Five Guns to Tombstone 1950 Full Length Western Movie

[Music] you [Music] hello mr. garvey here what'll it be rye where's Landon I don't think he's expecting you mr. karti he's never expecting me you go tell him I want to see him yes sir you're looking for me golly yeah are you doing in town is that a question are you telling me I was only asked you all in that case I got some news for you follow me to my office there it is two weeks take a hotel the saloon and the games are you satisfied with the count the cats all right I gotta take your word for the tape there are the books you're welcome to look um over books I got easier ways of protecting my if you're interested your interests you blackmailed yourself and everything I own at least don't insult my intelligence all right as your 30% take it and get out of here partner are you talk I told you I had some news for you the 30% is for you the 70% is for me that's my cut from now on just a minute if you think I'm gonna stand still for a shakedown like that you're crazy you wouldn't want me to take your 30% to would you you just stick to business land and you'll live longer all right I can't badly on these terms you're calling the rules fine remember that huh ah what about that Wells Fargo job although all about a Thursday command man I'll give you the information [Music] you better practice with this the older you get the slower you get you get too slow you're not going to get much older [Music] bye boys planet Landon Dixon come up to my office I pick some of you and your boys ready to do that job tonight we got word to mr. prison we're not figuring on trouble all right I'll be waiting at the mine check [Music] [Music] a prison Telegraph will be notifying every town in the territory you better toss that fire Dixon take it easy man snow hurry Okin Callaway took care of the telegraph wire cut the wire in three places yeah two years I've been naked without this okay Dixon what's the next move long ride we're meeting George Lana the old snake skin mine outside of Tombstone Landon set up this break up he's gonna do for us he must want me pretty bad to go to all this trouble [Music] you boys stay here for look at [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hiya Madson answer that I suppose you're wondering why I had you sprung yeah I never figured anybody thought enough of old Matt to worry whether or not he rotted in jail I thank you George you know you could thank me in a different way and cut yourself a slice of half a million dollars besides what are you figuring on doing robbing the whole Denver Mint I'll give you the details Matt just as soon as you tell me that your brother Billy will ride with you what do we need Billy for he didn't get his reputation for nothing this job takes brains Billy's got him you will talk to him didn't do any good trying to be an honest rancher longer that son of yours yeah so I hear little what makes you think he's gonna listen to me that's not a figure that blood is thicker than good resolutions especially when there's a half a million in the pot George you know Billy's a stubborn man well I'll see what he says but you know yourself a reformed guns worse than a reformed drunk L is up to you man no Billy No Deal you got till Thursday lemon [Music] and I'm sorry Billy but I'm only the manager of this Bank My Orders are to demand immediate settlement in full on your note ha stones immediate closing time today three o'clock and it's taken me and my kid nephew two years of hard sledding to get together our first calf crop another 60 days itself or enough to pay off that note and even show a profit enough to fix the place up summon and get married I know Billy wish I could help it's out of my hands are you been all right mr. and Okada I can't raise 3,600 by 3 o'clock this afternoon not with nothing in my hand but my hat we know you're all through with it you're right tell you what I can do I can hold up on that note until we open for business at 9:00 tomorrow well that might help maybe I can find a buyer for my cares Billy Harrison the auctioneer is looking for stock why don't you see him yeah of course he'll pluck me clean as a Sunday chicken butt well at least we'll have the ranch and maybe a few cows and your courage bleed now you knock on that door before 9 o'clock tomorrow morning with Harrison's check we'll clean the slate Thanks between the cot I'll try to make [Applause] well there's only one way out sell the cats and start all over again I mean we start all over when I square myself of that fact there won't be enough left to pay the preacher the bank will give you an extension and neither will I honey there's nothing in sight for me but another year of tough-going I can't see any sense in dragging you through that you need me now bill waiting won't help a thing besides I'm gonna sell my shop huh uh-huh the next under you and I can get married Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] Billy woods green pastures what a way to make 11 you've been living better than me the last two years [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] I'd be a bedroom if it had a bed two straw ticks and blankets looks like Milly ought to be a ripe after two years of this now he's still got opposition the gal will reformed him she wouldn't affect me that way now that was always Billie's weakness