FreeCAD Arch 3D Modeling with Constraints 04

[Music] hello and welcome on this its freak'n my name is ridges and now we take you to freak out alright so so in this episode of freak out I am going to take you in in the second type of modeling this type of modeling is not going to be like the style that we used before though we're going to be mostly taking advantage of the sketcher this time the schedule workbench is a very very powerful inside this is the way that free this is what free cat was initially meant to do and it works with parameters and dimensions and stuff let's control things with constraints and so this is a very very powerful tool that you can use so we're going to see how we can model the same object using the sketcher and this also continues the workflow attempts so for moving from the 2d and then basically when you're able to generate this kind of shape you know and once you have you know an idea of a general shape like this one and so now you want to be able to control the building to control the model so let's say we want to now provide it some some parameters some information that allows us to tweak to tweak the shape the way we want it so I'm good we're going to try to model it with the sketcher and you quickly see what I mean by that right so what do I want to do what maybe I want to use one of these lines as a starting point and I'm going to draw it on the side maybe so it's easily differentiable so I'm going to go to top view I'm probably set my view to autographic and then and then I'm going to go to wireframe all right so here want to get the outline first so maybe I want to get the outline as a guide so I can show you what to do with it so maybe I'm gonna go back to the draft so now I'm just going to take that object make sure I'm in top plane all right so now no snaps along there there there there there there there there there okay so that's my outline one that's the form of building maybe I got to get the roof outline as well look at that one two three four and five does the roof outline going to rename that the wire roof line rename that flow outline all right and maybe you can get a get the crowd slap as well okay so from here to there there there and close that three name all right so there we go I'm going to select them and then move them to the side all right just punku-- to the side like this good so now they're going to serve me as a reference guide so now I'm going to get to sketcher probably going to go back to no shading here make all of this make face false all right top view make sure I'm in navigation blend CAD okay so go back to the sketcher and in the sketcher I'm going to create a new sketch and the XY plane of course okay scroll out and here I'm going to draw the sketch on the sketcher outline so just going to use this tool right here just do something and mix it like this okay looking good so now I'm going to constrain it live it do that that and that okay does everybody get some and then you try everybody's parallel and perpendicular okay so now I want to I want to snap them around and those edges so I'm going to take this tool and do that what's it called again create an edge link to an external geometry I'm just using the external geometry here just as a for this particular exercise just as am a guide to see where I want to put my objects but in other parts I will not I'll be using 3d objects as a means to control the positioning of things but I'll show you that here a little bit so now that I have all the edges selected I want to snap these corners in this angle so I'm going to use this tool here pretty coincidental constraint so I'm going to select that click here and then click that so it snaps right there so like that and then select that and that select that and then select that and that like that and then select that and that you see that the whole thing is constrained so everything is turned green it tells me that everything it's going strains in the air you can see all the different constraints that are just applied here ok so what I can also do now is that I can delete I see what I want to do is be able to control this with dimensions well ok let me just first close it right now to show you what I mean close this so if I hide the flow outline so that's my sketch so if I were to bring up the flow outline here and I were to go to let see the edit mode and I want to edit this point for example like this I'm finish sketch where my sketch did not it's not update because this one too many more constraints than they should be so I'm going to delete this constraint okay there you go so probably I want I do not want all this parallel perpendicular constraints the coins then two constraints we just defined okay so close that so right so now the sketch update so if I come back here and edit that again you can see the sketch updates as well so to show you exactly how this work let's say I wanted um I let's say I wanted um I'm going to turn it into structure so instead of controlling the structure which has its own sketch you see there I can just control the flow outline so to speak so I can go back to draft and edit and you can simply those things as I didn't see how it updates the drawing so this is very good when you try to control things and it's very efficient to smooth so now I'm going to go back to how things were trying to beat everything okay so my sketch is back in place but this is that okay let's fix that so this is what makes working with draft wires a little bit unpleasant compared to the sketch that everything is a matter of what you try to do so different methods different purposes sometimes convenient so close that and so my sketch now is updated perfect so I need to delete this constraint again [Music] then they danced okay so now I want to delete this so I can now use this sketch to control things so I'm going to delete this yes [Music] with