time we had a beach they don't miss much do they would you like to be back with him me no I'm happy married I should have lit for trouble I suppose some of us never get over it well I'm looking forward to meeting your wife your life says she's a wonderful girl and I'd rather you just let me make up my own mind about that huh what about the two of you having dinner with me at the club tonight we'll consider that an order all 1,900 will be on deck very good [Music] yesterday morning that was a particularly good group I'm sure his opinion about it I think I'd be like such a civilian worse for me I'm still a sergeant at her my wife was i right well report received and verified he said you were pretty welcome aboard thank you let me present you now two gentlemen ladies lieutenant and this canal acquainted that's our table is right over here excuse me thank you this is sir a pretty girl right here in the middle shall we thank you now how would you like to drink I recommend the bourbon or rum because bourbon drums all with God's word but it's fine and beg I'll have bourbon and water three Bourbons water I'm curious about all this this public Heroes stuff you but gonna just a toy they take a right in stride huh tell you the truth current lamps kind of scared at first but I figured if that's what they wanted it really did sell a lot of bonds yeah I know anything for a white boys missus canal what he did was very important you know I used to be a nice big thick skin sergeant now he said damn movie pictured star well I suppose you can get used to anything colonel even training boots well now don't don't minimize a low rate your job here Jack because it's very important the training of men here also his bond you saw wouldn't be with much and now you'll have to route him out early in the morning he's supposed to be with his group bio 600 oh you don't waste much time are you married girl yes yes I married my wife is in Virginia and point of code don't you approve of officers having their wives with them well I I approve you I think that I think that you will be a big help to a new marine life and a new marine job success to both [Music] morning sir Emily sergeant Slater morning Jenna canal this is lieutenant [Music] fill me in such I thought when we move down the hill pick out of position and dig a fighting hole on their own good grenade sup very good diet a dame that to marine [Music] [Music] dear it you wouldn't believe the job I've been turning out troops for the FMF taking raw boots and trying to make them into Marines in six weeks it's no cinch but we do the best we can but I'm not complaining you guys get the short end of the stick you have to take what we send and put your life in our hands leaveme we'd like to do more with them but we don't have the time the only thing I can promise you this group will know their weapons and the fundamentals I sure wish you could meet Peggy she's got but this is kind of personal with you personally all right time to move out [Music] oh you've been climbing hills again show when you kiss me like that I run the course again [Music] no that's the old shanghai jack how'd it go today we shipped out another batch this morning more coming in this afternoon yeah just kids does I feel like the guy at the slaughterhouse just poking them along the shoot somebody has to get them ready I suppose the man thought it might pick you up it's a nice surprise [Music] anything wrong looks like I was saying the kids are good they try real hard by the time we teach them how to stay alive a lot of them art what we need are some of you rear echelon commandos tell me more about that soft deal you've got I could use a little of that or just an increase in my be rationed he never did get enough beer we used to match for it he sends its best to you you gonna like him thing not if he starts giving you ideas what ideas Jack you wouldn't volunteer volunteer for a change in assignment for combat duty honey I'm a good marine I don't volunteer for anything I'm a nice fat cat with a storybook wife I'm not gonna dump over any apple carts it'll be back to base in 30 minutes [Music] you sent a runner to remind me Oh Colonel we were just having lunch won't you come in I think Jack might rather be alone with you I just got the latest casualty reports at conovan on Bougainville two days ago no I I just got a letter what just now unfortunately sometimes that's where it happens I'm sorry jack [Music] Jack maybe maybe if I Panera I could have don't say that don't even move think it I promised yeah I know Prost [Music] come on get it down marine what's your trouble mushy head huh my breasts I let you get your breath this weekend you're restricted how long has he been like that about two or three weeks there and he seems to be getting worse oh you people came here to work you're all restricted and Slater says have been worse this past week brutal even sadistic beating those kids into the ground and insubordinate I asked him for his progress report this morning said he turned it in when he got around to it said was garbage anyway we can't very well court-martial no Medal of Honor winner I know you girls have had your instructions in this need not go ahead here think he's ready to try [Music] people think you can blow through your back pockets and rate liberty around here you're out of your mushy scopes so restricted Tennant thank your landing I'm pretty hard you would how's that ice front kids are still wet behind the ears I'll walk into the first bullet that comes along you had any combat eccentric or whose head humble you couldn't prove it around here but your rank amateurs push their fat bellies against a desk and think they're fighting a war these rear echelon marine shut up about quitting time does not cheat right back with me you take all the County [Music] but I've been I've been doing a lot of listening now what why don't you level with me what's the real problem sir you've changed Jack and I'm sorry to say not for the better is it connivance death could be part of it so you you blame yourself because a lot of us have your personal friends over there you're getting killed I know a lot of the boys that you've