Fit to Kill 1993

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yes [Music] you two are hopeless that's three games in a row you guys have lost we'll see you Lucas's checkpoint we're scheduled for target practice too little too late [Music] [Music] we hear chopper [Music] [Music] it was the wind good at just [Music] [Music] babies more powerful than I thought all agents return to checkpoint [Music] all agents return to checkpoint immediately [Music] Yeah right there are missing okay Lucas that's fine very impressive come on move it get in here what is going on you're supposed to be alert at all times the games aren't over until I give the command this is the protocol this is not new just because you two nailed Bruce and Shane doesn't mean the exercise is complete you're both in a relaxed attitude you behave that way in the field and you're dead if you don't treat this exercise seriously you're wasting my time and yours do you read me yes sir Nicole yes sir so this is what you attacked us with I'll let dr. Emerson tell you that this scale model helicopter is our latest lethal weapon it could have easily eliminated all of you it has a great deal of firepower it can carry four rockets many times more powerful than the ones we used in today's wargames and better still it has a camera installed in its nose cone right here the picture is transmitted to a video monitor so the ground operator can see exactly where the copter is going the controls our year Emerson will brief you in their operation after that get cleaned up and we made KS XY studio the hottest music under the Sun this is Ava your moonlight mistress on K s XY radio with my lovely assistant sandy you guys don't know what you're missing and now more music and the beat goes on right the exercises are over and Lucas called a meeting he'll be here soon well looks like we're gonna need more coffee [Music] hi Charlie I got a great day today how do you like this this is for mr. tangs party you have exquisite taste what else did you buy [Music] this will ascent the outfit perfectly it is my purpose in life to live elegantly into the limit and for you to share my worldly goods to a certain degree of course [Music] [Music] [Music] room service [Music] [Music] that won't be necessary hold it right there now if you allow me a moment to get dressed perhaps you'll join me for dinner strictly business where's that party hello yes no answers where's nice you to drop by car trouble try a chair agents start organized let's get started then a very wealthy and powerful Chinese businessman by the name of Harris Chang is giving a party at his house on Maui in two days time mr. Chang has an extremely important announcement to make the event will have global implications mikail Petrov a diplomat from the Commonwealth of Independent States and his assistant are arriving in Honolulu on an Air Force jet now tomorrow they fly to Maui on a commuter flight Ava will meet them there Petrov will be the main focus of the reception mr. Chang through the State Department has requested that we attend this party to help check the security measures and offer any assistance we can to help the evening run smoothly Donna you Nicole Bruce and Ava will fly by your plane to Maui tomorrow morning the instructions are in here you go to mr. Chang's estate he'll fill you in personally on the details sounds simple enough Shane you and Sandy stay here and watch the fort at the radio station we'll stay in touch on the KS XY security phone line okay everybody well they've all got places to go no bodyguards mr. Cain aren't you afraid I might try and kill you again the knife seems so obvious wouldn't it be more of a challenge to use a salad fork it doesn't matter what I use I could kill you with my bare hands true and such lovely hands too you should know not be wearing a vest your caution is legendary it's a mistake I won't make twice you are a legend yourself the most dangerous assassin codenamed blue steel isn't it my former associate mr. Ginga SPO hired you to kill me tell me is he still masquerading as a Red Chinese agent when post all the nuclear trigger control known as the klystron relay he smuggled it out of Red China and delivered it to you you were to then peddle it to certain factions in the Middle East that never happened we were so close it's priceless the gyrocopter pilot Raven had the nuclear relay in his possession it had been concealed in a fake green Jade Buddha I must leave you now Raven had the device with him when he departed a small island in the South Pacific he was to deliver it to me on my yacht however we underestimated the resourcefulness of a certain federal agent Donna Hamilton my relay the nuclear relay was irretrievably lost a most unfortunate episode I've formulated a rather complex plan of revenge I was counting on Poe to send you to eliminate me it now enables me to solicit your help you want my help why should I help you my plan will disrupt the American Secret Service in Hawaii humiliate what remains of Russian intelligence and what's in it for me enormous financial gain is one of the side effects of the scheme I will repay Poe for the lost device you will repay Poe for failing to kill me and what would you have me do mr. Kane we will leave for Honolulu in two hours from there we will cruise to Maui on my yacht that should give you ample time to read this [Music] [Music] you guys okay back there [Music] clear [Music] I'm gonna put her down on the first strip [Music] [Applause] [Music] we're going into change you could kind of watch give it a rest first I'll take you with me and I'll go pick up the Russia [Music] here six-line sandy this is Bruce I just wanted to check in coming through loud and clear the eagle has landed we're off and running gotcha eagle good hunting [Music] [Music] for an agent in the training you're very disarming [Music] that was easy watch this come on give me a hand to fix this [Music] [Music] Special Agent Donna Hamilton my colleagues Nicole Justin and Bruce Christian Sinatra meet you sir the pleasure is mine please be seated thank you I would like to say that I'm retiring next week from a life of hard work and service to my community the event I have planned is of historical significance another stitch in the weaving of international unity among the great powers of the world if it is to be successful I would need your help we've been placed at your disposal sir what are your needs have you heard of the Alexa diamond it is one of the most exquisite stones in all the world one of the few treasures of the Russian diamond mines in Siberia it was discovered at the turn of the century and in 1914 Baron's Malevich presented it to Serena Alexandra hence the name Alexa Leningrad was the city chosen to house the Alexa diamond after the fall of the Tsarist regime 25 years later world war ii began on September the 6th 1931 Leningrad was attacked by a massive German force their ground despite huge military losses the Germans were slaughtering the Russians at a rate of 10 to 1 this went on for two years fighting was at close quarters and to him and during one intense attack the Germans penetrated the heavily guarded museum area where the Alexa diamond was kept a German general by the name of Heinrich Rohrer personally went to the museum to take command of this priceless treasure it was to be given to Hitler in celebration of victory on the Eastern Front but a victory was not to be it was now February 1943 the German army had surrendered at Stalingrad Hitler demanded that his troops gain victory or die general raw was among the many generals who knew Hitler was militarily inept they began plotting ways to eliminate him things went badly for the Germans in Leningrad in January 1944 under freezing weather conditions the Russian counter-attack began the Germans entered Leningrad not as victors but as prisoners on July 20th 1944 Hitler was trying in vain to stem the tide of defeat bomb was placed in his bunker in an attempt to kill him Hitler managed to survive the explosion and hundreds of officers were put on trial and put to death general roar fled to Germany he escaped to South America where we met and he entrusted me with the diamond before he died finally he had escaped the purge of Hitler she won [Music] it's exquisite why are you coming forward now I want to give this diamond to the Russian people in their hour of freedom I'm grateful for your presence if there any other questions she won't answer them for you do you have a gift list Thanks anyone interesting Martin Cain is on this list mr. Chang's business ventures have brought him into contact with all kinds of people after all Martin Kane is a major entrepreneur in this part of the world Kane that bastard tried to have us killed I can't wait for a chance to meet him face to face he won't be hard to find the necklace that silk gave him has a tracking device attached all he has to do is wear it we'll know precisely where he is [Music] blue today will demonstrate your commitment to me Joe will drive you to location here on Maui very well mr. [Music] Emerson blue do you have the goods I was born with them oh yeah let's see open it it's quite a piece of machine where you have their flyboy it's long it's quick it's hard it's dangerous its aggressive deadly you got my money almost everything you want it's right here almost catch you later drive carefully [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Russian scallion I mean rabbits da or natural Olivia wda you must be able permit me to introduce myself I am mikhail petrov special envoy from the congress of people's deputies my assistant gregor transmedia tovarich welcome to the united states thank you now we go to the hotel I like hotels oh you'll have plenty of time to freshen up and change before tonight's reception an American Mustang convertible 5 litre v8 engine what a beautiful automobile I must do Drive it please is it possible in America anything is possible it's good to know excuse me permitting [Music] [Applause] thank you very much have fun are you [Music] good evening sir good evening [Music] Joey [Music] good evening sir Duke devant run party thank you sir [Music] have a nice time [Music] hi James over there I'll be outside if you need me okay so far so good [Music] Martin cake [Music] [Music] pardon King why does Hamilton good evening you're as lovely person as I had imagined my site excellent shall we dance gotta be kidding Donna may I call you Donna Donna you mustn't disappoint me you'll be disappointed the Jazz you hand as a condemned man you have to a seat by the president