Fix HDMI No Sound in Windows 10 When Connect to TV No HDMI Audio Device Detected




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[Music] hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here for another quest to toriel in today's tutorial and she has had hopefully resolved if you're not getting sound when you're trying to connect your audio device via an HDMI cable or cord or something along those lines so this should hopefully be a pretty straightforward and easy tutorial and without further ado let's jumping into it so we're gonna go ahead and start by opening up the Start menu just left one start button one time type in services best match with these services you want to right click on that one time and then live Corp online as administrator so now you want to go ahead and locate the windows audio service just scroll down on this listing here so should say Windows audio pretty clearly in name of the service here so let me get back to that once you've left click on Windows audio over on the left side you want to left home where it says restart the service so once it's been restarted try and play the device again so you let's resolve the prom I'd also suggest restarting a computer with your device you're already a device your TV already hooked up to your computer hopefully it will recognize the sound at that point as well if you're still having problems we close out of here I'd also suggest considering going on the manufacturers website there's any drivers for your version of Windows as well so go ahead look on the manufacturer site so for whatever your TV or whatever you already device is severs any drivers that are applicable to your computer another thing you can try would be to go back to star menu type in device manager that's managed to come back with device manager left click on that or one time here now you want to go down to the audio inputs and outputs expand that now I would suggest opening up whatever your speakers are here so double-click on that go underneath driver try it updating the driver see if there's any updates available for so search automatically so you can check that out if you've seen the audio drivers listed in here again go online and look them up as well it's always word for shine I don't think it's necessary to try and unstow and then restart your computer and they'll be reinstalled I mean you guys are welcome to try that as well but generally speaking I don't know how successful that would be but again that is another option you could consider so again just be patient this will take a moment to run so might say the best drivers are already installed close out of here that's usually what it says so nothing to surprise me with that but I do hope that one of the methods I showed or discussed in this tutorial are applicable to you guys and are able to help resolve your prom and as always thank you for watching and I do look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye