First to Say No to Their Wife Loses

we are going to put a little jewelry in these ears this price at an event first on buttock what's up you guys welcome to team edge today we're doing something a little different from the usual we have Joey and Brian's wives here this is Sarah you've seen her before and this is Kelly Joey's new wife these wives here have come up with six different punishments they want to give to their husbands the wife that destroys their husband first wins a full day at the spa to get their nails done or what else whatever else you do at the spa what happens when one of us wins Bobby then you guys before we start ladies and gentlemen we are gonna do a merge giveaway in today's video we have a hat with a bunch of names in it these are our members names from our membership program make sure you join that link in the description below Lucia do you want to pick one of our members to get a free merch giveaway what does it say you get three merged congratulations Peyton to make sure you go check out the membership program the link is in the description below we're gonna be dropping two videos every month so keep your eyes out for that and subscribe she's gonna cry if she sees me suffer can I hold it so here's the thing Brian your first item is a little awkward we got fifty crickets that we're gonna put in your shorts and we're gonna tape those pot love sleeves or shorts down our boys bring it in Bobby how long I'd have to keep these crickets in my shorts are we gonna wait I can't stay here all day I got you know we got a cup of my job ten minutes on the clock bill starts pirate you know they eat flesh if they're hungry ones last time you guys fed up ladies and gentlemen we came up with an idea that the wives did not come up with this one is just purely just to hurry up sorry we have some boots we want you guys to wear so much fun this year it's tickling yeah we got some ranch dressing here oh gosh are those the right size I'm disgusting it's uncomfortable right guys this fried [ __ ] an event forgot about it oh gosh all right let's go for it Brian Brian did you say nope ever I just love putting food in your shoes oh you disgust me [Music] I'm done let me get outside or Kelly we are going to put a little jewelry in these ears you're making a Pierce's year alright guys this is Cassidy's she's our expert here at her instagrams right here go check it out she's gonna fizzle those are big needles oh you see these needles Kelly you monster joy joy just say no just say no [Laughter] [Music] [Music] it was beautiful I'm gonna buy you flowers you look so pretty right now I made a covenant with this woman to love her no matter the situation so I still love her and I will love you no matter what okay remember that on this exchange I got drowning angry crickets in my boots now we are moving on to sera sera what would you like Edna I'd like Brian to do the one chip challenge yeah you asked me to be in this video today um I think I'm done I get a spot I think I'm done it's literally oh man oh oh there is that's the fire that's in the fire Sara how could you do this to your husband you don't need it you can handle this you can handle this dude you got this you don't need any relief I mean you are a million you Bobby all right well we're moving on to our next item Kelly what is the next one Bobby and I are gonna breathe coffee breath in your face I'm gonna pipe here listen I'm gonna put my lips around your nose so you have to breathe it and I'm gonna blow into it coffee breath smells like boohoo I did I brave [Music] good job you really brought it all today okay for the next challenge that we have for Brian here we're gonna spray-paint one of your hands the same tone as Joey's hand do it oh yeah a little bit sure yeah all right that's good everybody it's gonna get cold oh that is cold all right turn around get the sides to that legit looks like a dead person all right here we go Kelly very pointy oh oh you're gonna dye my hair aren't you yeah yeah we only have one color and it's hot pink this is weird this is turning weird [Music] [Music] [Music] this is turning weird oh wait wait a minute I have a haircut appointment to do this must use acetone to remove or else permanent all right I'm gonna go rinse my hair out in the sink I regret everything I'm gonna win the edge games because the crap like this it's a big pink you know you're looking like a fool all right ladies and gentlemen we are back at it all right Sarah okay I'm pretty sure this is gonna break you I reversed in the middle reverse Hawking down the middle just reverse just in time for Christmas yeah I can't that's that's a win for me folks I really wanted to see that sweet she gets a spot anybody gets the point alright ladies and gentlemen nothing about wraps up the video Joey gets the edge poi and Sarah goes gets to go to the spa all day ladies thank you so much for coming on the show and dealing pain to your husband's I love this kind of stuff and we'll see you for just being 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