trained here they're fighting you're not know is that it maybe or if you want combat why don't you ask for it I can't are you afraid colonel knows a damn sight better than that well then why don't you request a transfer Peggy seeing a doctor she's here right now what is it serious we're gonna have a kid yeah well that's serious however it doesn't change things you say you still have to make up your mind you do your job here you'll pull out I'll cut the orders anytime you say begging the Colonel's pardon since when do you need my permission to cut a set of orders ever since you want a damn memo [Music] that's all yes ma'am I'll tell him [Music] lieutenant Evans your wife she like fill it up yeah my wife or up [Music] Jack I was worried at 7:30 come on a lousy schedule want your clock no of course not don't read me the time I'm sorry haven't you had enough already no I haven't had enough I'm still sober yeah what's nothing's wrong I'm having my own booze and my own little nest tucked under the wing of my own little wife that's not fair don't talk fair to me I'm here aren't I nailed down tight by a lot of promises nice and safe wet nurse enough wanted green kids wiping their noses that's a roar be a marine be a babysitter what's happened to you nothing nothing's happened that's what's wrong I got hot chow and clean sheets and dry clothes they got me right where you want don't you want to know what the doctor said okay gonna have a kid it's another string one more promise to keep no you're wrong all down the line you're wrong there isn't gonna be any baby [Music] affected we're young naive you told me if I know I'm telling you now no baby and no more promises not even the ones you made people and a level [Music] on the level I won't hold you're not any longer know what that means to me you just don't know I think I do now was it losing the baby maybe that was part of it there's more than one way you can lose someone you watch him tearing himself apart because he can't stand living with himself anymore you try to keep him down with a promise keep him from doing what he wants to do what he has to do [Music] I'll have to baby when you come back always we must go back I don't want to lose you [Music] sir where's third Platoon dog company down the beach area - Oh captain we've got a boot here the belong surfing wonder if you'd mind taking it with you come on aye aye sir dip it up [Music] [Music] [Music] honey this is lieutenant Jack Canal your new platoon leader damned if it isn't a pleasure sir God have your board glad to be aboard shanghaied Jack the troops are gonna go right out of their skulls like you're taking your first objective I'll leave you with three right see how they shaping up getting how they're coming along sir NCOs are mostly veterans the kids are all tough we're giving them a hard time good Mason tells me you were the Raiders they were good we did all right Marine is a Marine the way I figured good and we'll get along rack em up Gunny yes sir how are you people get around this your new platoon leader we're gonna Shanghai Jack Canal do you want a canal sergeant yes sir sergeant maple sir first Marie all right you know my name and I'll get to know yours one thing you may not know and that's that there's a big operation coming up I know we've all had it rough but it's going to get a lot rougher because when we hit that Beach we're gonna hit it with the best platoon in the car that comes up work and I mean work oh just a friendly word of advice get ready to sweat that's all lieutenant sergeant Schmidt Mercer I just like to say but we'd all like to say we're happy to have you a fortune thank you are you people open on sweet couple more days we'll know if they're ready they're ready old town they'll do the job they don't we didn't do ours I lieutenant have a beer doc hey Roy bring a couple beers will you you know it's still strange Poe Platoon looking to you for everything it's not like it was on the canal I never knew a Mustang yet didn't feel that way at first responsibility it's kind of like a new pair of Boone Dockers you gotta wear them for a while first before they quit hurting listen I've got the best second John the best gun in the Marine Corps gonna have the best platoon on the beach wait and see I like about you getting no false modesty who needs it they're both good and we both know it I'll drink to that I kind of been looking for you you've got a letter Nike Pippen my wife read it not even here everything all right I'm glad it's nothing good smaller good Marine faster than a wife that mine he's raising I'm here she wants what I want ah there's oh man I like makes two of us look we've done are just kidding I mean you've got somebody like that that's something - go home - sure [Music] you know as time goes by sure the lieutenant would you play it [Music] [Music] [Music] all right now just remember what you've learned hit the beats on the run get off fast move inland about 200 yards and take the go first suppose the bachelors don't want to give it to us you persuade them is squad leaders in stay in touch with either tweeter me the whole time when that ramp drops move off on the double try not to cut yourself on any beer can [Music] a shaky pivot my shaky yes sir I can't move you be alright nothing to it you just remember to do what we told you to do okay thanks stick with me boy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm gonna make a beach which has been hit [Music] but yet Bivens Dale [Music] all right let's move if I have to carry you [Music] [Music] [Music] any sign of them not a thing sir what happened you I don't know come on off the boat set I don't know Beach can be pretty tough sometimes guess wasn't like that on the canal that's not it I just couldn't get squared away happens yes let's just forget about it yeah lieutenant captain sensor canal we've reached our primary sir Roger over and out Kenny they think there might be a counter-attack I'm going back to CP sure I want you to understand something I'm going back on orders must ring somewhere out there and stay on your toes yes sir are you people get the wire strung out front there hey Paul put a detail together Blanche