Football Challenges In My NEW House – ft My Girlfriend

oh would you fancy for dinner um that's my title hello guys it's chris here and welcome to my new house now we've just moved in so uh everything's a bit empty and like there's not much in it but that makes it the perfect arena for some indoor football but we're starting in the garden first so this is it welcome to the garden it still needs quite a lot of work doing to it so it's a kind of a work in progress this area for example looks like a poorly kept area of shrubbery but uh to me it's a free kick all so i've got 10 attempts here if i don't score one then it's the forfeit the forfeits for today's video come in the form of text messages if i don't complete each challenge in 10 attempts then there's a lucky dip full of just awful text messages to send to friends and family youtubers all for your viewing pleasure [Music] come on car car i've just got this image of like a motorbike going past and some guy being like [Music] oh no oh mate that tree it's lucky we're taking it down come on yeah that's that's one we're gonna need to get isn't it all right oh come on chris come on pig fat fraud at the moment mate that tree is just in the wrong place oh mate that's just too hard into the field it comes oh that is no no i gotta have that one again the ground wasn't let's go get it yeah i'm not a football champ but i don't think this is going well right then last attempt to christen the new football arena this is my last chance [Music] didn't you say that i should have that one again i someone did so uh number 10 one more time [Applause] that as number 10. i just can't there's no way that's number 11. i got the four foot two so as i complete that in 11 attempts if i'm being honest uh we've got a text to pull out the ball here see then we're not cheating and this one first one is just agreed to be on the undercard for the next boxing match let's just say certain members of my family aren't like it's come up before in conversation and um certain members of my family are quite against the idea of getting in the ring which i think is quite rude personally i think i'd hold my own um would you agree fam sure oh it's the big one it's granny oh this is our chance the inheritance gone i shouldn't do it hello granny hope you're well i've just agreed to go up to smiley face i've just agreed to go on the undercard of the next boxing match in london against joella would you want to come hasn't been delivered yet though so maybe if i airplane mode quickly it still counts as the forfeit that took a couple of days to get a response from my granny mainly because she's still trying to work out the differences between text messages on iphones and microsoft word anyway it did not disappoint hi chris absolutely not there is no way i could sit and watch the gorgeous young boy have his face smashed with three exclamation marks that's a quote from joe weller granny's more switched on than i thought what a gorgeous young boy he is the north in absolutely not in capitals as well like fully triggered fully triggered here well it didn't disappoint it did not disappoint onto the next challenge so i thought i'd combine a house tour and one of the football challenges just checking the stairs um into one so i thought we'd go for a bit of foot golf um so a little bit of a course throughout the house so these are the stairs were good good study stairs no complaints there i can tell you that um and yeah just just keep following me to be honest in this challenge i'll have to kick a football from one end of the house to the other and as i've been waiting at the other end of our house i've got 10 attempts to do it okay so we've got to make it all the way to the other end of the house where we've got a bin i've got to kick it in 10 attempts i kind of repeated myself there but you get the idea right i'm just thinking about the angles oh oh oh go on keep going keep going keep going yes i've done it in one and possibly ruined our camera angles of it the ball is there so now in between shots i thought as we're walking to the next stage i could show you the rooms of the house on the way so here's our bedroom this is like so spacious compared to my other ones which is amazing maybe a bit more close in so it's like um yeah brilliant hi how's it going this is a spare room just bear in mind that we're still getting furniture so there's literally nothing in there to talk about at the moment here's another empty room satisfied hit the like button yet moving on here's our bathroom and our toilet two uh very important rooms of the house uh yeah so it's nicely lit you don't care neither do i here is the toilet in our house upstairs toilet that's where all the magic happens give that one ten minutes there you go that's the top of the house uh hear the good old sturdy stairs again and that's where the football is for the second shot the final bin to kick the ball in is in that direction in the house so i've got to think about where i'm going through i'm going to go through the sitting room i've got to get the weight so right here and a little bit of a touch keep going keep going oh that could be perfect go on go i think i've just not gotten off on that oh my goodness that's so close can you see how the angle just trying to kick it through there might not be right this is the hallway then front door's there we've got the kitchen there dining room there lacking a dining room table bit of an issue at the moment this is the