and do that okay so that's good all right so I have all this lines the guidelines that I use all the way to 12 ok 1 2 3 6 7 8 delete although those are the good lines each delete re so now I'm left with the real light close that now let's see what happens whereas I took off the the thing that was connecting that sketch so now in this sketch what I can do which is what is cool is that I can now um I can love this constrain this right here not the rock so you won't move so I can I can put this dimension constraint here and call this total length okay and I can call this total waste all right [Music] the 19 called is what would that be that would be bedroom then I guess [Music] big [Music] this um then three [Music] leaving Lent [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay maybe this would be half eight more degrees freedom this guy here moved to the Byzantine make it perpendicular [Music] long listen to okay and then you are going to be parallel like this like this like this and you will be vertically constrained and everybody else will be parallel like so perfect so this constraint is alert too much click to show delete ok so 0 constraint for the constraints get resolved update so close that so now I have my floor planner I can easily control at any time I want so um the next thing is that ok so that's the roof thing so maybe we want to do the same thing with roof so I am going to create a new sketch top view new sketch object X and here I am going to draw a box like so and I am going to take this this is critical to create an edge link select that line that line that line that line that line that that that ok so here this is where I signed some dimensions so you see that this can move has four degrees of freedom so I'm going to take this and take that and tell it to be 0.6 like this do the same thing here 0.6 like this so this would make sure that no matter how much my wall is going to move the sketch will stay consistent with the offset of the roof is going to stay consistent so here's 1/6 and one last one so yeah only one degree of freedom left and it's basically this point that I need to control so I'm going to put one more dimension here and then I can offset that 0.6 okay so everything is strained so it's clean so close that so that's my second scape so I can delete the roof outline that was placed on this sketch and I want to create a brown outline as well free new sketch course and I'm going to basically do the same thing I'm going to create the square about this watch and I am going to constrain it from the edges of the house so I'm going to select this again like this and I'm going to put one of those dimensions again like this so maybe I'm going to tell it to be 1.2 this time okay sticking it here's well 1.2 so that's the constant offset that I want to maintain from the edge of the house 1.2 [Music] okay now we are in business close that and delete this yes so let's test this thing out so if I take my sketch here and I come to the data and I go to constrain you will see that I have all this information that I entered to roll and total width bed length that weight and all that so let's I took the total length here the total length seven point nine and we just change that to let's say nine all right so you can see how everything did update along with that so let's give it seven four nine okay just so we can stay consistent so now that we have that let's just lay out our first information this is for the wall it's going to create the wall right there [Music] so that that's the sketch you can see that the sketch is at the center of the wall I'm going to select the one I'm going to tell it to be right justified yes that's what I want and fading so we can look at that and compare along the way okay so that's what we have and fall roof I'm going to create a slab and sell it to be I wanted thickness to be zero one two okay and I want it to be I want a normal one and I want to offset that from the ground from the placement by three position three and all right we are in business you perspective and of course my ground slab give me slab here this is what you're going to be your point - okay and what else it's looking good so forth okay so now let's test out structure again so I'm going to come to the constraints and I want to change that ten everything is updated nice and well so 7:49 there you go so you can see how by constraining the drunk and just manipulate this dimensions and I can have the drawing update the way I want okay so we're going to do the same thing for the remaining features let's say I want to put the roof like I had before so the thing is that we one sketch I can control everything so for this roof I'm going to use the same sketch here which is that sketch on the floor and I'm also going to create that single type of wall structure I'm going to tell the wall to be justified to the inside right okay looking good we're going to tell it to be what's your height height 0.2 and the placement to be 3.2 [Music] placement position drip into em there you go so probably increase this to 0.4 okay there you go and then I am going to use the same sketch to create the roof outline so let's say this mail rule and it created an inverted roof so let me select a roof again it's the normal strange you give me [Music] the roof converges well I'm not exactly sure why the roof is inverted I've to take a look at that again our better than to pretend that for additional Amit put you in the right position so I think the height here we three point six meters by that still looks like it's inside so maybe it out eight no seven all right that looks bit more realistic so that looks interesting I'm going to keep that for now so that's that for the roof so let's take that's the drawing game so that's my line I am going to come to the constraints and here I'm going to just entertain again and looking good twenty