Blaine right let's go hey don't you see what happened to a lieutenant on the beach kidding and say anything but dirt nobody froze so I want it to yeah well you ain't - lieutenant it tell you something pally he chickened out damn good thing that Gunny was here one minute maybe spread to his mother you can have contact charlie company tell him to stand by you wanted me sir and I'm glad I got you come on actually we're pretty much on schedule but I don't have to tell an old hand like you the real rough stuff is up ahead dug in on a line and bopped like this like splatoon here over here yours here which puts you right in a line with that man's rich officially it's known as Ridge two-30 intelligence report since any phone with caves a lot of me and used for gun emplacements we had intended to go around the ridge cut it off but lips are mounting a counter attack coming from both flanks which means that we'll have to take the damn bridge which means that you'll have to take the reject now there's a spur runs along here well in front of the ridge you can use that you let me know when you get that far we lay in a barrage soften them up thank you move with dawn zero six three five hours [Music] nicer daddy wrong no sir look if you're off your feet I'm all right Jack this Ridge is mighty important you don't have to prove anything you don't feel up to snuff you can be relieved it'll be anything else well there's this w on tracks to support your advance that's all the heavy stuff I can spare questions no see that's all [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] kind of jumpy this is my first combat guess this is all stuff to you you got a girl kid yes sir real pretty too are you from another Ohio Nelsonville that's nice country better than this anything's better than this what do you do there sir at home with you girl and we fish a lot my girl she handles the truck pretty good [Music] I sure appreciate it trying to take my mind off [Music] Charlie Company that's not Charlie Company coming in get CP Red Dog this is radon - over [Music] to come in over [Music] [Music] not to rent on to theory [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] bring them up good might need him for the days up you did all right last night yeah but happen to the pride of the Marine Corps want to give another medal all right get your squad ready to move out they're ready is he Hey look honey you talked to our fearless leader and tell him what a pleasure it is to have him for a co D here how would you like a fat lip do I take it we move out at oh six three five advanced to the spur tenant we gotta have a talk you got a pretty unhappy platoon on your hands he'll get over it like hell they will unless you get over at first whatever it is something you wouldn't understand try me been around this wink or a long time there's nothing to do with the Corps don't hand me that now what is it with you it's my problem I'll handle it look I know how the top brass operate maybe they blew you up a little maybe some of those stories are just snow jobs but they don't give out the Congressional for changing diapers and you can fight why don't you for getting yourself so I'm not forgetting a damn thing you are look if I the sergeant did what you did last night up bust him back to private lining up for general now stand by to move out that's an order yes sir Lynch [Music] there she is lieutenant midnight Ranger get lazy yes sir get back Tom - take cover [Music] Red Dog one mrs. Red Dog to come in we've reached our primary sir we're holding up for the barrage yes sir over and out don't look too bad the bastards are in those caves and that bunker how do we get him out this time do us all a favor we stick around for the show okay the crack [Music] [Applause] [Music] we'll be long now [Music] what's happening I'm the same guy I was on the canal it was rough there too just as rough is here those old guys have had it right a Spartans where she does your hips in the army then the one to do it you're married now that's why you gotta figure a lieutenant on the canal didn't have any family no nothing yeah only the core hey dog - yes sir we're ready your stomach on track should be on your left flag about now after you take the ridge hold for Charlie company they will relieve stow it tell them to move it [Music] [Music] [Music] there's Fairless Freddy relax tweed knows what he's doing I'm glad somebody does [Music] [Music] [Music] send a fire team up random rocks [Music] murdered you gotta get organized look this isn't your problem alone you're not alone you're scared this was none of your pussy what you said you're scared you listen the other two are the time Kenny Kenny was help me the pastor's will cut you to ribbons they pose take your first two fireteams up on those rocks colorist there are no less [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well it's the big beep coming [Music] part two of by we'll keep you busy you two down there with me you to stay up here come on come on [Music] [Music] [Applause] you want one piece I think so what do you want us to do next year secure that leave a fireteam hi I see you had lieutenant [Music] hey ping how you feeling like I got a hole in my back they did pretty good they did fine you and me we might make up a to not him yet could be what happened to me it's like you said on a canal I was alone now I got Peggy l I didn't want her to lose me that's good that's good thinking you keep thinking like that you'll live a hell of a lot longer you know the guy that really deserves a decoration is the one that's too scared to move and does it anyway lieutenant canal captain Mason wants you over the ridge we stepped in it pretty bad you tell them we'll be there on a double my eyes aren't you people off and on we're moving out short war loot at short work any Shanghai you scared you bet I am [Music] and beyond this Ridge Saipan waits to be secured then tenían Guam Iwo Jima Okinawa soon to be grim and bloody Navy's some men will come back and others will not but the Corps will go on and two other times and other troubles always ready when the nation calls always faithful proud to be the first to fight [Music] you