Full George Floyd Murder Mayor Jacob Frey DOJ Statement

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Floyd under suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 bill can't even live through the arrest I mean I think that's what I'm not a fan of vigilante justice I think you're just creating additional victims and you're taking away from your argument but but it would do us all well to take a step back and try to see the genesis of this outrage Dylan roof is arrested without innocent after he murders non-people non black folks in a church in South Carolina and yet this guy can't even survive an arrest for a counterfeit $20 bill this is the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frye let's watch this I believe in Minneapolis I love Minneapolis and in believing in our city we must believe that we can be better than we have been you talk about the rule of law you hear the emotion in his voice after what he saw last night in his City a tray and you know I know you have concerns about what this means for all of us what it means for the country when we look at this situation yeah I guess my first question would be if you love me in the appleís why did you have a cop with this background this is not his first foray into inappropriate conduct so if you love Minneapolis why are you hiring and retaining cops that have resumes like this cop did look I think bill Barr this is a state matter but I hope bill Barr does get involved Martha and the first two phone calls he needs to make to me or to Tim Scott and Val Demmings one a senator one a House member valach horses a police chief we need a national conversation so we can it needs to be raw and it needs to be frank and it needs to be honest because we're not going to survive with a justice system that communities of color do not have confidence in and it's been that way for a long time we can't just have this talk after a black man is killed we got to have the talk the day before somebody is killed maybe we can prevent the next what the next killing but but we got to have a national conversation and I would start with Tim Scott and Val Demmings and he can put whoever else he wants on it but but this needs to be an American family conversation not people putting you know torches to target stores in Minneapolis that ain't gonna accomplish nothing well you know what we can start it right here maybe we can have Val Demings and you and Tim Scott all come together and we can start talking about this I would love that let's try to put that together I would too right thank you I would too yes all right let's work on it Trey thank you so much trey Gowdy yes ma'am this is breaking news WCCO hello everyone right now a Minneapolis Mayor jacob frye has taken the podium to update us on the investigation into the death of George Floyd let's listen in and shape events in their city but more often than not its events in our city that shape us there are precedents and protocols sitting in the reserves of institutions just like this one that will give you about a thousand reasons not to do something not to speak out not to act so quickly and I've wrestled with more than anything else over the last 36 hours one fundamental question why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail if you had done it or I had done it we would be behind bars right now and I cannot come up with a good answer to that question and so I'm calling on Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to act on the evidence before him I'm calling on him to charge the arresting officer in this case we cannot turn a blind eye it is on us as leaders to see this for what it is and call it what it is George Floyd deserves justice his family deserves justice the black community deserves justice and our city deserves justice well let's all stand for any questions I'm sorry say it one more time the evidence that I have before me right now which I hesitate to speak on in depth given the fact that I ultimately want a charging decision to move forward is somewhat limited to the video evidence that is there and I do not want to get into the the fundamentals of different classifications of murder I do not want to get into the fundamentals of H of any one specific charge for any one individual what I can say with certainty based on what I saw is that the individual the officer who had his knee on the neck of of George Floyd should be charged and I'm calling on Hennepin County Attorney to do that I'm not going to weigh on weigh in on the evidence I know there's clearly more evidence to come but I will say that based on what I saw in the video this is the decision that I am making obviously is not a prosecutor myself I have relayed I've relayed my call to action to the Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman yes I want to see a charge take place I want to see justice for George Floyd and me commenting on either the evidence of obviously much of which is not out yet and or a specific charge would inhibit that measure so again I want to see the charge of the arresting officer take place but if we want to see that charge it would not be wise for me to provide the specifics of a form of murder yes I will I apologize thank you for the question the question formal is was what role did I play in in responding to the protests that were occurring last night and I'd like to speak a little more broadly about this as well so right now more than ever I get the need to protest I fully understand and appreciate it people need a way to vent especially in a time of so much sorrow and anger and I'm not a parent yet but I will be soon and I can't begin to grasp the mix of emotions of anger of sadness that so many parents of black children have through our city and what they must feel in putting their child to bed without knowing what cards they will be dealt and not knowing how their safety might be put at risk and nobody out there will fight harder for the First Amendment protections and freedom of speech than I will nobody will fight harder for those rights to protest than I will but those rights they must stop when others Public Safety are put at risk the cars and the buildings that were broken or broken into in some form had live guns and ammo in them and I spoke with our chief Arredondo last night who is an exceptional leader in our black community and known as an exceptional chief nationwide and he told me that he could not run the risk of one tragedy leading to another our chief made the decision and I support our chief I trust his judgment and there's there's an inherent tension there's an inherent problem in this world of sound bites where those who are protesting