Friends Phoebe and Joey The baby needs the meat

what is it hon think I don't can't find anything that I want to eat everything makes me nauseous I'm telling you being pregnant is no piece of cake Oh cake no I'm sorry ooh what is that smell it's coming from the bathroom oh well pregnancy does give you some weird cravings yeah it's me it's Phoebe listen there's something in here I want to eat what smells so good is it the shampoo it's guava No oh wait wait is it my bologna sandwich yes yes yes can't believe it the baby wants Bologna maybe wants me to eat meat I can't eat meat wait wait maybe it's a pickle yeah what are you gonna put on top of that little salami oh yeah then what goes on top of the salami OPA straw me you're a genius it doesn't matter how much I'm crazy you know I'm never gonna eat meat just murder look let it murder okay there's a Phoebe on my sandwich baby what are you doing I'm topless I need to meet the baby needs to meet you know when you dating someone and you don't a cheat on unless it's with someone really hot yeah totally all right well this is the same kind of deal if you're gonna do something wrong do it right [Music] feel better now knows better what cost six more months three meals a day I'm gonna eat like you know millions of cows hey what if I said I could even things out for you meat wise what Oh I eat a lot of meat right yeah but suppose until the baby's born I laid office no extra animals would die you just be eating my animals can't believe you would do that for me absolutely I could be a vegetarian there's no meat and beer right what do you got there oh yeah hey you know what goes good with that beef I'm just gonna say Bologna but that's much better how about a little that smoked turkey okay [Music] oh well when when is the baby due six months hey if a cow should die of natural causes I could have one of those right not if I get there first you [Music]