Full AZ phonic sounds FOR REFERENCE

okay following my first 10 letters of the alphabet and their phonics sounds I'm going to give you the whole alphabet okay this is a video for reference for teachers it's not a fun video for the kids okay remember in phonics there are three aspects to every letter there is a picture okay it's just a picture that's all that is there's a name to the picture the name for this letter is a the sound of the letter is app it's important you understand there are three parts okay the picture the name the sound the name is the least importance of all of them that's just what we use to spell words sound is how we decode words look up decoding if you teach very young learners look up Jolly Phonics can you add one into Jolly Phonics is wonderful if you're teaching slightly older look at Montessori phonics word families okay here we go for reference for the teacher do not put this on in class and take it as a lesson okay that would be lazy okay let's go a ah B but C cut d e f g h huh i ii j j k cut L la la mm and o P Q qua qua ah not left r s t you v not what would V W what what X this is a K and an s-sound together as in box fox not a Bob Bob no why yeah yep Z s can often have this sound if it's what we call a hard s as in the word I s is I hope this is useful if you need any help message me on Facebook or YouTube I will do stage one Montessori next how to blend basic consonant and vowel thank you