living room it's gonna be great for uh watching football games all those uh long thursday evenings uh so what we're gonna have in here is we've got like a replacement so far whilst we're our actual ones are coming so we've got like a corner there another sofa coming here it's gonna look really nice by the way just while i'm thinking about it comments about how many sponsored videos i'm doing on my channel are really starting to annoy me so if we could just anyway my tv has new brand new from lg 60 inch shows football really nicely high definition great in low lighting it's yeah just loving it to be honest so uh link's in the description below if you want to check out one of them so i've got to get this ball all the way through two doorways down here so uh i'm gonna try and get a little bit outside of the foot could have gotten worse all right i guess i guess i'll just take this shot again all right i need a bit of outside of the foot curl on this oh my goodness he's almost got it he's got through he's got bruising hit the camera nice work perfectly comfortably comfortable okay that's not bad that's not bad this is going well okay got some new rooms to show you about this one is going to be my new office so you'll probably see a few little um spoken bits to camera and things over the next few months in here there's nothing in here at all no desk or anything so i'll put that in a separate video and things once it's fully set up this is our hallway yeah not very interesting either and then we've got toilets standard what you want this is the utility room and then of course there's the football good old schlesinger football the link is in the description i'm joking i'm joking can you see that it's not even deliberate and now we come to the other end of the house and this is the final part of the hole on the 18. that is the fabled bin that i'm gonna have to kick the ball into from here we don't have referee spray today so i'm gonna use the hoover once i get to this point i can't go any further so i can't just keep kicking it and then like literally do a little scoop in so final attempts from here all right so i just need a little little delicate touch through here all right tell you what that is so this is my sixth shot to get it into the bin this is the final one and i have to obviously get it before 10 attempts to avoid doing the forfeits right first attempt well that wasn't great sorry dyson here we go seventh attempt i can do this oh it's just this dicta come on what is that what's that you stupid man oh that was such a close one all right tenth attempt always been a man for the big stage this is it [Music] the biggest stage of them all what is that attempt right guess it's the forfeit of this challenge then so it's not done in 10 attempts the forfeit will be after this i still got to finish this though obviously yeah have some of that oh he's done it he's done it [Music] okay second forfeit of the video and we've got two left okay two possible text messages left this one is will you be my best man oh that is the one i didn't want so this is in the event that me and shan got married and uh yeah into the youtuber pot i think it is it's harry it is harry there's my title sorry chad you're out so it's a bit of a weird one but about a week ago i asked shannon if she'd marry me and she said yes we're planning on having the wedding next summer so loads of time for planning yet but wondering if you'd like to be my best man and scent good well that's gone time to uh sit and reflect on uh how my life has led me to this aries just replied straight away um what i just reminded that for real uh no oh i've got to tell him i can't keep going this is well we got the answer that we were looking for and harry harry would have said yes i proposed to harry now thank you harry thank you i've got to tell him now i'm going to send him out so i just replied like hook cline and sinker we totally got harry having lunch or something with simon reeve and will and apparently you told him that we got engaged that's amazing harry's uh he's got a strong shout for actually being my best man after that that's that's incredible commitment harry i'm so sorry this is the kitchen main components being tv on the wall so you can watch football whilst cooking that's pretty important so in this challenge i'm gonna have the ball thrown into me from the kitchen i have to just keep it off the floor okay so i can take as many touches as i want and then to volley it past the big lad in goal gonna score bear goals come on come on come on still off the ground yeah that could have broken oh come on sort out the touch now he'll unleash sensational goal from luka modric [Music] saved by the door frame oh my god just anti-climactic really wasn't it [Music] oh the door frame it's got me again oh he saved it straight in the midriff great save leave him alone come on he's just trying to push up his pension leave him alone oh i have with that i hammered that this one i'm gonna wipe that smug look off his face oh the door frame saved him yet again right one goal out of the ten there that's not bad at least it's not on forfeit and it was a good one [Music] unfortunately all this is going to be filled with you know furniture and things soon which um will somewhat hinder football arena qualities but um if you do want to see any more stuff like this and things about my setup then please do let me know hope you're good thank you so much for watching and i will see you later you