From Bellboy to GM The Westin GMs Hotel Career Pursuit

[Music] mrl thank you very much well nested it here at the Westin Paris Vendome my pleasure before we start talking about the hotel could you tell us a bit more about you about your background so I started my career in the mid 80s first as a bellboy and a doorman moving then to a concierge claydol later I wanted to experience something different so I went to university to get a degree in sales marketing which gave me the opportunity to work in group sales than the executive but as I was missing operations then I moved to the banqueting which dozens of views from the sales but I did then to be food and beverage management moving then to the French Riviera and then I got my first Operations Manager position in Portugal and it's the same country which gave me my first GM position moving then to sunny island of tenerife and know for the last three years as GM here at the Westin you have been to many places during your career so what has been the biggest challenge that you have faith so the biggest challenge is to understand me the property you are joining each hotel is different from the other you have different level of Absolution satisfaction in get satisfaction GOP performance and so for me the most important so the biggest challenge is to ensure are giving enough time to understand why vo Ted is standing there in order to know how we can adapt the strategies to to better prove the river how do you keep motivated everything stay close to your employees they next to them give a good tap in the back when they are doing something special they will always appreciate it's not always about money the acquisition of a star by Marriott how does it impact you in the hotel at operational level the impact is still quite reduced because we are still in an emerging phase integrating the teams what has changed a bit is no we have a link between the mayor's reward programs the Starwood loyalty programs SPG allowing both spgs and Mario's reward gaps to exchange their phones between the two programs to be able to enjoy the 5,700 properties we have know worldwide the competitive rates have decreased since the last event the recent event has the pricing strategy also change in your case or how have you overcome this difficult time in Paris it is important to keep a pricing strategy which allows you to keep your positioning on the market we are the ways in Paris on them you don't buy a room today half price of money more yesterday we are delivering experiences to our gas the demand is look that's a fact what are we going to do to 5 - the competition knowing who is going to have the cheapest rate that is going to be damaging your tell you performance on the long term and recovering from that is difficult that's what we did we asked some tactical offers from time to time but we resist to that and we try to keep the same pricing as before are you doing to compete against EMV or is Airbnb a threat for the free hotel we are here to give a service and this is what is unique in hotels and that's what we have to fight for that as long as we fight for the quality of your service nobody is afraid so what would be your next I want to sting operations there is nothing more wonderful than serving people what advice would you give to young talents willing to develop a career in hospitality I would say number one be curious that the best way to learn the second thing I would say Epic's integrity you need to gain stress for your managers or from your colleagues who cares so for me ethics integrity is key and success and the last one I would say have fun it's a business about having fun because we we serve people and if we don't have fun doing that they will notice it and they will never lead us [Music] you [Music]