peacefully get lumped in with those that are not were those who are policing compassionately get lumped in with those who are not and by the way I want to commend the 99% of protesters that were at there last night doing so in a peaceful manner and we need to be straightforward we need to be straightforward and honest with people 100% of the time we need to be continued we need to continue to be calling on our on our better angels especially during this time where where one crisis is sandwiched in on another I'm committed to doing that next question the question was that stated that no mayor has ever publicly called for the prosecution of one of his or her own officers before at least in I think you said in our state and the question is what went into that decision I mentioned earlier that there are protocols there is is guidance there's precedent that is almost instilled in the wall of these institutions like city government as if it were mortar and so many of those protocols say that you shouldn't act quick you shouldn't make a decisive decision you shouldn't speak out and they'll give you a thousand reasons why that guidance is given but there was one question in my mind that I could not answer if I'm tasked with being honest with people which I do promise to be how could I argue how could I not speak out when an offense took place that you or I or many other people through our city would have been behind bars if they did yet this particular individual this officer was not I could not answer that question and because of that I felt I had to speak out and by the way black men have been put in prison before for far far less [Music] the question is whether I have seen evidence that George Floyd resisted arrest in some form I have not seen any evidence to show that no I have not seen any evidence beyond what you've seen the question was I'll try to repeat what you said it seems that a counterfeit bill would not require such heavy police presence and why was there such heavy police presence there at the time and no I do not know I cannot speak to that I'd like to release it as as soon as is possible while not compromising the the investigation but more importantly the charge that I do hope will come forward the investigation itself is in the hands of the BCA right now and actually there are other investigative bodies as well the FBI being one of them we're looking at the legal logistics of how exactly that would work but again we want to be as transparent as possible there's every reason to provide the public with the truth there's also every reason to make sure that this investigation takes place in a way where we can get to a charging decision as soon as possible the question was as I'm calling on local authorities to make a decision and to come forward with a charge of the arresting officer the question is whether I'm asking federal authorities to do the same my understanding is that the the charging decision lies with the Hennepin County Attorney to the extent that I'm wrong and there is a charging decision that also lies with other bodies of government yeah I'm calling on that too it is a fair question that could the question was what are we talking about in time are we talking about three days two weeks Michelle to the extent I could give you an answer on that I would I I do not know I would like to see that footage released as soon as possible you know if we could do so in a way where we could ensure that investigation was not compromised the charging decision was moved it was moved forward with in the very near future you know yeah I'd do it right away so the question was with withstand korneyev whoo-hoo so the question was whether we can be confident that the Hennepin County Attorney can not have a bias in making a decision about this particular case you know I think we've seen a very long history in this country of charging decisions being made that did not do justice to the victims especially when the potential charging decision was against a law enforcement individual and even more so when that law enforcement officer was was white and the victim was was black you know I've stated what I want to see I am very hopeful that the the evidence will be reviewed and there's a charging decision will not just be made but there was a decision specifically there was a decision to charge I'm not gonna comment further than that I do not sure I'll give it to you straight up so the question was can i elaborate a little bit more on my belief that the arresting officer should be charged and yes we watched for five whole excruciating minutes as a white officer firmly pressed his knee into the neck of an unarmed handcuffed black man I saw no threat I saw nothing that would signal that this kind of force was necessary by the way there that particular technique that was used is not authorized by the MPD it is not something that officers are trained in on and should not be used period and so in so many of these horrible instances in which law enforcement tragically kills a member of our community we are talking about split-second decisions in so many of these instances we are talking about four or five or six seconds sometimes less where a decision was made that tragically killed somebody and an impacted a whole community we are not talking about a split-second decision that was made incorrectly there's somewhere around 300 seconds in those five minutes every one of which the officer could have turned back every second of which he could have removed his knee from George Floyd's neck every one of which he could have listened to community around him clearly saying that he needed to stop every one of which you heard George Floyd himself articulating the pain he was feeling an inability to breathe I can't see coming to a different answer there and I think it's incumbent on all of us to say that thank you no I have not yet [Music] not all of it maybe a little bit further back a little more distance oh that's right right you got to do the wingspan right first and foremost first and foremost I apologize profusely for the weight that you all had to have we thought we would have another development that I could tell you about unfortunately we don't at this point but I am here to talk to you about the federal investigation County Attorney mr. Freeman standing to my right is here to talk to you about the state investigation with me is Ryan Road rolls Hagin he is the special agent charged a Minneapolis FBI he too will talk about the federal investigation and superintendent Dru Evans from BCA will also make a few comments before we open it up for Question and Answer my name is Erica MacDonald I'm the United States