about respect for women hey Callaway still got that stove and rustle up some grub hey that's my kid this is a stick-up mister you sure gonna be disappointed you're mad Wade's boy aren't you yeah well your Pappy's figuring on a family reunion hello pop howdy son oh don't gone say oh you you feel not good no ass to you she did it it's great to see you again how'd you get your parole so soon oh oh oh well you see I got a couple of powers with a lot of influence yeah I want you to meet him Sears Mel Dixon it's my boy Ted arty oh this is rusty Calloway howdy pleased to meet you it's Billy gonna be happy to see you yeah say where is he cattle King anyhow my son broke the bank what's he doing helping himself [Laughter] Billy's through with that sure you knew that Mel oh say son you got any grub around oh just routine you covered there are some beans and bacon a little coffee oh that's fine no dicks of you help Callaway rustle up something to eat come on let's take a look around outside oh go on inside and get yourself some grub oh I've been kind of rough my son yeah we got a calf Crawford last Philly can get our backbone extended we take half a lifetime to turn this dry weather outfit into a good living weight that bad pop it's good money selling these calves are the big sprint ah listen with you here to pitch in Willis we'll make out fine me turn cowpoke now you ain't been figuring on that have you son Billy and me both look pop I even got our new brand old dope tie the three W brand that's three ways pretty innocent yeah yeah it's real pretty oh I've been thinking about you too son over there you might I make something for you my spare time what little you get working on a rock pile hey that's something a little big for a pants belt no no I suppose leave your gun Bell are you still got one haven't you sure one you gave me don't pack it around Billy don't like it just nothing around here to shoot but coyotes and keeping up my practice so just for fun but I cannot draw you pop no no no beds I'm rusty is a hoop on a well bucket letter how'd you draw a stack up against Billy I wouldn't know buckle Billy won't even talk about gunplay Matt is that huh yeah you just wait Lee here's what I come here to tell you looks like you're not gonna have long to wait Oh Billy hello Matt nice prize yeah how'd you get out too soon they gave a pop of parole ain't that swell so that's what you told him all right so I went over the wall so what Dad why didn't you tell me no sense worrying you about it son if you have any real feeling for Ted there you'll go back finish that stretch then hang up your gun like I did and you're welcome here with Ted me as long as you like well I I couldn't backtrack if I wanted to Billie they'd hang me see I had to Knight this guard getting away well that's a payoff Matt now you're on the run for fair with no place to go well he's always Canada she'll help me make it we'll both help you dad there's nothing we can do now that's where you're wrong Billy hello there's this big deal just waiting for us over there tombstone I won't no part of it listen it's all set up for us I have million-dollar touch well without was our end of the deal would you buy ourselves a big spread up there in Canada a real ranch kid with with grass and running water you still know that Ted Arlene and me well we're getting married Sunday in the bank gave us more time no I had to sell our calves and half the cows and I got to be knocking on that Bank door before 9:00 in the morning with Harrison's checking my hand what's this right back where we started on it yeah just about Ollie's throwing in with us though we'll make up well son I I guess Billy has the right idea all right boys get the horses what about your deal dad I just have to forget it is no good in for it don't let him go where are you gonna be now look don't you worry about your old man I'll get by we got a hangout over there near tombstone you know that old abandoned Shack at the snake skin mind now I'll think of something and so long you cattle kings see you in church well I guess that washes up the land of deal I'm giving up that kind of money that easy Matt didn't leave all his senses in jail [Applause] Willie can't you do something to help there's nothing we can do to help him he's gonna sleep with his boots on and his horse saddle for the rest of his life gonk yep time to go [Music] card spades big another casino that's ten bucks you owe me pal away oh he is right laughs I don't need gonna wait forever what are we doing stalling around here you ain't gonna change your brother's mind you're right Dixon I'm not gonna change Billy's mind somebody else will somebody like who the manager of the bank you've been drinking we're gonna frame gully into joining us and knock off a little pocket money on the side this is his knee to double-cross as I ever pulled takes in a lot of territory tomorrow morning Billy's gonna be knocking at that Bank door before opening time when they open the door for him they'll be opening it for us [Music] hey what's the hardware for kid I'm gonna join dad and help him get out of the country you're asking for a lot of trouble well you wouldn't help him so I reckon it's up to me you know what the Lord say about it I don't care he's my father that comes first with me go ahead that's why you feel nobody's stopping you kid I'm