Flash Da Terra1 Se Encontra Com O Flash Ezra Miller

I can buy you time Barry but you need to get to each of us I mean if there's beat forces infinite I could never know where to begin to look remember Barry memories and connections you need to consider our greatest victories our most crushing defeats the moments and the bonds between us were forged the paws were forged do this Darry yes you have to [Music] myself the same question literally no this this can't be happening this you should what are you doing here well I'll tell you that when you tell me where here is if this cosplay oh do you want a selfie sorry we're not no I'm also the flash those are the what the flash flash flash complicated like your outfit it seems comfy yours is pretty cool easy safe and breathable Barry Allen no what does that mean this should be impossible now it's be impossible now you don't know about oh my god don't do this to me I don't know about the what okay