night is falling softly now that's why like India [Music] what are you doing after the party please make care you are a diplomat I only date [Music] come in Bruce Bruce here everybody's dancin with us wife's a bitch oh it's quiet good I'll check back at 15 out I'm not gonna dance with you it's not about dancing have you been keeping your eye on them [Music] maybe [Music] maybe [Music] maybe [Music] that is called a oh I love dream but I can't make me [Music] thank you for the dance ladies and gentlemen please I hate to take the microphone from the lovely Miss doc but it's time to reveal to you the reason for our gathering you all know me my contributions to the financial history of this beautiful state of Hawaii station we're not quite up here Bruce but first I must tell you that I'm retiring to begin I must tell you the story of the Alexa diamond the Alexa diamond was given to Zarina Alexandra I'm just looking for the ladies during the Revolution of 1917 the Bolsheviks confiscated it and later put it on display at a museum [Music] I'd hoped you'd follow me what are you doing up here I assure you my intentions are strictly a farm outside Donna you don't know me you know nothing about me save for the few times we've been at cross-purposes cross-purposes done it is my intention to legitimize all my business dealings I cannot go straight without a little cooperation I have reasons for the life I've led up till now what could I do to gain your trust a process of all your smuggling operations give us the names of your contacts surrender right now I surrender I'm tired of your games mr. Cain sweet dreams Donna [Music] [Music] right I believe it's my turn see you back on the act sweet dreams Casanova [Music] [Music] tonight I will be fulfilling a pledge I made to my beloved friend mr. Heinrich Rohrer on his deathbed I will present the Alexa diamond to the people's deputy mr. mikhail petrov on behalf of the freedom of the russian people bring up the goof devices car please as Siwon would you please get the diamonds the diamonds been stolen deputy Petrov the diamonds it is stolen [Music] in a way Joel [Music] Bruce get in here right away [Music] all the guests are clean only a few people have left who was it that left the Duke to vatra in his party that is impossible I know the Duke and he was definitely not here tonight [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] still be a sweetheart get the diamond would you [Music] where do people go with the diamondden my people to whom would you be referring one of your people assumed the identity of the Duke Devon drew and crashed the party pretty mr. Lucas you've quite an imagination miss Hamilton can account for my whereabouts all evening I can't account for anything after I was knocked out Donna please for the last time I came here dance with Miss Hamilton we went upstairs for a chat the next thing I knew Sherwin was waking me as for Miss Hamilton I can only presume she was knocked out as well no I'm tired I'd like to leave had a very long evening you're a suspect mr. Kane I advise you to stay right here on Maui you take that boat of yours out into open waters upward you so fast it'll make your head spin if I decide to leave I'll make sure to invite you both long for recruits that's all from here Bruce over and out well our Russian friend is a little disappointed considering he came all this way for nothing you should take the Russians back to Molokai out of the way the rest of us will stay here on Maui and try and dig something up gentlemen follow me with one stroke I humiliate the Americans the Russians and that bastard Chang a great victory congratulations came thank you my dear would have been impossible without you what do you think we celebrate enjoy yourselves this leaves just you and me captain Burke you can call me John you can call me whatever you like really I will let's get the celebration under way [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now let me get this straight you are evil sir and you can evil sir Evel and Knievel their code names not our real names not our real names of course it's been a while since we've seen each other yes sir it has yeah we haven't been around we did in the state pen Penn State you've been at Penn State fresh out of college this is a photograph of Special Agent Lucas and federal agent Edie stop they are your targets ha ha some target will kill no problem now listen very carefully you are to wait until they are alone you understand alone no other agents no fishermen no innocent bystanders no animals alone then you kill them it's as good as done mr. Kane say that's a beautiful pendant mr. Kane why thank you it's a gift from Lady silk oops give me that did you see what you've done geez I'm sorry mr. Cain it's quite all right what are you both still here come on let's go sir what do you use those chimps their assaults are incredibly messy they tend to distract my enemies I think I should take this into town and have it repaired no my dear too dangerous I'll send captain buck some days I hate my job Caine is damaged Ana's credibility Donna can take care of herself I'm here to take care of you you [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] what are we doing in the toy store this time we're gonna do it scientifically