Frittatina di pasta di Paolo De Simone Da Zero

Hi everybody, I'm Paolo De Simone from Pizzeria Da Zero. Today I want to show you our frittatina di pasta. Frittata di pasta is traditionally born to save the leftovers of a dish from the day before. We created our own version, our own recipe, personalized. The base of the dish is clearly pasta, in this case bucatini. You can also use any pasta shape at wish, mostly, whatever you have at home. Then there's breadcrumbs, flour, pork cheek, some cooked ham, smoked provola cheese, Gorgonzola, parmigiano reggiano, milk, salt and pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Let's start making our recipe. Let's heat the oil up in a pot. Let's add the ham and pork cheek and let it slightly brown on a medium flame, avoiding aggressive browning. Let's now add flour and let it brown some more. Let's add milk, some water straight away, and make everything boil. Without adding salt, be careful, as we already used ingredients that are really salty: pork cheek, ham... Another pinch of pepper. Let's keep turning it. As it heats up, the sauce will get a bit thicker, it's all right. On the side, we're bringing some water to a boil to heat the pasta up. Let's throw the pasta in. We slightly salted the water before. Pasta should be half cooked, so if it cooks in 10 minutes, we'll let it cook for 4 minutes at most. If it takes 15 minutes, we'll cook it for 6 or 7 minutes. I will heat it up for 5 minutes only, in this case. Here we are. We're taking it out with a spider skimmer directly in our sauce. Let's mix and break it a little, as we still have a tense pasta. The cooking will go on here. Let's add our smoked provola and Gorgonzola, parmigiano. Let's mix, always on a medium flame, just some more minutes. This is why we don't cook the pasta completely: we'll keep cooking it on the flame. We're almost there. We can smell the taste coming up. As soon as the cheeses get stringy, we'll pour our compound in a mold, in a tray. Let's spread it well and let it incorporate some more. Once the compound cools down, we're ready to cut and bread it. To mold it, in technical jargon, with a round food ring mold, medium sized, let's cut it and dip it directly in the breadcrumbs. We're closing them and welding them with the breadcrumbs, so the oil doesn't seep inside. I'd recommend to buy the breadcrumbs from a trusted bakery, avoiding the pre-packed one. Let's place it here. Voila! Now that we molded them, we'll dip them in hot oil, at a temperature of 170-180°C. As soon as it's hot enough, we'll be frying our pasta bombs. In this case, we used extra virgin olive oil, but you can use seeds oil that is much lighter for a home kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil must be kept more controlled, as its smoking point is lower. So, the extra virgin olive oil can get to 180-190°C, a good seeds oil can get up to 220-250°C. The frying time goes from 3 minutes to 4 minutes, as it's a quite large piece and it needs the heat to get in all the way to the center, so it needs a little bit more time. The color must be brown. Now they're ready. They'll always be a little darker because, as I said before, the important step is to keep them some more time in the oil, the heat has to go all the way inside and heat the cheese up again, with all the taste. Let's cut them. Here it is! After all our work, we have to try it straight away! It's the first time I reveal the secrets of our frittatina di pasta... so cherish them and make good use of them! Greetings to everybody!