Attorney here for the District of Minnesota on may 25th of 2020 George Floyd was arrested and detained by Minneapolis police officers I'm here to talk about and make sure the community and the media is aware that we are conducting a robust and meticulous investigation into the circumstances surrounding the events of May 25th 2020 and the police officer's actions on that evening I really probably don't need this to say this to all of you but Minneapolis our nation really the world has witnessed this incredibly and disturbing loss of life my heart goes out to George Floyd my heart goes out to his family my heart goes out to his friends and my heart goes out to the community we are grieving and we will to continue to grieve to be clear the Department of Justice has made the investigation in this case a top priority we have assigned highest to the high in my office to investigate and look at the case FBI likewise has assigned their experienced law enforcement officers to conduct the investigation and to be clear president Trump as well as attorney general attorney General William Barr are directly and actively monitoring the investigation in this case I have had direct communications with attorney general bar and his staff and will continue to do so the federal investigation in this case will determine whether the actions the former Minneapolis police officers took violated any federal criminal laws to include any civil rights violations federal civil rights criminal cases have categories and one is called under color of law in other words if an officer whether it be federal state local or tribal is actually acting under their authority and inserts or invokes the power bestowed upon them to deprive any person of any right or privilege protected by the Constitution or the laws of United States that is a violation of federal criminal law it must be proven that the subject took action or did not take action when he or she knew that was wrong and chose to do it anyway as with all matters the investigation in this case will be comprehensive and will be conducted with the highest integrity as the community would expect for those that aren't aware of my background prior to being the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota I was a judge in Dakota County for over eight plus years having sat on that side of the bench and having presided over a multitude of trials I can tell you I can tell the community I can tell everybody interested that it is critical it is in seneschal it is imperative that the investigation is done right and done right the first time and that is what we are going to do this has been a rapidly evolving situation we first learned of it in the early morning hours of Tuesday the FBI reached out directly to me and we had been working on this case non-stop since we were notified we understand the severity of the situation unfolding it breaks my heart to see what is going on in our streets in Minneapolis and in st. Paul and in some of our suburbs and I am pleading I am pleading with individuals to remain calm and to let us conduct this investigation give it just a minute before I blow over we share with the FBI and we share with our state partners who are conducting parallel but independent investigations so that is clear we have two different investigations and conclusions and recommendations that will come from those to each of our respective offices but we share an unwavering commitment to see that this investigation is done right that it's done forthwith that we act with dispatch and that we live up to the standards the community demands our highest priority is that justice will be served with that I am going to close my comments and turn it over to special agent-in-charge Reiner drills Haggen from the FBI Thank You Erica good afternoon my name is reinard roles Hagen I'm the special agent in charge of the Minneapolis field office echoing US Attorney's comments I'd like to say I express my complete condolences to the Floyd family I'd also like to express my sympathy to the citizens of Minnesota as there is extreme frustration anger and sadness I also want to thank chief are not Ron Oren Dondo a Minneapolis Police Department he reached out to me in the middle of the night and requested our assistance his call enabled me to immediately reach out to the US Attorney's Office to enlist their assistance and as such we were able to open an investigation in a matter of a few hours after the incident our role in this investigation is to investigate allegations of willful violations of federal civil rights the FBI team is following the path where the facts will lead us we are conducting a swift yet meticulous investigation in less than 72 hours much work has been done but I assure you there's much more to be accomplished I want to ensure that you understand we respond to cases like these as quickly as possible we will follow case to conclusion in partnership with our state partner the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension the FBI is the fat gathering agency we couldn't we collect facts and we need your help we're asking everyone that was present before during and after the incident to come forward to help us build the best picture of what occurred each little piece of the puzzle helps us complete the big picture if you have any information or if you have any videos or you know of anyone who can help us with this I encourage you to ask them to contact good afternoon I'm Mike Freeman Hennepin County Attorney we are the principal prosecuting agency for the state in the criminal side initially I want to say that my thoughts and those of my office continued to be with the family and the friends of George Floyd they know they are hurting over this senseless death the manager of our Victim Services Division has been in touch with George Floyd's family on several occasions and is keeping them updated on what is happening in this case they are aware that the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension better known as the BCA the Hennepin County Medical Examiner and the head of a County Attorney's Office are moving us quickly and thoroughly as possible I've also been in direct consultations with Governor Tim Walz with Attorney General keith Ellison and others in the state the city and the county the discussions on this case as many of you know the Hennepin County Attorney's Office is one of very few prosecution offices in the United States who have successfully charged and convicted and obtained a guilty verdict against a police officer for unreasonable use of deadly force we have developed a detailed plan for that prosecution and with the BCA a detailed