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[Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay [Music] on there all right kid you come get it out [Music] don't forget you stowed receipt oh I won't forget that yes that my receipt mr. Ali yes best firebrand say that's a fine man oh yes sir you know the more I look at it the more I'd like to buy her well she isn't for sale mr. Ronnie she's worth a lot of money do you realize that yes I do mr. Riley that's why Paul bought her just before he died start our horse ranch you see Sir Paul Holmes tended up at lone Ridge because well he had the idea that horses just belonged up there when did your father die about six years ago and all this time you've been trying to get a ranch started all by yourself yes sir so I bested me even working for the stud feed once in a while packing on a tourist she'll throw a great cold at least you'll get a good start if it's possible to start a stock ranch with only one coat o best of me got a lot of time to stock our ranch one by one my Pfizer [Music] one best we've got a long ways to go [Music] Hey [Music] Oh [Music] is that all [Music] well let's go home then gotta make camp before dark [Music] all right I'm coming we didn't have to wait for me [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah I know you on old but I make a match for you I'm gonna start your new diet right now okay [Music] make you feel good [Music] good on [Music] waters great go on in you know it's all gone yet don't be scared come on come on in want me to come and get you hey wait for me goddess minute [Music] stop stumbling over that bucket that's the second time you've done that why just came in Smitty I've been in here for a year that was the first time there's a second well you doing up here in a shitty oh I want to pick up a few supplies Oh what are you aiming to buy something pretty special Smitty want some hearts number three match what's the matter Bess off her feet Oh sir she's fine she's in full no huh won't you marry firebrand on the Glen cold we just got back well I'm glad that shit thank heaven I don't have to hear any more about that how much this mess you want I'll take the whole sack the whole shake just a second Smitty I'll give you a hand [Laughter] I'm not a 'mobile now who can that be could be a customer brother am I glad to see you what why because I've been driving up these months two months recruiting section two to eight I need one guy from my quota and I can get out of here and you're it hey Doc Talan bring the stuff we got a guy in here looks like a future Admiral right now well maybe love this guy he's loaded I come in the office boy I set right down the good old United States Navy my boy the cream of the service just took all my few papers to get out here and that booby-trap over doc thank you huh do it on me boy they look nice on my report to recruiting a whole city of lone Ridge sign right there may I ask you a question sir huh yeah you need everybody right now we need every man in America to win this war right now you're an American of course yes sir I'm an American you need everybody right now everybody right now of course you're 18 oh right there come on now sign up mister I wouldn't be any good to you in the Navy well I've never been off the bar then I got a happy surprise for you you drive a tractor I suppose congratulations you can sign for CBS great outfit always a pleasure to sign a man point come on out of CB training clothes ten after boot camp you'll be near home for a long while I can't sign up right now I come look after my horses I'll sign up your time ticks you're only 16 I'm 17 you are not I remember the day she was born it was a big fun wait nobody could get to appear well are you or aren't you I'm 17 why today's my birthday happy birthday for this I can buy you a big coup de Groot bear got up with busy yeah let's check this guy doc couldn't be in the finger matter whether he's been living up in these mountains all his life say ah but ah ah you're wonderful [Music] yeah sure is a long walk good thing you're riding in an upper berth well I close the store you know Peskin northern I am horse pump commotion and came last mile all in all it was a terrible trip why did you come then Smitty we're like shooting ducks on a planet then never felt it never give me a chance to get off the ground just rushed in and started to fire I was just writing about the best yeah I don't even Apache jr. go to sleep [Music] gee I sure wish dad could have seen firebrand now we got our pardon and Sun ranch started it just like he said we would if we had faith in our idea if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say unto this mountain remove hence the under place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you yes I'm no model wars come on us you've got to stop everything wakes up everything you've got your heart in you have to go even if you've got a lie to go well what's gonna happen to miss I'll have to border on I won't go Holly I'll take care of her horrible didn't I tell you that's why I'm here why you Sonny I'm gonna ride buses fall on my knee like Smitty yeah you're gonna have somebody run after