Focus Stacking Tutorial

hi there I'm Adam from ac/dc and in this tutorial I'm gonna show you one of the exciting new features in ac/dc photo studio ultimate 2020 focus stacking you've asked for this feature and in fact ac/dc 2020 is filled with features that you the user has asked for so keep that in mind ac/dc listen to all your feedback and we appreciate it ok let's get started focus stacking is quite simple it takes a bunch of images with different focal points and uses all of the InFocus elements to create an image with a wide and high range of focus let's have a look at our own images I'm gonna open up the folder that contains the images I'm going to be combining with focus stacking we're gonna quickly pop into View mode in View mode I can see all my folder images with my first image here you'll notice the base of the image near the letter M on the keyboard is clearly in focus compared to that of the D which is honestly not even legible as we click through our film strip you'll see that the point of focus changes we'll watch it here move from the base of the image to the top of the image we're going to combine these images into one image but there's one important note before we begin you can find focus stacking under the process section in manage mode or you can load your files into a stack which will open them in edit mode for focus stacking to provide the best results we really want to order these images logically based on their focal points I've gone ahead and done that already so I can skip past this alert message that appears focus stacking will take a moment to align and blend the images once complete it will prompt you to save your file down I'm going to save this file as a tiff and place it in the same folder location let's take a moment here to take a quick look here's our finished image the result is a smooth composite image that combines all in focus areas thanks so much for watching please like comment or subscribe for more ACDC tutorial content