plan for investigation our office has been flooded with calls many as a thousand a day as well as email and social media from people in this jurisdiction in this state and throughout the country the main questions what are you gonna do about the murder of George Floyd well I've just described what we're going to do we are going to investigate it as expeditiously as thoroughly and completely as justice demands sometimes that takes a little time and we ask people to be patient we have to do this right and that's what we'll do I also want to tell you that our office has led the nation and openness on these types of cases when we decide to charge an officer we put the criminal complaint on our website if we decide that the evidence is that does not support a criminal charge we put our report in all our evidence on the website for all to see when we make the decision in this case we will do the same when I can sure the citizens of Minnesota we will do it as quickly as we can do it as possibly we'll do it as quickly as possible I think Joe Evans from the BCA is next group Thank You County Attorney Freeman my name is drew Evans I am the superintendent of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension first I'd like to share with my colleagues here in expressing my deepest thoughts and sympathies to the family of George Floyd the heartbreak that they're going through in the community as a whole this is a difficult time for our entire community as they mourn his death the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension began this investigation immediately after this incident occurred when we were contacted by the Minna the Minneapolis Police Department agents were deployed including our crime scene immediately began gathering evidence talking to witnesses and then working immediately with the County Attorney's Office discussing our findings and what we had at that time next over the night as was indicated the FBI was contacted I spoke with chief Arredondo he informed me he was contacting them and that was a contact we all welcome in this process we're working very collaboratively together through this process our agents are working closely together we've deployed numerous resources we brought in agents from all over the state recognizing the importance of an expeditious quick investigation that is still thorough independent and unbiased by all of our organizations those findings will be turned over to the county attorney on the state side and on the federal side has noted to the United States Attorney's Office the same thing we share as the FBI did we want any citizen anybody who was there that witnessed this event that has information that would be helpful to our investigation to either call the FBI tips line or six five one seven nine three seven thousand which is the BC operation center my perspective is we want citizens to go wherever they are most comfortable whichever line they are so that we get all of the information in this case so we can conduct the most thorough investigation possible and with that I think we'll turn it over to the US Attorney and County Attorney Prakash and so at this point we're gonna open it up for questions I can't tell you I'll start by saying we've got questions too and we're getting answers to those we're doing our best we're digging in but we do and I want to echo what my law enforcement partners said we need the community's help there were folks there on the scene not folks that we couldn't identify necessarily at the time we need to know who they are come forward if you have a video please share it we want to do as quickly as we can a thorough investigation to get answers to those questions and I know that I saw the first hand going up was in front of me man you had a question my hope is that getting it out through you that the community will understand that we are taking this seriously that we're working as quickly as possible so the community understands we don't we don't announce investigations typically as you the media knows it's unusual for us to come forward and tell you about investigation as the United States Attorney we're counseled that we are not to talk about that until the time of the conviction typically or in some cases perhaps charges it was really it's really imperative that the community understands how seriously we're taking this and how quickly and swiftly we are moving on this and so my hope with that is is that people will understand peaceful protests are always acceptable that is the cornerstone of our justice system is that people have the right to say how they feel and to talk about their their feelings and to protest peacefully but the obstruction and the destruction of property and harmed individuals has got to stop we are one Minnesota we're at our best when our worst and got to come together and stop the needless and unnecessary destruction of property and harm to human life sir yes this state is well known and has a strong reputation for firm and thorough First Amendment advocate we support peaceful demonstrations I had a long talk today with Reverend Jesse Jackson who came at the request of Attorney General keith Ellison and the governor and I believe Reverend Jackson will be speaking and asking for peace peaceful protests today peaceful protest is good it advocates our rights and it also calls forth the witnesses that the United States attorney wants us to come forward violence is not violence hampers our case it takes valuable police resources away from our investigation and it also harms innocent people who had nothing to do with that it gets in the way of our work so we're asking please please say what you need to say demonstrate how you need to do that is in our Constitution and all of us believe in that but please don't destroy an innocent person property but nothing to do with it it's a violation of my ethics to talk and evaluate evidence before we announce our charging decision and I will not do that I will say this that that video is graphic and horrific and terrible and no person should do that but my job in the end is to prove that he violate a criminal statute and there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge we need to wait through all of that evidence and to come to of the medium of meaningful determination and we are doing that to the best of our ability Mike the National Guard is coming in can you get giving your accents on that reaction on the nasty t-shirt coming in what I bring them same message that african-american Attorney General the state of Minnesota keith Ellison is bringing I'm bringing the same message of the Reverend Jesse Jackson we have to do this right we have