gonna miss you around here Oh run up those calves for Harrison before I leave Thanks [Music] see what is Billy wait looks like you've got a check let him in morning Billy freeze [Music] Bellona won't be needing that sec now Billy I just think you'd cross your own son Ted I'm thinking about I'm gonna set him up for life now you set him up all right and a prison yard with the other cons watching you hang shut up get on your horse get Billy wait homeless mr. Billy was right in the middle o litter he asked me to extend his fondest regards to you he says you're welcome to the cows and the ranch [Music] [Music] I want to talk to Billy wait a minute I just buy a ticket to this show this is strictly wait business I'll catch up with you go on [Music] hey Jen your father will be here soon thanks mr. Dixon I'll be joining up with your fellows to help get down to the country come on now Billy don't be such a sorehead you've been framed before not by our brother well this is Wells Fargo job just too big to to let slide I had to get you in with us you think you fixed it so I can't square myself at the bank don't you yeah well that was a general idea maybe you did but I'm going back to find out no Billy huh I can't let you go back now either we go on together I go on alone don't any much choice do you all right that's right [Music] you [Music] Oh [Music] we're struggling for the gunner he went off accidentally Matt frame me at the back then forced me I here with a gun in my back you believe me don't you I don't know what to believe I'm telling you the truth kid maybe but you hated dad you wouldn't help him this could have been your way out you're all wrong Ted someday you'll know it come on Tara let's take him back to the ranch and at least give him a decent burial never mind I'll take care of it okay I'm going into town and try to square that frame up and if I do they'll still be the ranch for us no thanks dad pals got a right to know what happened to him stay away from him son they're poison I'll do my own thinking from now on [Music] Billy wait yeah Timmy skis come back [Music] [Applause] wait Endicott I want you to know what happened I already know him nothing put your hands up wait you gotta listen to me I was framed this morning you think I'd come back here if I had any partner hold up could be a slick trick to cover up your part in it pull it give him a chance man he says he's in it I try this chance drag him out boys wait better not interfere [Applause] [Music] oh won't you listen to me mania they kidnapped me get that anyway kidnap oh you know what you're doing I was praying I got that rope let him swing there be no lynching this man's gonna stand trial what trial for a Wade if he's got it coming along hanging cut him loose Pete [Music] [Music] [Applause] he knows every gopher hole in this country like a pox suppose he's on the level about being framed by Matt it'll be hard proving that now that's all there is now kids upset enough to do something crazy like becoming an outlaw himself if Ted tells that gang you shot Matt they'll kill you on sight bill not if they need me I mean you're gonna join them well oh honey yeah it's the only way I know of getting Ted away from them and it might be a way of clearing myself for the law by getting involved in a robbery no by getting evidence on them and turning them over to the marshal tried so hard to make people forget what you were [Music] you I hoped you'd never be needing this when you gave it to me to put away for you but I guess there isn't much choice now thanks honey you get over to Sam Jennings and telling what I plan to do and try to make him believe if you can I'll try feel Oh huh sort of puts a damper on our wedding again doesn't it I'm used to that extension granted [Music] [Music] you [Music] thanks for helping me bury dead that's all right kid that was a dry Gulch if I know Billy Wade honey said it was an accident Billy Wade killed somebody by accident either one of you believe it do you do you I wouldn't worry about a kid Billy Wade's in town without his guns you're square with him by now they'd a hung him for sure that's right there goes our big deal too but Billy wait it's cold I'm a Wade the wrong kind of weight for this deal kid the big shot won't even talk to Matt [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] everybody relax I'm your own business there's business there's business Billy what's yours I'm taking over the Wells Fargo job kind of made up your mind kind of sudden like tension Matt changed it for me and it stays changed that way you killed him bad had to go you're just out of jail and red-hot no outfit was safe with him in it when a man's no good anymore you get rid of it why a murderer he told me that killing was an accident kid you want to live a little bit longer don't you all right Billy let's go inside and talk it over oh they got that bottle we've been saving this calls for a celebration what are you hanging around for he's joined our uh fat belly better get on this horse while he's still able Oh what I'll give the kid a break Billy yeah besides we need all the guns we can get he wants to take Matt's place yeah you'll take Matt's place sure enough he doesn't see things my way all right give me the set up who's a man back of this deal he's no friend of yours name's Landon George Lennon what's he doing