Formerly Homeless Man Returns to College After 40 Years

he may have been homeless but it's not stopping him from getting a college degree David Carter dropped out of school in the 70s after struggling with mental health issues but he never stopped dreaming of returning to the classroom devote what's left of my life to research and writing books he's registered for classes at the University of Texas at Austin it's possible thanks to help from a journalism student on campus Ryan Chandler profiled David for the school newspaper and learned he wanted to reapply to the school but couldn't afford the application fee so Ryan stepped in to help David is a perfect example of how if you are homeless it is of no fault to yourself you have struggled with issues throughout life that are not your fault but you still have hopes and dreams just like everybody else and I think more students need to do a better job realize David has a few more credits to finish and has a lot of support to make it happen good people are my friends on campus so righteousness so many times I think David is someone who can be extremely motivated given the resources and the best part an anonymous donor is paying for the tuition this is inside