to prove it in a court of law and I will just point to you the comparison to what happened in Billy in Baltimore and the gray case it was a rush to charge it was a rush to justice and all of those people were found not guilty I will not rush to justice I'm going to do this right and those folks who know me in the African community know I will do my very level best but I will not rush justice because justice cannot be rushed Mike thank you for that it was wonderful to hear you say that you came down with other members of the community to ask for peace and that is the most that's probably the most positive thing I've heard here all day so I cannot begin to thank you enough for that and to the extent you can share that and you can share the integrity and the honesty of what we're doing and trying to tell you what's going on please do because we need you we need the community but it's really important that we emphasize it everybody everybody in the United States is entitled to due process of law and due process of law requires us as prosecutors as law enforcement officers to make sure that we've done a careful investigation and it requires us as I told you I tried as a judge I presided over hundreds of cases including first-degree murder cases I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that all your Ducks are in a row before you make that charging decision but you can't you can't undo what you've done if you rush but if you take that time you're gonna do it right the first time and you're gonna defeat it done the first time Mike I have a question just about national guard coming in now I mean there is there's sounds like fear and worry that this is going to escalate thoughts on the guard being called in oh well first off the decision to call in the National Guard is the governor's decision and I support his decision second you know I since I've been Hannibal County Attorney I try to do be the best prosecutor I can be and run the best office and I try to stay out of other people's business okay so the on the streets and the law enforcement is not my business directly I do encourage people not to to do dangerous things and to harm other people or property but I could say to you that we just can't rush this I've been involved in a number of these investigations the BCA has got their most veteran people and they are good I have leading the prosecution team the two prosecutors that brought justice in the Justin Damon case and as I said cubed earlier it's one of the few successful murder convictions of a police officer or using force in the country and I had a lot of pressure to hurry that to do it quickly you can't do that these need to be done right please give me and give the United States attorney that time to do this right and we will bring you justice I promise as may as you know from covering these kind of cases for a long time each of the facts are different and each of them have to be addressed differently I assure you that if the person who had committed the act and I do not condone or respect the act done by the police officer to mr. Floyd that was excessive and that was wrong the question in my business is is it criminal that's what I have to prove and you know if there are cases that you can quickly and easily evaluate most the cases particularly copy you some force cases are specifically more complex that have to be done right and we're committed to doing it right sir you know it's important for I 100% agree with you that is the question right is the question that people in my office are asking it's a question we were all feeling the pain of watching that but this is this is what needs to be understood is and I know you all understand this but to the extent I'm speaking to the community police officers by the nature of their job have the authority to use a certain amount of force when they're executing their duties faithfully and honestly and in accordance with their policies and so Alice officer a law enforcement officer has within the latitude of their scope of duty the ability to use the right amount of force but not excessive force not excessive force as defined by the law and so that is what we are looking at with respect to any federal criminal violation of civil rights is that issue of excessive force I can tell you that every United States attorney of all the all my colleagues that are out there we are vested with doing what's right for our state at the time of course we're part of the Department of Justice William bar report to the dag who then reports the Deputy Attorney General who then reports the Attorney General but every United States attorney is given the discretion in their community to pursue the charges and to follow the leads where they are and to pursue the case as they deem appropriate I am however keeping my boss in communication in briefing so that he understands the investigation that's going on here in the state of Minnesota I should have made clear to one thing and I know was in our statement that we issued last night but on our team of experienced trial attorneys which are the most experienced in my office I can tell you I've been in viewing the evidence with with my criminal chief with my first assistant United States attorney and ER spoke with my deputy criminal chiefs we're all in there together but we're also partnering with the Civil Rights Division from Department of Justice the Civil Rights Division has an experience of doing these cases nationally they bring with that expertise of understanding the requirements of you know 18 USC 242 which is the violation of law that we're specifically addressing and so yes we are partnering with Department of Justice to use their expertise and their resources but we are leading the investigation and we are working collaboratively with our state local partners and federal partners the president is actively monitoring the situation but I have not spoken to the president directly no I cannot I can only ask you to trust me that it mattered and that I hope that I can fill you in on that at the appropriate time which I hope is soon I'm gonna say the same thing again but I appreciate the tenacity of asking the question again I would not have needlessly wasted your time it was important that the community understand that we are actively involved in this investigation we are working round-the-clock we have been for the last 72 hours and will continue to do so to see that justice is done again we're gonna do right but we will act with dispatch and I will keep all of you informed as soon as there's another development and I will make sure that you I promise do not have to wait again we'll have it timed right you you