Wow I have a nice building that is nicely control so I'm going to go back to seven point nine okay so the next thing is I want to draw my windows and doors and all that so let me say that I want to draw a door so it's going to go to the front view well I'm going to draw a window first a little come here and let's see make a face here go to the sketch and I can just go to the front view autographic so then this front face I'm going to create a new sketch and it's flat face then I'm going to create a box here and another box here it so this line I'm going to make it now what and here as well so let's say that I want this to be 100 mil like this I want this as well 100 mil what happened 100 mil okay and a em deck oops it moved all of it here so I'm just going to drag that here missed shading [Music] okay all right so it's going on here okay [Music] [Music] all right so here we go we have something simple one on each side here's why [Music] the suit Oh [Applause] [Music] this should meet one the spaceship [Applause] [Music] there you go so you just make a nice lick and strange thing like this and you're good to go so now why the wise is cool because now you can constrain that from this edge and this edge okay so now what can I do with you I want you to be at the center here so I need to probably do this this and this that's not going to work like that also I had this dimension here this dimension here is that it will allow me to control the window on each side and one last time and change from here this point I do this night l-31 meters of the ground so the the things completely constrain so I close this sketch as you can see there's my sketch something's wrong with the different shading stuff so not I have a sketch like this all I have to do now is go back to the objects workbench in just press the window button as you can see I have a window that's immediately created so exactly quite consistent well we will expect really quickly so the windows this is the window I created that's the sketch so double-click on the window and I can enter inside the window and so what I want tell it to do is I this is the default component we're going to edit this this is the frames I'm going to call it strain as well and I'm going to make it a thickness of let's say 200 millimeters as well 200 so and our little date and you see I created this component I close that you see the window and double click on that again so now I'm going to create probably remove that okay now I'm going to create the glass so I'm going to select not that wire but these are the wire I'm going to add selected wire make sure that it appears here wire 0cy zero and in color glass here and then here call it glass tunnel and then give it a thickness of maybe ten millimeters and update okay so that our glass as you can see but we want to offset that a little bit more so which like that edit and offset that by maybe 100 and it makes it slightly take a 30 millimeter maybe okay so it's looking good so this is how you get a parametric window so maybe I'm thinking the frames are too thick so I can easily come back into the sketch look at the sketch and just to like frame laughs all right look at this sketch tell this to be maybe 0-5 zero five you as well you're 5 and you 0 5 and then close and you see that the window is nicely updated everything is good okay so next page is let me hide this like that like that so I can work with something so next thing is creating the door so I'm going to create this door here so I'm going to put myself on this face make sure my face on that and I am simply going to select this tool again create window objects and I'm going to select maybe glass door okay and I'm just not even going to worry about anything just knock them into place and I have this tiny interesting door let me hide this and let me put the plane back in the xyc okay so now I have the same wall this is my wall I'm gonna go and select that door okay so I'm going to double click into the door the outer frame I'm going to edit that edit and tell it to be went to as well and no offset zero Update component try and show you what happened wireframe closed let's see if I can do it okay so this is what it looked like before so now I update the component that's what it turns out to be and so maybe I'm thinking it's too thick I'll fix that later maybe I want to put this the door swing inside so it doesn't click on that that will be the inner frame I suppose I did that as well maybe the thickness is too much you're fine and also the offset is probably too much maybe go for 0-5 as well and see what happens update okay so it's nice inside except that my glass it's outside so maybe I'm going to edit that sell it to be 100 mil update okay let's good enough and then fix the glass in a glass edit the thickness is fine but I want you to be inside there so the gipset butchered one update no too far in edit zero one five suppose too far out and it here one two update so there you go you look good new shading okay that's my door so now once fix on the outsides I'm gonna close that and come back to sketch save that come back to the sketch double click on it you let me fix the view orthographic front view alright so now let's talk about the sketch I want to fix the height that's my main concern so I'm going to tell this height to be two point one like this close you know I could've easily done that here as well since this is a door it has the high property as well but everything fix it from here and let's see what happens you can one okay well it's connected somehow yeah it's a point one so yeah I could simply come here and tell it one point five there you go on to point one all right so but I'm not done with the sketch so I'm gonna make sure my plane is here and then select this sketch and simply drag him down because everything is controlled by the scape so I can slap it here I have