Florida Grandparents Call Police On Girl For Throwing A Fit Over Vegetables

The Breakfast Club bitchy donkey other day with Shalom Haim the guy I don't know why y'all keep letting him get y'all like this good morning Florida donkey up today for Wednesday September 25th goes to the grandparents of a 19 year old woman named Katie Jade cakes I repeat is going to the grandparents of a 19 year old woman named Katie Jade cakes now Katie Jade and her grandparents are from this amazing state that we all know and love that we all visit a place where the crazy is not visible to the naked eye because we are all so blinded by the beach and the Sun and Disney World that place ladies and gentlemen is called Florida drop on a close bond for Florida oh how we appreciate you what does your uncle shala always say about Florida the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida and Florida never fail to disappoint when it comes to donkey today now Katie Jade Gates is a young 19 year old woman who clearly clearly knows the benefits of vegetables all right kids listen to you Oh danke Charla it is very important to eat vegetables okay most vegetables are naturally low in fats and calories vegetables are important sources of many nutrients including but not limited to potassium dietary fiber vitamin A and vitamin C not to mention diets rich in potassium help to maintain healthy blood pressure okay vegetables are important but those of us would kids or if you can remember being a kid you know that it's hard to get kids to eat vegetables so this is why Katie Jade gage grandparents are getting dong here today because Katie actually made a request that a lot of kids don't make at the dinner table and that request was for more vegetables okay not just any vegetables the vegetable that growing up I didn't know if it was a fruit or vegetable I don't even know why I would never a debate because it's clearly a vegetable but some people say as a fruit because it grows on a vine the tomato okay the most disrespected vegetable of all time you know I the most disrespected vegetable of all time because people act like they don't have to call it a vegetable by its proper name tomato tomahto no you can't do that to someone who name you can't say Charlamagne hi Charlamagne gay okay my name is Charlemagne alright period now jdj simply wanted more Tomatoes Katy Jade gates told police all right that she became angry because she wanted to eat more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table according to an incident report by the Nassau County Sheriff's Office obtained by The Smoking Gun that's when Katy begin to throw a fit because our grandparents wouldn't let her have more tomatoes and she became disrespectful towards the other adults in the house look man ok I understand why Katy is going so hard for Tomatoes all right tomatoes are the major dietary of an antioxidant called lycopene and lycopene has been linked to many open if it's including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer all right tomatoes also a great source of vitamin C potassium and vitamin K and this young girl wants those health benefits and her grandparents are denying her that right why okay I'm sure that is more than enough tomatoes to go around because this tomato season tomato season is from May to November so I don't know why the grandparents are acting stingy with the tomatoes my grandfather is 73 you don't need no extra tomatoes you have lived a long-ass life already let this little girl eat the tomatoes so she can reduce her risk of heart disease and cancer and live as long as you have but no Kate his grandparents denied her the tomatoes and then had the nerve to wonder why she hurled a water bottle at her grandfather then threw a cigarette pack at her 73 year old grandma and hid her grandma in the eye that's symbolic okay your granddaughter wants to eat a nice healthy tomato and you are denying her that meanwhile you smoking cigarettes that cigarette pack hits you in the eye because God wants you to see listen to me God wants you to see the error in your ways then Cady's grandfather had the nerve to confront Katy so Katy grabbed the knife now calm down relax I'm sure it's the same life she was gonna use to cut into that nice ripe tomato she was denied and Katy said mother effer I will stab you in your effin face and she poked the blade in his face police were called and Katy was read her rights she admitted she threw the cigarette pack at her relative and she admitted to picking up a knife during the argument and walking outside the where her grandfather was but she did not admit the attempting to stab him because it's obvious she only had the knife because she was going to use it to do what cut the tomato that started this whole messy situation now katy has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery on a victim over the age of 65 and she was released from jail after posting an $18,000 and clearly she doesn't live with her grandparents because the judge ordered her to have no contact with the victims the real victim here is Katie because her grandparents denied her a goddamn tomato now before I give her grandparents this hee haw let's play a game of guess what rice today katie is 19 years old she's from Florida she gets pissed off because her grandparents denied her a tomato but she crushes them out and grabs a knife Angela yeah guess what race he is definitely white hope so why do you say definitely my her name is Katie okay and then she likes Tomatoes I hate Tomatoes really yeah I like ketchup though uh DJ Andy yes katie is 19 years old yep she's from Florida she gets pissed off because their grandparents denied her tomatoes yes curses them out grab the knife just what ratios you got the $18,000 bill okay all right this is what I think tell me about white y'all say this with such conviction yeah you know well I don't really do Tomatoes you don't pack of cigarettes and you don't get to slap video they don't slap the issue out of you immediately so I'm guessing white well Angele DJ envy you too [Applause] you know how we know she's Caucasian we know she's Caucasian because we have black people don't talk to our parents and grandparents like that nor do we pull out knives on our parents unless that is the day we absolutely want to die not to mention we don't beg for more vegetables we get told don't move from that table until you eat your vegetables we can eat everything else on that plate say we fall and finish but no we will sit there and eat your vegetables in fact that in moving for you for the rest of the night unless you eat those vegetables no TV no video games no sleep you would not graduate high school until you eat those vegetables so yes clearly that family was call K Jen so please let Kathy Griffin give Katie Jade's grandparents the biggest hee haw please give this giant jarmail the biggest hee-haw what's these divas white I want you to guess what racing is on camera means I don't know what's deep I just want to say I guess you could call her a rotten tomato guess what a race Steve is yes what all right pretty much donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say the bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 500 from your cell and say to bowl [Music] you