if you can run [Music] hey okay play about a baby doll alright Mike how about this my darling Nellie gravy hello no not that thing about our a blonde now with it you know what I mean black stupid yeah that's it something sweet and hot oh you mean like this well come along boys and listen to imitating play your kind of stuff all my girls got pigtails and don't even wear shoes well shut up now so these guys will get that dough out alright alright why are we playing luck five-card stud okay Annie Annie call me auntie Annie omor sany Oh John 10 cents I'm in will you stop looking at that thing it's got me why I log because I don't understand any kid who won't sit in on a game you know even if you're as young as you look you're old enough to start acting like a man now come on over here and stop losing your dough all right I'll be right with you we switched a draw there's your pigeon I opened for a buck I pass um I guess I'll raise a dollar I call and raise another back I'm out I pass Lucky's all yours I called how many one please I'm Pat I check a buck huh I'll see you raised my last dollar so you check and raise huh what kind of poker is that I call a flush ace king queen hi-c Lewis I've got an ace king queen Jack huh lucky wanted junior to play uncle lucky say nighty-night the junior you're it [Music] you always that lucky I don't know haven't played since I was 10 you supposed add for matches light up I'll fix that little squid okay not bad not bad now you got a woman to look at now you haven't got a woman to look at y'all ain't suits on what about that how did you do that that's what we learned today in judo class yeah everybody but you shake I don't know what you'll do first get a beer seem a girl or kiss my mother it won't be to kiss your mother no I'm gonna improve your music I'm taking you to a jukebox and a blonde I'll work hard at both of them when until he sees me she's gonna fall right down and never get up and that little pal of us with the big brown eyes boy how she'll go for you well I keep telling you I'm not going with you I gotta see how best is getting along well what'll she do when she sees you she's only a plug or she'll tear down that road and jump everything in sight so what you better stay clear of any date lug get you he digs him up out of graveyards oh is that so this Dame I got for you is out of this world every woman I got is out of this world so that's why they all looked like nothing human he's envious sweetheart only a great big beautiful eyes and let Daddy tell you something about things if anybody's gonna steer them it's me you'll poison his mind you guys don't go for the higher things a higher thing like Tilley hey it's 1301 lemonade [Applause] [Music] [Music] hariya get going wait Josh of it look thanks lug don't let best spend all your dough [Music] oh there Oh looky here look what I got in the bag what do you mean sitting up your poll letter we're not eating your breakfast come on you got goodies for you good or mesh come on got your dander up today [Music] Oh best thoughts good to see you again you've been behaving take a new good care of yourself Bess come back here after having walked ten miles I'm not going to chase you [Music] that's better it's about time you made up your mind they're still up to your old tricks jumping fences that hope you didn't get hurt doing it hey come back [Music] give me that come here yes you way like ketchup [Music] best aren't you ashamed yeah hey I never mind that you'd better lie down if they get over one quit stallin that's have you thought it over alright then get up I've been away six months now how long is that oh come on come on count it out count it out look me straight in the face and tell me if you've been mine and Smitty well I've been away away with that have you been that bad you have oh hi forget a single trig digit come on now let's go to the farm [Music] I take what day would you like to look at my watch for any reason oh thanks Smitty Ike I know it's time to go boy she sure looks well my thinking is right pull the belong in about five months boy I sure wish I were gonna be here to see him here when he gets here when you call him CB Smitty cure [Music] go by Smitty thanks an awful lot for taking such good care of my best Oh Gino [Music] hey you better go back to the barn Smitty you better get Oliver - I'll be back soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay take her to the proving ground what give it the gun even if you go over the bank the dosa will fall down just as it crawled up [Music] or that's for old maybe surely else record then I won't have to get into that thing so you like mail call comes today when I'm an engine truck I don't worry about it I'll get your mail oh thanks lug time for the little plug yeah I hope so I'm gonna show you something this clutch assembly has been opened up for you now supposing all these bolts were stripped off as a matter of fact what would you do if you were in the jungle and you needed a partner with a thousand miles away I'd go to my commanding officer and ice relate to go get it it'd make it out of the material you had take any half inch bolt it doesn't have to be threaded