moved or down to the ground okay now I'm back to the sketch or let's see if I can control the door thickness of the frame from here no I'm gonna do it from the sketch as well this is why working with these parameters are very cool because at any point you can control the objects let me just expose all this so I can see who is who okay so I want to change this thickness to 0-5 this one as well as yourself this is well 0-5 this is 1:05 this stays 100 okay looking good close that and that's my dog we have a nice doll we have a nice door let's make it look even better I'm going to change this to 0.2 but we have a nice also everything is very controlled and if I want my door to move as well along with the edge I'm going to put a dimension here so that it remembers to lock it here and not move at all close that okay so now the next part is I just want to create the remaining feature so what I'm going to do here simply going to clone all of these elements so for example on the door I am going to clone them and place them somewhat similar similar locations and this drawing so I'm going to select that door and I'm going to clone it right and I'm going to move that clone but first I am going to select this face and then I'm going to select this floor and I am going to move him onto that edge somewhere alright and this and you can see that it's not doing anything as its not appearing well that's because the door does not see that it's inside this wall so I'm going to insert it by selecting the door and then selecting the wall and at the glass button and it's going to add this door into the wall but something is interesting it's losing the material property of the door so if I select that for example in a way to right-click on it and say appearance shape cards like that I can always bring it back to to the two regional color like so so that's how you change the doors you clone other some of these objects and the reason why you do it like this is because the original door will ring it's the one that you can edit and every time you will change something about that original door let's say this door I wanted to be maybe 2.5 you can see that it's going to update everything everywhere all the doors everywhere so that's the main sketch that controls everybody so let's say I wanted to grab this sketch or maybe I wanted to say I want you to be 200 like this because that you can see that everything is being updated at the same time so that's extremely handy so the pencil 250 million okay and so likewise you can do the same thing for the windows as well it's just the same duplication techniques so now I'm going to show you for the foundations how does that work for the foundation I'm also going to use this line that I used to create the wall this line sketch with all the parameters so I am going to simply create a new wall like this and I can tell the wall then sell the wall to be this one wanted I'm going to create first a foundation wall so assuming you are in a climate where you want high mountain which required which you can afford to have foundation walls let's say 1 meters tall ok like this of one is not one millimeter than the manor okay and so I'm going to bring it down placement by negative 1 meter like this of course I'm going to change the center to the left exactly but on top of that I'm going to give him an extra thickness so instead of two I'm going to give it to put two like this so you can see that and I'm going to use the same sketch to create the foundation fooling now so I create another wall like this I'm going to tell this go on to be so have a hike oh it just get something good zero point four okay that's all right zero point four meters tall and then I'm going to put it down by negative one point four like this so you can see how it's going with position I will make him Center justify all right as well left like this but now I'm going to give him a thickness of six like this good w-would you look like why fragrant so now I'm going to try to offset let's say you can 60.3 matrix in the wrong direction time- make a table okay let's see what you look like shading all right that exactly the result so say - okay I think this is more accurate so now I'm just going to change the color make that maybe this story and you we have our foundation so that this sketch let me bring back the roof where are you one two three four okay so there you go so you see that with three sketches I'm able to create all these three different elements I love you VP so I'm able to create all these the three different elements that I'm always able to control with the constraints so if I go to ten everything updates as I want so that's ten the foundation updated as well the slabs updated I go to total with living land living with maybe I want the living with to be four maybe meat for everything's good okay let's see so on the living with to be 10 [Music] okay so now it didn't update the slide because I did not connect their sketches with [Music] the nodes so that's the how to fix those so that sketch main guy those kids wore snitch anyway this wall sketch here close of uu0 and into the ditch wireframe 15 see I connected this node from here and not here so if I delete this and did this instead 0.6 and what in the direction okay so that's going to control that now so you can see the roof updated and obviously you want to do the same thing the ground slab as well where you delete this move that and you do that and you do that one soon okay looking good looking good and shading little stitches and so as you can see it's just a question of playing with settings and everything seems to be easy to update at any time so instead of making this story extremely long I think you get the point of what you can do with the sketch and those parameters they're very powerful if you know how to use them so thank you and thank you for watching [Music] [Music] you