Four Posts Qigong Exercise Consolidating Energy

all right so we did the five elements visit the triple heater the three burner so now this is just as important called the for standing post so it's not as dynamic as the other exercises but what it does it helps consolidate the energy because even though we're not moving there's a lot of things happening inside so and a lot of really high level March artists and they're like the standing posts are the most important they're the ones that give you the most energy the vitality even though the ones that are really difficult to do in for myself so the four posts they're going to be four different standing postures that you're supposed to hold for a lease you can do it for five minutes or so or just start with a minute because I'm it's gonna be difficult more difficult than the other ones actually so again same posture right sinking underneath singing towards your feet knees are bent tamil tucked underneath alright going to wuji posture shoulders nice and relaxed all the way from the top of your head and the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth so from here the first post is embracing posture we then oh now this your thumb is going to be on line with around your PEC area right holding this tailbone tucked underneath you want to have this nice roundedness and you're essentially gonna hold this for about a minute so the embracing posture so as you're doing this you just want to go through your alignments or else like you're gonna feel parts of your body if you've had previous injuries it is gonna be you're gonna feel them and that's okay it's not there's not anything wrong it's just where your energy is stuck so as you stand for longer and these postures you're actually going to help release the tension and the point of kind of going into these postures and the alignment that we do is to help the muscles relax as much as possible so really it's just our skeletal structure essentially that's holding us up that's the whole point of this so it puts everything in alignment so you put the least amount of tension in our muscles so even for me I've had injuries I feel it already in my knees and my shoulders and that's okay you might get really warm and that's normal sweat or have like spontaneous movements and that's all normal part of the process so first on embracing embracing processer the second cost are you're gonna breathe in and you never turn your hands outward all right shoulders still relaxed elbows in nice and heavy so you're gonna hold this again for another minute and everyone's gonna feel different you almost feeling like if the previous posture you're like holding something now you're pushing something out so you're feeling this kind of resistance like you're you're keeping things away pushing outwards again go through the alignment if you're feeling areas of pain so you distract yourself by feeling the feet when the energy is knees bent tailbone tucked underneath either way the top of your head now the third posture we then out I'm gonna rotate the elbows down you might get some relief doing this and this is another like Tiger pouncing they like Tigers in Chinese medicine so the energy for this I almost feel like it's going outwards too like you want to like pounce on someone so it wasn't nice and heavy right the palms are outwards you feel energy go out here palms again going through the postures holding it for about a minute or so this is probably more relaxing than the first two you know the first two are kind of difficult so a lot of people feel more relief when they're in this and the last one the fourth one we then out gonna bring your hands kind of close to in martial arts we call this the qua but the inguinal region so you'll bring their hands downwards the palms facing towards the floor right still rounded again that sensation of the beach volleyball that resistance you want to feel and it's probably a little bit easier to do than the first two again so very relaxed right going through the stance the posture just regular breathing kidney breathing as well holding it for about a minute and as so this is towards the I know the final elements that you going after we did everything from here you kind of want to close out so to do that you're gonna breathe in and bring your right foot in to your left so breathing in and I bring your right foot your hands going to come up through the shoulder breathing out bringing all the energy back down and coming in for me I put my hands underneath my belly button and I just kind of consolidate the energy in here and that's the end everyone thank you so much for watching my videos this is dr. kameena from Aria holistic pain management located here in Clarksburg Maryland I specialize and more holistic pain management any sort of pain chronic pain emotional pain stuff like that if you want to know more about me and learn more about what I do you can visit my web site at [Music]