all the way to head fill it in fill it up with washers you know what just as good as if it were made to fit now any friction type clutch wears out sooner or later my clutch takes a line that was designed for but if you can't get that particular kind of lining make something else do [Music] like I would heat the soles of the shoes [Music] [Applause] hey Tommy Sherman go outside and wait what sir outside please burger I've won the following required equipment has not yet arrived one turnip all choose sir I can't wait I've got to leave right now that's all why didn't you make the request to your platoon leader and standard attention I couldn't find him sir I looked all over I just got a Valley right away you'll have to wait your turn three men outside ahead of you the need for the immediate delivery of this material is emphasized it is requested that the above items which have been assigned to other units be reallocated to this unit I'm sorry sir but you know how quick always can go in pneumonia a horse see your platoon leader and bring it up and request mass tomorrow it is requested that the above items which have been assigned to other units be reallocated to this unit not later than seven days Hey time's up nice going SLO shoving off huh wish I were show it off what do you mean I said you're shoving out I'll never see how do you know we're shoving off because everyone in your group have Liberty for tonight and that means only one thing I don't look so beat up man everybody's shoving out gets a 24-hour Liberty 24 hours sure 20 what you think okay mate [Music] [Applause] [Music] it wouldn't be the stick if I could have gotten here sooner then would let me come but I'm here now so you get up for me won't you best you'll do it for me [Music] pulls all right you still moving you bet you gotta work your butt come on girl get up get on [Music] we've got to get her out help me help me that is ring a black man we get the block grab over the other end [Music] let's get up get up [Music] best get up get up best get up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you can stop praying she's dead for he's gone with her not gonna pick she's still with you can you stand and tell me my damn horse is still with me feeler there's no friend no heart don't it I looked at this I know like a power of love is and if you have faith in that you can't lose her because your lover loser I can't touch her again get out you crazy old man lieutenant loser because you love her [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] where aren't you better to fight yes I was just telling skinny what was missing come on kid relax Martin this isn't an inspection I should think you'd enjoy a good fight I sure would Cherie what listen to those guys wrong that was close you mean to tell me you were gonna haul off and smack Bridgman you know what you get for that don't you now fix his wagon someday I got a good mind to throw you overboard only I can't keep a secret Richmond ain't to blame because your neck died nobody's to blame she got sick and she died and that's that looks any how long you gonna keep this up it's three weeks now three days after my old lady died I was alright you keep this up and they'll send you back to a nuthouse the police give the Japs a chance to take a pop at you [Music] mr. Baine party will go out first followed by three dozers that's johnson barton and williams you will take position here on the starboard side of our point of landing and stand by to aid any equipment that might get stuck wear your life jacket just above our point of landing are the ruins of a Shinto shrine which will be our base of survey now I'll show you what we're going to do to this island all equipment will bear left around this Bluff our runway will be located here on low ground that is now a marsh the island has been recently secured but there may be Japs stragglers so keep rifles and helmets handy at all times that's all I need to say your show that's all be on the ball [Music] I'll hear this nor the ramp lower the ramp [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Barton go ahead and start that break [Music] I chose her to win the war all by himself [Music] [Music] this must be it [Music] okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] i all right oh honey breathe by the boy can see just keep it up I don't know I love by maybe you don't but me I'm crazy about [Music] at the dirt [Music] brave a stupid ah stupid why didn't you did cover we lost three men in that race see that it doesn't happen again play ice you're getting closer to punching him every day one of these days I won't be around and you'll do it and you'll get what's coming here and first Harry take it away Mike okay my throw to second base hey I wonder if that's good for dandruff uh drink it you'll find out classic Texas take it away ah not for me all I like to be at that Kwan the night hey yoki don't the books ever bother you no they don't bother me none now I'm home their household pets nothing sacred to you happy dreams what are you checking those Jeff snipers what's Richmond kidding food we're gonna go blow up tomorrow I'm stuck with text again Oh [Music] they