GET UP AND ATTACK THE DAY Powerful Motivational Speech Video Ft Mat Wilson and Adam Phillips




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push yourself so you want to be the best you want to get to the top you want to achieve success I'm sick and tired of all you people out there the dart round talking about what you want what you're gonna get what you're gonna have what you're gonna do where you're gonna go and not doing to actually make it happen if you're happy in life right now then you can stop listening now cause this video ain't for you the moments and situations you're steering away from are usually the things that need to be attacked head-on you're the one that needs to trigger that growth you'll always be dreaming of a better life dreaming of success dreaming about the person you're capable of becoming we've all got things we want to do dreams of what we want our life to look like the problem is most of us are standing in a busy street just letting the opportunities in life pass us by we're waiting for the perfect situation the perfect circumstance is the perfect opportunity the perfect time there's perfect moment take a look at the clock this is your time you know what you want so go get it it's there do you want all these things in life and you're just thinking that why some miracle of life or some punch theory of the law of attraction it's gonna magically happen you've gotta wake up the only way to get what you want in life is to get to work and don't get it - look at all your adversity and all the excuses squaring a face and push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve what you want your biggest growth moments come from the face of discomfort if you're never Ewing to step outside into those fears face the unknowns and see what's on the other side of them we'll always be wondering what could have been you can always do more you always have another gear another level of performance you can always push a little bit harder and get up a little earlier work a little longer spend more time with the ones you love whatever it is you've got more love or want to be better at in your life you have complete control over whether you get it or not stress fear and discomfort all promote growth the more often you willingly place yourself in the uncomfortable the more you'll find moments of progress moments of growth you'll get better stronger and more confident when this becomes a habit the tough situations in the future when faced with something bigger the courage and strength you've built the stronger person you've become now prepares you to get through and come out the other side your growth is in the gap from where you are now to where you want to be it's what's inside this guy the walls barriers fears and the uncomfortable that you need to go through this is what's going to grow you into the person you were born to be at times when others would normally crumble you'll rise up at times when others steer away you'll straighten the wheel you'll have complete conviction you can take on what's in front of you understand this is the way for massive personal growth realizing your ultimate dreams and becoming the strongest best version of yourself it's having trust and faith knowing everything is awaiting you on the other side knowing you've willingly placed yourself in these moments ask yourself when was the last time I stepped into the uncomfortable step out of my comfort zone are you still getting frustrated that your dreams are taking longer than expected if you're not pushing and challenging yourself how will you ever get to where you want to be many people just see the upsides of a goal many people just see the upsides of a dream of a vision they don't except the struggle the walls areas and fears they need to go through you have to accept the downside you have to accept the struggle you have to accept the uncomfortable I remember five years ago I used to tell myself that I was flour that I was working as hard as possible I looked back at the mean five years ago and laughs what that guy used to do it was pathetic but at that time I thought I was doing everything I could you have to push yourself past the edge of your comfort zone it's the only way to grow it's having a balanced perspective on the highs and lows of realizing a dream in order for you to get to where you want to be for you to close that gap it can't all be red roses you need to get uncomfortable it's not going to be handed to you and if it were you wouldn't have the strength confidence and ability to handle it in handed a dream or working for it two different types of people which one are you think about what you want think about where you're heading and understand that along the way there's going to be huge moments of progress huge moments of growth huge moments that you're going to go oh my god I can't believe I actually come through this I can't believe I got past this point that all comes from you stepping into the uncomfortable that comes from you stepping inside your fears you can't get those moments of progress and growth without first initially stepping into the unknown stepping into the uncomfortable this is what you should be chasing from here you assess every situation before you step into it you'll be able to see both sides you'll be going man this is going to be uncomfortable man this is going to be scary man there is going to be a huge freaking fear of failure I have the trust and faith I will come out the other side living in my new body and mind in my dreams this far outweighs the sweaty palms the sweaty feet it far outweighs worrying about the opinions of others it far outweighs worrying that if I'm going to fail or not it's the sort of upside that you need to be looking at think of the growth during the process think of the person you'll become like a muscle in the gym you will get stronger and stronger and you'll start getting better winning more achieve it more we've all got our limits we've all got our own mental horizon and the more often we're challenging ourselves stepping into our fears and seeing what's on the other side of them realizing we're capable of more we believe we are capable of war we're setting new standards we're raising the bar we are going to achieve more this is how you progress this is how you get stronger this is how you get more and more confident this is how you're going to be standing in your end in mind you are amazing and you have limitless potential so start tapping into it by not sitting on the fence get up get out and get done baby and your life will never never be the same again I promise push yourself you are worth it you are worthy of receiving and you are completely capable of realizing your ending mind please understand that if you don't go after it no one else will this is your dream this is your end in mind you have to do this yourself it is completely in your hands go after what you want do the things that give you goosebumps do the things that you're passionate about place yourself in the right environment you need to be close with people that are inspired by your actions and you're inspired by theirs and the other people that 100% believe you can do it that believe you can stand inside your end in mine right now I'm talking to the people that talk and don't do too many of you are just going through two paces lying to yourself about what you're doing to get what you want it's easy to do this and believe me I've been there but trust me when I say you can always do more you have limitless potential but you gotta believe that's true you can't keep telling yourself that you're doing everything you can to this point and the only person you're lying to is yourself make the decision take the step forward and turn your end in mind you know me Alan and when you're there turn away and help someone else up [Music] [Music] [Music]