could I help you gentlemen oh yeah what can you tell me about this remote-control motorcycle well what do you want to know about this remote-control motorcycle does it come with remote control of course it does doesn't it it not only comes with remote control it's cordless so tell me but the instruction is easy to follow oh yeah easy lots of diagrams pictures are the pictures in English because we only buy American semi in that case we better go Yamaha that doesn't sound American sure it is It's Made in Yamaha Oklahoma what's the difference between this one and that one well with this one when you visit our kleh Houma you get a complimentary beverage we'll take it uh uh our batteries included for you guys I'll take the batteries out of the smoke alarm you see you just gotta know how to bargain with these people [Music] well there are no clues here all the other guests check out clean as a whistle I know it was Kane there's no way that he can sell the Alexa diamond without breaking it up and then greatly devaluing it no we're missing something you must admit pulling off a diamond heists a little out of character for game only wish we could get in touch with silk Bruce Christian bad news Bruce the explosion two days ago at the base of Haleakala the body was identified by dental records it was dr. Emerson that black model helicopter I saw last night at Chang's it looked like one of Emerson's Shane look Cain's tracer is moving he's no longer at his house or on the yacht he's ashore on Maui and heading for paella thanks Ava we'll get right on it someone should watch Kane's boat he may be acting as his own decoy I'll watch the bone why don't you and Bruce follow the tracer right come on you freeze can get the cash nice and easy [Music] hey you freeze come on over here slowly bad taste that cover here the watches [Music] hey Bill I can't find here hold it stop right there you gonna live don't move and don't follow us you understand come on let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] damn [Music] hold on exchanging Direction definitely in a car the moving fast [Music] we did this calls for celebration I want some black coffee and lots of jelly doughnuts he's got him don't forget the beer won't forget the beer [Music] snow necklace hope Kane hasn't found out about silk hi any news not much Ava tells me that Donna Nicole Bruce are keeping track of Kane good smile [Music] all I'm saying is Homer Simpson is a better actor what are you talking about Fred Flintstone is an icon of American culture home is just another flash in the pan oh yeah remember when he lost his dog he cried like a baby and those were real tears man come on we got a job to do oh oh dude get over it after she's dead how can I kill such a beautiful creature just think of the money right [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey what's with the dune buggy it's back up and it's made in Honda Massachusetts well what about our complimentary beverage with this we get a weekend with miss god oh I love those sand dunes no what exactly does this thing do this is foolproof fufu yeah it rides up to him looks perfectly innocent and then so let's do it wait you're not alone mr. Caine wanted us to be sure that we're alone they're almost alone stop worrying now watch this motorcycle fly [Applause] [Applause] Danyelle hand me the shortwave radio this wine music isn't doing it for me then try and find something else [Applause] turn it around quick okay not enough juice in the batteries great keep calm this is no time to panic Oh Willie we'll just let me know what okay [Applause] you can panic now [Music] foolproof I don't understand it the controls jammed I'll never find American product again right next time we buy in tally [Music] this is kind of cute I don't think it's worth anything I just keep it for a souvenir [Music] the trackers stationary now according to this there's somewhere out there in that brush area I don't know about this what's Kane doing in there I know we got to check it out the grenade never know terminator Andy Graham these guys don't look like they work for Cain they don't congratulations you just solved the jewelry hold damn I'll notify the police okay yeah [Music] [Music] I better check on that [Music] why my dear boo what's the occasion good afternoon mr. king I look forward to meeting you face-to-face for a long time I assume this is a lovely silk you've told me so much about yes a trifle impulsive but a delightful girl nevertheless I see the diamond clearly you're famous intelligence and expertise does not extended the field of jewelry the thick good but definitely not the real thing was all some sort of setup you must have known I was wearing a bulletproof vest when you came to my room in Las Vegas you're cautious infamous Mia has brought a surprise Hamilton you just can't stay away can you I'm getting really sick II you mr. Kane Donna Hamilton great prize indeed my mother always done so this does save us the trouble of making you up she's no trouble to pick up you wanted B tie them up no Donna hasn't checked in yet the coastal patrol reported the cans yard has gone past Kapalua around the north end of Maui he's hugging the shore I hope Donna's alright we'll hit the coast road and shadow the yacht as best we can have a contact