wouldn't let me come I'm here now bet you've gotta work your blood pump is really open we've gotta get her out would be the second white kind of competition Bess you gotta get up you'll do it for me [Music] and on that [Music] why are you doing this I'm sorry you're screaming about the best aah shut up I ain't stopped for a week why don't we get him out of here don't worry one more crack out of him and he won't last a night row [Music] did you do that did you hear that hear what I don't hear nothing if you don't shut up and go to bed I'm gonna have to kill you you sure don't have help brother now he's hearing things he's really gone nuts hey guys here it can capture okay you've been asking for it close your eyes Kenny and you won't feel it put it on so we're gonna get some sleep now we can get some sleep [Music] I don't hear it a lot college [Music] I do hear it I do hear it [Music] [Music] I was right I did hear your cry you're hurt you hurt bad you take babies my dog girl I gotta get Johnny [Music] so here yeah yeah silly-looking hey that thing's a horse he really was hearing it and I thought he was nuts he isn't nuts it's a horse alright help me get out here whether you guys yeah I can hardly believe it she were wonderful what's wonderful is you aren't [Music] here they come again [Music] oh girl [Music] is he [Music] hey what about that huh yeah how come they pass this all ready to drop something then nothing that's funny they'll come back come on guys we'd better get to the foxhole yeah they shot us up plenty this afternoon let's get out of here get going I got a soar up she's been losing an awful lot of blood what's the matter with you you want to get killed look fellas where you bring me some stuff I meet a lot are you kaleil e-string a blowtorch some water I'll give you a year's pay Oh fellas what do you got to lose only our lives that's all come on I'm not going I go I go you come right back won't you you gotta bring that stuff oh sure sure right away Tex after the air raid pick up whatever is left you're sure you'll be right back [Music] they made that foxhole she was sure swell of you fellas to get back her after all that excitement I can hardly get over it only one Ted hit and nobody hurt weren't even scratched up man not a scratch I see you didn't forget that ukuleles train but we couldn't find any ukulele strings Tex it's okay he's guitar string yeah my last e-string you see we sort of had to borrow all these things Tex you got to stop fooling with this horse and get back to camp where the chief will give all of us to break you ought to seen his face when I told him we were all out here finding our horse what did you tell him for well I had to tell him how it was that we wanted right well uh you see Tex was a was our tent it was hid hey you guys give me the willies okay fellas hang on tour I'm gonna soar up now come on grab a hold of narcan yourselves out for a horse it's gonna be exterminated game practically a dopes come on lug okay give me your leg you guys gave me the best leg I noticed come on hurry up tie your knot nothing and let's get out it what are you waiting for the water be over all right let's go Oh hope you long now come on make it fast away whoa whoa give me some water what are you hurry yeah yeah sure tick not away everything's gonna be all right all right it's all right now she's gonna be all right context yes I've gotta watch her pee with all the more anything else she needs a good lot of eatin say YUM could you fellas steal me some oatmeal from the galley and bring it back here and still get back in time for chow yeah what about that we have to muster this morning will you bring the old meal out here and I'll have time to feed her well everybody's a chow and then you still can make mustard what are you taking chances for when a sanitation squad is going to exterminate the flood will you stop saying that you bring it won't you Harry you just leave it to me take soul boy I'll get it you're sure gonna be hungry he can eat some of the plugs out Smitty was right I guess I never did lose piss and shut Patty's we were lucky last night why I don't know but don't let it fool you into a false sense of security they may make a better hit next time so hit for cover whenever you hear the air-raid alert remember during an alert your job is in the foxhole I don't want any dead heroes all right let's go to work Jackson you take Barton's place where's Barton All Hands were accounted for last night where is he well I've been working on that right along step forward where is Barton east of station 65 set in the jungle yes sir go ahead chief Johnson stand by yes sir let's go min what's he doing in the jungle well you see Sir last night we all had a noise kind of peculiar kind of a noise and well he he he popped out [Music] [Music] Vardhan [Music] Martin what is your answer where's the horse I don't know sir [Music] or the og wanted [Music] go on Peter yes sir sure makes a small feedback sir hey it's a pretty neat job of stitching you did here I'll thank you [Music] well I don't know we were cutting up here already sir oh we have to cut in here for our heart stand anyway might as well do it