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[Music] hey guys it's me Carrie from PUA training first of all I'd like to thank you for all the questions that you sent me in regards to the three questions that I said I was going to answer for you via video I've had a lot a lot of questions sent to me via Facebook via myspace or direct email and I've picked the three that I'm going to answer today I want to look at the most common question that I got and it's actually the most common question one of the most common questions that I get asked by my students all the time which is how do I get away from being in the friendzone had a lot of emails from guys saying how they're really crazy about this girl but she just sees them as a friend and it's all within different timeframes some of them have told me that they've been crazy about a girl for five months some for one year I've actually had a student who was crazy crazy in love about a girl seven years and I managed to help him so if you find that you're in this position or so I'm going to try and help you to then the first thing I'll say is that you should watch my other video which was about nice guys the reason I'm telling you to do this is because usually being a nice guy results in getting in the friendzone if you find that this happens to you quite a lot that's a video you should watch first but back to the question today getting out of the friend zone first of all the longer that you leave it for the longer that you're in a friendship for with a girl the harder it is to make something sexual happen but like I said not impossible as general rule I tell my students that by the third day they should have made some form of sexual escalation but if it's in your case and you've been friends at the Gulf of five six months okay it's a bit more of a challenge but we're going to get there let's start off with what you shouldn't do it did not make any sudden moves do not listen to your friends attending you - just try it on with her you cannot just try it on with a girl that you've been friends with for too long although you had all this drama going on in your head for a long time she's completely unaware of it so if you were to just suddenly try it on with her and try and create a mood with her it's not going to work you have to understand it from the woman's point of view she sees you as a friend and friendships are based on trust so for you to suddenly try on with her is going to break that trust if you break that trust she's going to feel shocked violated and upset don't think that after she's rejected you that you can go back to how it was we'll never go back to how it was the woman might be very polite about the situation but there's going to be this underlying embarrassment the whole time and class you have broken that trust that she had for you so what should you do you need to alter perception of you nice and slowly again it depends on how long you've been friends with her for now right now a perception of you is somewhat of a monk that's how you've been presenting yourself slightly to her so what you need to start doing is you need to start literally talking about sex around her a lot more now when I say talking about sex it doesn't mean you have to direct the conversation at her I think that that would be a step too far and I'm sure you will agree on that so what you start doing is you need to start talking to her about more sexual things like how you talk to your male friends but with a less vulgar tone obviously what I mean by this is you want to start talking to her about girls that you've had sex with what you did the night before with another girl when you walk in the street I want you to check out other girls in front of her and I want you to say she's hot she's sexy and I would like you to go and chat up those girls in front of your friend her perception of you has to start to change you can't be coming across a sense of a month or a unit anymore the second step is to start slowly directing for sexual conversation towards her but ever so subtly what I mean by this is women a lot of time ask the guy for advice how do I learn does my ass look big in this etc instead of telling her that she looks lovely or she looks nice you want to move away from terminology like this and starts to use sexy and hot if she doesn't look sexy in the pot tell her how she could look sexy in these small changes and slow progression will make it a lot easier for you to get to that moment where you are going to try it on with her remember this is very much about altering her perception of you nice and slowly so they summarized this start off about talking about sex around her a lot more but not directly to her second which you asked for advice stay away from words like nice lovely stop using words like sexy hot maybe a little small suggestion that yes you could fancy her if she did a she did be and then comes some mild flirting and then on the fourth stage that's the point when you should have got her psychologically ready to actually try on with her now I know this is a slow process and I know that you wanted me to turn around and just say to her try it on with her via some red roses and she'll sleep with you that evening but unfortunately that's not the case but apply these four steps in the situation you're with with the girl and you will see results the worst case known is that you sense that she's not interested or not by the first or second stage so it doesn't actually have to get to that point where you try on with her for her to reject you but usually I find that this technique has really really helped my students so apply it to your situation [Music]