Lucas and let him know what we're up to okay and that's it for me folks and here's Ava your lovely midnight mistress to caress you through the night oh you guys look fit to kill dance contest tonight at DD's we plan to Hawaii it's Ava's love line call me for your sec strategy forecast tonight Seoul our end of the formal place is a focus on love and desire fire signs will blend freely with air so if you're a Libra Gemini or Aquarius be prepared for the flames of passion to envelop your mind [Music] the more alluring petrology and the number is 555 KS XY now the sensuous music continues on KS XY radio the voice of the friendly are [Music] [Music] [Music] what's it run I don't know thanks for dropping by though it is nothing really I have no idea the people's deputies are trained in combat oh yes we're being trained in almost everything now is it possible sir sis changes your feelings about me in America anything is possible [Music] I'm a Gemini too this does predicted tonight all your fantasies don't stop I mean don't delay the time for loving is now a little something [Music] do you know where they're taking us to the estate of Chang I'd imagine to get the real diamond they say who I'm still fake Chang gets to make his gesture without actually giving up the real diamond I see why it's all I don't know it's actually quite brilliant I get killed resisting arrest they never find the diamond the diamond then goes to my former partner PO what's more they embarrassed the Russians and humiliate the American Secret Service The Secret Service has been humiliated enough for one week why are you so interested in the diamond do you remember the name of the German officer who stole the diamond from Stalingrad wasn't it that's right it's by Kensi Deutsche miss Hamilton Rohr is chairman for walking stick okay okay he was your father my father met Chang in South America Chang was an exiled Chinese warlord my father an exiled German officer they became friends my father made the mistake of confiding in Chang about the fabulous diamond he had stolen from the Russians Chiang murdered my father and mother install the diamond so you wanted revenge on Chang that's all I've ever wanted Chang is rich and powerful I had to become rich and powerful it would seem however that was all for nothing Donna if we're going to survive we're gonna have to aid one another deputy petrov committee chairman and the phone for you sir it's urgent greco you beautiful poof record just to impress me you'd only light of God this is not in America anything is possible [Music] [Music] this could be a very unpleasant day we can't give up just yet you always manage to escape my traps I'd appreciate it if you'd see your way clear of escaping this one will get Ewing in these chokers I come after you I'll be disappointed if you don't untie them [Music] okay ah Crapo I see you bring gifts to trade greetings Chang hey ho ma you have the diamond as arranged of course and after our business is concluded you and Miss Hamilton will be returned to your yacht to die I knew you were the son of Heinrich Rohrer the first moment I laid my eyes on you I have something for you to look at she won you missed your calling should have been a photographer why thank you can you see the headlines federal agent and notorious arms dealer found dead and luxury yacht love-nest apparently you killed each other over the diamond finally I will be rid of you Kane I only regret that I overlooked you when I killed your parents my only satisfaction is I see you die of food this man is a former associate of mine a smuggler and arms dealer he's no more an emissary of the Chinese government than I am the ravings of a condemned man carry no truth you have seen my credentials I've seen them too exquisite forgeries really made in Hong Kong I believe think about it mr. Chang would read Chinese agents on a covert mission in the United States run around with red stars in the uniform I only wish I could have pulled the trigger for your next get the diamond [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh diamond [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Donna your timing was perfect how'd you know where was a coastal patrol Te'o came out for us what happened to the diamonds huh that's a relief [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes [Music] okay [Music] good shooting my work is done here normal flight to Honolulu in time for you to catch your flight to Moscow Danny Vera yet I never thought I would see it it's all yours now a thousand sex goodbye sweet David is it possible that I will see you again America anything is possible [Music] [Applause] [Music] Cain's still out there somewhere if he starts in travefy you won't be getting us in trouble really why now that he's avenged his family I think he'll go straight romantic kiss so Donna this just came for you next time don't next time mr. Cain [Music] I've managed to retrieve this for you you're so good to me thank you it's amazing I've lost everything my reputation my diamond my yacht and there's a balloon payment due on my house next Tuesday now that I have nothing you still love me of course I'll still love you I'll miss you but I'll still love you [Music] [Laughter] congratulations on a job well done everybody here Cheers [Music] you