today and make it easier for the horse to get into camp you mean like a keeper in camp I think she's good for all of us until until we get back to what we're all thinking about Oh we'll get back sir you got word on that oh yes sir you mean she's good luck well last night throw that a man seemed to think so exactly how to say this but well kind of tough for goddess save it well sir I've been the wrong guy what do you mean Barton I wanted to knock your block off sir maybe had a good reason well but I didn't sir I was just tiel enough to blame you for not getting Liberty when my mare was sick and when she died I wanted to take it out on you [Music] I just wanted you to know that's all right I can understand [Music] strange you lose your mayor back home and you find another one out here I don't feel like I ever lost her now [Music] I sure hope so we'll find out get up [Music] girl yeah everything's all right from now on okay King really got a show for it all right get down get down where's matter girl pusher pusher Atta girl well straighten her up stranger up oh come on come on come on give her push for sure ha ha what's so hot about that come on I can't jump higher than that myself yeah but you don't look so good walk over here come on come on over here all right no no on your side vest on your side on your side on your side down that it down over go over that girl come on let me get your legs here yeah yeah fine easy hold it hold it attagirl hold it okay got some here now I want to show you watch this thank you I bet you can't get to me to do that haha stay up hold it come on I'll stay up there stay up hold it up there Atta girl come on girl anybody want to ride best many volunteers Lea come on you used to be a cowboy [Applause] [Laughter] stay lysine at me water alright lug you ride it yeah come on I've been around horses ever since I was [Laughter] afraid so back to the solvent okay there oh gee gee thanks a lot sir seaman second class she can draw pain now shut up Johnny you're not the only guy happy now oh you bet why he was I Drive you're a lifesaver and you're a baby doll aren't you hey I'm gonna try something hey Bessie Bessie it was a little chest when the head hey hey she kissed me she kissed me boys he's wonderful just wanted a lot of people I know yeah I've got a cheese on rye have you baby that's your boss hey what's on here drop that rope stand back from her I'll shoot it easy this house belong him she's mine shut up let him talk where did you get the horse long time Australian man come here bring mama horse papa horse get baby bye bye she grow when Japs come Australian man Papa horse and Mama horse get killed she run jungle we're not fine now we find we keep I'll fire from your chief quaking lil Jack I'll I'll imitate chief said money no good here no you let go horse I think you you chief you get out of here let me handle this I'm not gonna get up she's mine you think the Chiefs wife will like this look at you I'm gonna get me chief say he sound hot no we call now before you change mine hey wait a minute wait a minute I want to buy one of them crash skates you know them crash case you know best case got one more no goodbye now how am I gonna face Tilly she gave me that to fire a grass skirt with go on best give him a big hug hug your grandmother [Music] [Music] he fellas we own bears what just bought it from some natives you own I don't want to have nothing to do with it gosh and with such good beats to it my love do you need beats to buy Goyal's grateful man not with civilized aims but out here without those beads I'm stuck [Music] well you did it again baby I never know a plug to drive everybody nuts like this no hits is that nuts those chaps ain't gonna bother us they got something better to shoot that up the line it isn't hard and I'd like to know who taught her to climb in here anyway what do you mean who [Music] well they messed us again lieutenant yeah we've been lucky you're a miracle girl lieutenant you worry me when a hep guy like you my officer starts believing like these klutz that this here plug is a miracle they're sure something wrong somewhere Johnson someday you'll be sitting around your own dinner table telling the story about a horse came out of nowhere brought us luck how you'll tell that one all right boys let's go to work you two best [Music] gentlemen holla dokie gentlemen this is a momentous occasion you can say that again the first bill we had since we've been out here no no no look that's not what we mean well what is this what's going on here look it isn't often we have the privilege of knowing a man that would rob his soul for others is that a crack no blood this is a solemn tribute it's my great pleasure to present to you a token of our admiration for valor far beyond the line of duty this is offering this is a beaut you guys didn't make this yourself they just don't we wouldn't kid you locket look at the way it's time it's real native I thought you guys were falling I'm kind of choked up you guys are real buddies giving me a grass skirt like that I guess fellas you know I've I've been too close to myself to see what a great guy I am why there's only one lug around here