Formula One Hanoi gears up for the Vietnam Grand Prix

the f1 calendar currently has 21 races including this one laid out on the streets of Singapore and the market here in Asia is growing with the addition of the Vietnam Grand Prix in April of 2020 now here at the Singapore Grand Prix I caught up with the woman at the helm of the upcoming race in Hanoi this is the first time ever such a world-class event like Formula one come to Vietnam I cannot express how much joy and how proud we are that Vietnam finally is a host and will join the Formula one family in 2020 and that will bring us to the world to to showcase us to the world how well the country is becoming how developed we are how friendly the people can be how interesting the culture can be and how good the food can be - here in Singapore you must be taking notes you know what are your takeaways what are you learning not just the Singaporean Grand Prix but also I've been to quite a few other Grand Prix to learn I mean when we join Formula One we feel like this is a family everyone that we met have been very helpful very supportive of us and share with us a lot of tips but I think the most important thing that we get from this is a Grand Prix is a huge event but you have to break it down to small details and the level of coordination as well as the level of detail preparation is the most important thing and for the f1 racers what is the circuit gonna be like how are they going to be tested in Hanoi our track is five thousand six hundred and seven meters long with 23 turns and there's a long stretch so all the terms will give the chance for the Formula One races to show how skillful they are when they overtake each other and also there's a long stretch of about almost 1.6 kilometre where all the results will be able to show also the speed of their cars can reach so according to calculations the highest speed they can Ricky probably the route 335 km/h and for the fans when they go to the Vietnam run free how are they going to experience something that is distinctly in Hanoi Hanoi is a city of more than 1000 years in history and over the time we accumulated a rich culture that when people are there they will they will immerse themselves in it they wash they will live in the atmosphere and I have to ask you about boom cha this is the Hanoi television yeah the pork patty the bras the noodles the chilies and mylar your visitors going to be able to get an authentic bowl of boon shop on site at the Vietnam Grand Prix ok so that is so it can be mooncalf from the north it can be something very distinctive from the central of Vietnam it can be something else very yummy from the South we want to have a food festival that showcase Vietnamese food that everyone who come to get nan to see the Grand Prix or to have not to see the Grand Prix will be able to experience that and I'm sure that come back for it for more