with a half a million dollar tape he was a 10 Horne tip-off man when I rode with our garbage right now he have to stole and have a tombstone and you're the only man they will talk to all right I'll go talk to you oh wait a minute Billy as hot as you are maybe we better get him to come up here huh not enough time this is big as he says it'll take time to organize it just as you say yeah and that's the way it's got to be I'm running this job and I'm ready to back it up at any time and that goes for you double there can't be a weak link in an outfit like this I think you'd better get on your horse and get going I'm staying in look this job is too big for a punk kid get going until I settle my score with you [Music] pick up your gun pick up your gun yeah yeah [Music] well anyway weren't expecting me well yes no I wasn't sure you listen to reason yeah boys tell me you have something too big to pass up that's right Moline oh listen sit down pour yourself a drink we're talking about a half million in cash that's kind of money doesn't lie around loose no not very often Billy just once in a while when they run short of cash around here and the bank has a big shipment sent from the Federal Reserve in San Francisco yeah I remember those halls those Wells Fargo Express wagons from Benton 20 shotgun and rifle guards well they only used six guards now Billy since you retired yeah now that they're that part of it isn't your job I got an old friend of yours him do all the rough work Ike Garvey is he still working for you he's almost got me working for him I want him out of my hair you can buy that for a lot less than a half a million okay you got the wrong boy George you know I don't sell gunplay wait wait a minute hey just so happens that Ike is gunning for you good call it the softer fangs could you the same old double-crossing rat you always were all right George what's the pitch now Garvey's gonna jump the Benton Express Friday morning then after Garvey does the stick-up then I hijack Garvey that it right Oh egg day you can pick your own spot for both operations listen I've all set no I have been told not on him open that you'd show up now he's coming into the details in 30 afternoon there's only one spot between hearing better fair red canyon ah plenty of cover for Garvey first for us after all right that's the way I'll set it up a leg Hal I know for sure I'll meet you at Salt Creek after I talk with Gary siddi no one believed don't forget about guardian he calls himself my silent partner let's make that a fact final like he won't let me forget it so long George somehow I sure hate to ship these notices I don't bill wait what do you want to do we least rounded up a whole gang it's down there keep your hand still are you crazy coming in here like this I'll put this away if you two will let me talk Arlene told us your story bill have you got anything to add to it I've joined Matt's old outfit but deliver them to you and square in myself like I promised well it's gonna take more from you than just listening maybe you better let us decide that how'd you like appends something on I Garvey I've been trying to get a federal case against him for three years all that currency shipment from Frisco as US Marshal that's your lookout isn't Wells Fargo guards him but it sure becomes my business if they're monkeyed with well garbage gonna try for that shipment Friday morning well how does he are you for that matter no the day those shipments are secret stuff George Landon setting it up oh you're out of your head George Landon is a respectable citizen in a fair way to own half a tombstone he just hired me to double-cross Garvey and split 50-50 with him it's hard to believe all right what's the rest of it get a posse together and hide out in red Canyon Friday before daylight then when Garvey makes his move you'll catch his outfit red-handed I'll deliver mine all right Joey you'll get more from us and just listening we'll be there see you Friday morning Ted Ted wait excuse me Eileen I'm 10 in a herd but I've got to talk to you it's about Billy I ain't got nothing to say I know what you believe about him but it isn't true he's got you fooled just like he had me while I'm through with him and everybody around him what IB dear hey you're cheb wait aren't you Billy Wade's nephew yeah what of it well main Taking Chances showing up in town with the law out after Billy for that Bank stick-up I had nothing to do with that I don't want nothing to do with him see that kid over there sitting by himself that young buckaroo making faces at his deer that's the way boy no well so it is all grown up oh buggies poison on his uncle Billy Oh anybody that feels like that friend of mine or ought to be you're looking kind of glum son what's it to you I'm just being friendly like you're Matt Waits boy huh yeah why well I'm an old friend of your family especially no friend of your uncle Billy why not no recommendation to me why I heard you two were living like brothers on a little spread over across the ridge there that's over we split up oh no that's too bad when'd you last see belly yesterday he's hearing to stomp here in Tombstone he doesn't even come to see any of his old friends like me or Landon nurse what do you know about landed billion him a lot of business together they still do no kidding I suppose Billy and George are gone