you said it boy let's have a drink on this here's two Tilly I'll never forget you fellas when I put that screen on Tilly I want you to know that every one of your faces will be right before me I'm Darrell best sort of took a fancy to it let's get outta here best [Laughter] oh what's the matter Oh rocket like this something in it Oh stay here stay here yeah I'll go take a look steer [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I get move on your side vest on your side [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right [Music] nobody you can't comment [Music] that's pretty tough on you guys going to a fair island leaving a swell place you've built two US Marines try to plumbing yet gee guys you really got plumbing here wait till you try it just a little memento from the sea beast of the Marines just the memento I like the way he said that goodbye best you know she's been staying there just like that for two weeks waiting for a boss to get out what about that huh well I guess I'll have to tie you up now oh oh oh oh oh just take it easy take it easy baby no you sacked enough Tex ain't coming out you've been lucky for everyone but in okay some joke huh and you ain't gonna see him again you're staying here and Texas going home water joke hey isn't that our old ship sure that's the old one 19 just back from Target I wish I were going with you but I have to sweat it out here there Barton's papers that's the only casualty I'm picking on the states after I drop off your outfit it's getting home the hard way but brother Oh we'd all like to see the stage so could I ask you something that's about button sir go ahead could I take him out and let him say goodbye to his man the medical officer said it wouldn't be good for him he's in a bad condition he couldn't feel any waist and he does now sir he never thought he'd ever be separated from her now not even a seer for the last time I know rough all right Johnson you take charge a partner on the weight of the ship taking past the corral thank you sir but I don't want any delay no sir I already carried out your orders about tying her up there she won't get untied Martin found a mare out here and she she's made a great deal for all of us [Music] call me now Fisher looking swell it's been a long time I'm missing you wish you're gonna stick to us now what's your Tydfil the entire please love I can't take this against daughters [Music] don't fight me text I gotta take you along we're shoving off take it easy to log I'm not shoving oh I'll be right back this kind of our blood I tell you they're gonna leave me here go on go ask Bridgman if the rain and order there ain't no artists I asked you won't London I found it here didn't I when I was out in the jungle she came and found me you can see there's something that keeps us together that ain't ever gonna stop taking it if you text don't act that way alright Lud juicy the otter will come Hey [Music] don't worry miss I'll be right back this guy's got his wires crossed [Music] I'll take her out from here bridge the captain will con from gun 41 believe their love I'm going right back you have to keep on with this they're not sending me home love des leaving me here with best I know they are you and your knowing if I can only slug it will you guys stop clowning and let me get my rig out of here go buy lunch come on hey you're back here hey wait a minute don't go come back here crap all clear stand clear we're shoving off stand clear we're shoving off I can't be leaving we're leaving kids no like you're wrong I can't believe it take it easy skinny we're off [Music] [Music] text text there's your but how did you want Mike nothing nothing [Music] raise the ramp raise the ramp [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I didn't like the way that ramp was raised I'd like to try it again [Music] tell the officer of the deck to take the kana bring the ship dead in the water my aye sir bridge hey what is this that this thing break down already oh sure we're gonna make the trip on ramp she stopped she stopped majority to put me ashore didn't I tell you like didn't I tell you guys I'll hear this nor the ramp lower the ramp [Music] come on come on don't under go under the raspberry bathroom ice [Music] what a mouth you'll be alright at a girl and a girl get up [Music] come here baby come raise the ramp I knew nothing could keep you away from me seemed like I Dillagi another 50 per from me he thought I was crazy didn't you I'll she's here well maybe there is something water this love stuff than just Dame's text hey Tex you ought to read this because it's got them Japs acting like trained seals we ain't gonna have no more trouble with him hi you must be smelly yeah you ain't are you wonderful sadly is long skinny [Music] yeah it's good to see your luggage how do you feel fine this is a greatest day of my life look a little bit she's a he yeah what does that don't make any difference jeez sure looks well doesn't my horse righteous sure going fast [Music] if you have faith there's a grain of mustard seed he shall say unto this mountain remove hence the under place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible [Music]