partners on cattle or ranch and what are you so interested for what's your name anyway well like I said old friend I garvik Garvey ha ha that name give me kind of a job uh-huh uh-huh forget it I knew Billy be gunning for me once he broke loose Billy's got an old score to settle with me well if I see him first you ain't got nothing to worry about better be kind of foolish wouldn't it son right here under the marshals nose don't be in such a hurry yeah I got an idea yeah yeah how would you like a job pushing cows on my spread huh it's roping riding and Brandon strictly legitimate well if you mean just that I'd like it fine mr. Garvey you're hired said hey bring a fresh beer over for young Wade yeah he's riding with us excuse me boy a little business with that partner mine upstairs and talk to the Tenderfoot Clerk in about a minute talk good luck Angie boss Oh Jew Garvey yeah you expecting somebody else no nobody in particular well I think's going to stay from the bank the shipment is coming through and the bettin Express tomorrow morning or afternoon morning how many guards to Wells Fargo rifles on the wagon for riding escort now that's too many to take on the run we'll have to get him from ambush yes and that's sort of the way I figured it I think Red Canyon would be the best part for ya Red Canyon a lot of cover there here's to a successful operation minor Billy wait hmm like what what with you talking about there's a way downstairs that Wade's boy huh I just got through talking to him Billy Wade was in here yesterday oh that I helped that uh he just came in to see if I could throw something his ways oh so you threw me to him well like why would I want to do a thing like that because it's exactly what I do if I wanted to get rid of you Ike listen you're talking nuts probably but I'm dissolving this partnership [Music] see you around [Music] [Music] who was the last man up here please marshal I'm scared to tell you nobody will know from us I'll tell us it was like Garvey you can go this kind of backs up Billy's story looks like Garvey kill Landon so he'd have nobody to split with you think he'll still go through with it I don't know Pete I'd like to hear from Billy Wade he'd know more than we will we better go to the office Landon's Lake he'll be along in a minute well this is how the deal with Garvey stacks up he and his boys will do the rough work on the Wells Fargo guards then we step in yeah but at that it's no light ordered Billy don't forget my Garvey's got a half a dozen of the best guns in Arizona well I'm not aiming for us to meet head-on Glenn he's dead say aye Garvey shot him we better head back into town find out what this is all about who is it Billy I only got a minute honey now what do you know about Landon being killed everyone in town says I Garvey did it bound to happen someday but I didn't figure so soon Billy there's something else Ted was in town today what on earth happened to make him so bitter I had to slap his ears down and kick him out of the gang to keep him out of trouble I'm afraid it didn't work Ted rode out of town with I Garvey 10 with Garvey I never figured the kid would do that well he the Ted's a fool or Garvey's smarter than I thought get the Sam Jennings tell him red canyon still goes nothing's changed you understand oh and honey don't worry we'll still keep that Sunday wedding date hi Billy what's new with the Wells Fargo deal I got older uplands Oh what happened Matt's boy I never thought he was skunk enough to squeal on us that kind of washes up our big deal huh no chance to hijack Garvey now you'll be waiting for us yeah I'm thinking we shouldn't disappoint him what are you getting at it we were riding over to Garvey's in the morning and declaring ourselves in on that stick-up Garvey and his gun hands won't stand for that look he knows enough to see these better off with us than against us all right you're given the orders [Music] well your last chance to pull out so say you're safe one at a time that breakfast bacon sure smells good to me well anybody can die in bed and have a prettier day for it okay I'll lead you up it's a risky job ain't with Billy waiting his bunch riding around loose but the stakes are too high let that stop us we knew where Billy's outfit was would you clean them up first hi there isn't time three hours from now I'm not at all a horse through all settlements Garvey fine kid see what's happened to breakfast with you like four riders coming in it's Billy Billy Wade follow me spread out [Music] that's close enough belly start talking I'll give it to you fast Ike I'm counting myself in in what a hole and Boothill we got no time to wrangle let's take that half-million-dollar express wagon settle our personal dispute afterwards we're two to your one Billy we can settle it now no argument but you wouldn't have enough men left to stick up a Sunday school maybe you got something there I know Mel Dixon but those other two they worth a cut of the melon Holloway and hope my brother Matt thought well enough of them and our four guns make the job a cinch Billy the girl you got making me a proposition where's the man says shake hands now and wind up fighting that suits me fine well come on in Stoke up where'd you pick him up kid wait he's riding with us I don't like riding with double crushes this time you'll have to [Music] there's the road to Rock Canyon I figured you would take your boys and come in behind the Express the rest of us will meet them head-on in a canyon I got a better idea we'll hit those Wells Fargo boys while a change in horses at Valle Quiles four miles up the road and we got time to make it just right for the noon stop we'll hit him while they're inside having coffee and chow all right we try [Music] you take half the posse across the road and I'll keep the others here okay but you're putting a lot of faith in philly ways Billy's got a lot to lose now get going right and keep everybody out of sight [Music] [Applause] you see Billy there's plenty of time Express ain't in yet yeah I gotta hand it to you I would you like me and my bunch to take the tough in how do you figure well when they roll in the guards go to chow your outfit pins them down inside we rush the wagon you jump and go that sounds good you get your bunch together at your whistle we'll come in alright I'll Drive the team [Music] soon as Wade gets those horses hitched you jump in that driver's seat and head for the hills waiting alike that he has any objection you know what to do it when we get down there you scatter those guards horses right II [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cover me [Music] [Music] [Music] hey looks like Billy's giving us a double cross let's go [Music] across that rise head them off [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] unhitch deadly cheap hit those money boxes looks like Billy meant to double-cross you as well as us but where was he figuring on going with the loot he was headed straight for Red Canyon özil up that hitch you [Music] like we had it all by Indian Springs cross that next ridge [Music] [Applause] [Music] are you all it's left yeah two dead three wounded back in the gallows who led this Massacre the guy he's been away together garbage tenders down at the station deli drove away in the wagon a real wade rat race set us up in the canyon I'd join him with Garvey yeah it sure looks like I backed the wrong rat near the tracks ham you fellas want in on this we better stick with this end on this poker [Music] you thinking the same thing I am how's that Ike well there's enough there to make five men comfortable for life or one man mighty rich Callaway and I'll be satisfied with our half will you listen to the man what was the deal wasn't it half of the survivors of your outfitting have four Billie's oh that's nice thinking Dixon oak and Billy died and left you two a quarter of a million what's wrong with that but nothing if you can get away with it but maybe Billy like leave his share to kid Wade here you four can have it all it's got too much blood on it for me pull it just as you are well there be more blood on it let me draw Billy we can get all the loot for ourselves nobody gets any of it but the tombstone bank that's where I was hidden that's what I let all along I smelled it Billy wait turned lawman at Red Canyon setup was a trap that's right Garvey Sam Jennings will be well on his way here by now anybody else want to try it gotta hand it to you Billy you know piker you picked yourself up big job stop talking and drop those gun belts you first Ike you [Music] this is belly's best and there's a field Indian Springs Charlie can you hear me I hear you listen close follow him I'm covering the money on your horses and I keep them covered till the marshal gets here I know God for that marshal talk you want all the loot for yourself make what you want anybody that doesn't want to hang step out and get shot I'd go for Kidwai - that goes for him special you work your way up around behind him when you come off I'll be sure you come on shoot [Music] I figured that call of mine at smokey outfit turnaround Billy I don't want to shoot you in the back you're a fool Jed Garver is only waiting to get you after you finished me you can't tell me that garbage my friend yeah just step out there and throw a bullet in the ground close to me and throw yourself down fast [Music] you hey they're both better and fluff chicken much obliged give my regards to bill way [Music] honor among thieves [Music] Dick's in that UI yeah looks like there's only the two of his left flat figures what do we do now you come on out and start counting your hair Larry our kid still got any notions about following cheap killers like Garvey I don't know what to say Billy kind of square myself with it you're squared now look cover me I'm gonna try to bring gar van alive we'll need a witness [Music] hold it just as you are turn around real slow and keep your hands up well I was quick thinking Billy what did that's nice to see the way family all cozy again get his gun [Music] I don't look like Custer's last stand bring out money box boys belly you don't have to say anything leaving it's best set at all are you hit bad no I won't be using this arm for a while a while though there's a bank ship button the rest of the loot saw on Dixon there well then he sure worth more dead than alive all right take him out boys well howdy Ike kind of looks like you live to hang well maybe it's just as well he's got so you can't trust anybody nowadays hey Billy head arms not gonna give you an excuse not to get married Sunday is it no sir hey reckon I'll be the first man the territory to go from outlaws the in-laws in one day [Music]