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oh god oh god guys jesse's kitchen i don't know a little nut knot on my face hey good morning what's up what's going on everybody jesse james west here hope you're having a great day today we're going to be training eating and cooking with the one and only faith ord way unless she's friends with logan paul she's known on tick tock and it's just one of those days it's gonna be an amazing day if you're new to the channel i just want to thank you guys for even clicking on this video it means the absolute world to me hit that subscribe button turn your post notifications because i promise you you will not regret it there's so many amazing videos i'm gonna share with you guys a little bit of a trick right now okay we got my french toast in the morning what other way to start your morning a little bit wetter than yesterday so we're gonna toss a little syrup on there but the secret ingredient this time is gonna be something i've just discovered it's pb fit you drip that bad boy all over this oh my god this literally replaces peanut butter and tastes just as good it's the next best thing it has 87 percent less fat eight grams of plant-based protein and it's a third of the calories so if you ask me if she ain't dripping then i'm not drowning that's actually so far and that is why i teamed up with pb fit for this video not only for today but literally i already ate half the entire bottle like i literally love this stuff you can click the link down below to get it and try it out for yourself i promise you you won't be disappointed i can do this with my eyes closed last bite best fight i'm on my way face so good good morning everyone guys you know the man q qcp it's qcp thank you he's going to bring the energy today i know all right still holding maple syrup [Music] okay faith ordway has pulled up we're going to go downstairs and say what's up let the collab begin welcome to my home i literally i bought this for this today's splat are you ready to work out yeah i just had a burrito and i'm drinking coffee so i might put my pants but hey we're always here for surprises this is my new friend hi my name is faith ordway and i'm here to get big and juicy i'm going to make her big and juicy plain and simple what do you want to train uh honestly can we do like abs every girl wants to have a back yeah what game on hi my name's jesse i like to get juicy on the weekends sounds about right i'm honestly very shocked that you don't want to train legs well i do that anyways every okay there we go every girl i collab with like that i was wearing my crop top that's my crop top hey that's my crop top is that really a crop top i wouldn't doubt it i feel naked dude i look [ __ ] sick this is so cool i know should i wear this i mean i don't want to take your clothes it's fine i'll be nude for the video okay i think it's time to get cracked out a little bit you're already cracked out i live cracked out oh are we taking powders okay who wants some white powder in dan bilzerian's house you won't just eat it no don't care what happens you won't no you're gonna cough and it's gonna go all over me i've been there before are you gonna chase it with coffee is that weird you gotta chase it like water have you ever done this no first time's a charm try not to breathe don't breathe down it breathe pretty much this is the cinnamon challenge but this is a lot oh god oh god oh god no not coffee no no she's literally no why did you do that more coffee no water water that's good for the cheeks and uh hit us up your turn now you have to do it all right she's gone it's not my turn code jesse save yourself 10 off transparent labs baby hold this for a sec don't take it do not take it she's gonna go nuts here we go this is how you take a little water yep okay got it yeah coffee is not the the best flavor i was gonna give you water a little not much i got a little nut nut on my face boys we are cooking out here they already got the tarps off they know what they're doing they are proper i was in denial just pulled out the weather app it is 63 degrees feeling good with the uv rays of five hey [ __ ] are you ready to train yeah yeah all right we're going to do a posterior chain day so it's going to be back rear delts what do you think uh i don't remember what a delt is but yeah you know what delta airlines and we're going to do a little bit of the gluteus maximus along with some hamstrings that's all i need my nose oh god oh god that's good for the cheeks let's just get moving we'll start off with that phil take the shirt he's naked can you do pull-ups uh sometimes when can you do a pull-up one can you not get one right now probably she's really antsy i have adhd what the hell is going on here i can be a contortionist can you really if i want to put your foot behind your head my foot behind my head like sit down yeah that's definitely it your shirt matches my unicorn socks yeah we're twinning i actually planned this i i knew you were gonna come in pink so my voice is cracked you know what i'm 21. one day i'll hit puberty and then my voice will stop crap one day once you hit puberty you can do this okay maybe i can't hold on it's all all right no now that the hands are going yeah yeah yep there there you go come on go pull your feet back up i think two is good i'm feeling huge let's stick to the legs one do you want wings what's this right right there what you want muscles in your mid-back yeah okay we can do that okay you really don't know what tarps are either on for the boys or off of the girls or no tarps are on times are on for the girls but off for the boys the other way around i'll keep it on three sets of pull-ups we have to do them okay all right shout out to mary fit mom that taught me how to actually spot someone hot moms hot moms do you like single moms yeah let's go single moms for life baby do you have any arms neck or knee problems nope okay pull i'm gonna help you a lot more ready up up [Music] there you go ready go one seven eight nine ten good [Music] how fat is my i mean it's pretty juicy but like it could be wider i'm a man i don't have hips that makes sense am i x x or x y uh your x y x x there we go i'm not gonna lie that literally is pumping me up yeah it's because i weigh 346. obs you think i'm on crack all the time guys and i'm cracked out this one right here is cracked out crack crack i might be feeling a bit of a pump what is this movement just trying to see if my muscles are getting jiggy or not okay they're kind of the measuring tape out kind of strong natty or not okay so we're gonna be doing a little bit more back we're gonna do some rows rows for the bros or rows for the depends on like your taste that'll be a bro okay rose for the bros it is for me i mean for me yeah definitely her are you ready we're gonna do four sets but i want to ask you a question yeah how did you get started on tick tock uh my butt cheeks but then i i took advantage of that i took advantage of what i had okay and then i turned it into now people like me not only for my cheeks but she doesn't like what's in here cheeks yeah my these ones people are obsessed with my other cheeks they stare at my three people picked up thursday baby let's go [Music] he kind of rocks it a little better than you dude i know it looks better on boys the girls like crop tops on guys but the only she ever commented on of mine i was wearing a crop top so you like guys with crop tops i mean i think it looks kind of sexy i like a guy who's good with his masculinity i love it [Music] there we go it's pretty good let's go okay that was really loud we're gonna do some rdls have you ever done an rdl yeah that was what literally what was that that was a dying grandpa i am a grandpa i have chevy eugene i'm gonna be dead lifting two faiths aka two one hundred pound dumbbell [Music] how many three you know what you're good after that noise i think we're chilling water boy water boy my man 12 13. if you don't keep going i'm throwing you off the ledge five seven four six do you see me slowing down i love it ramsay's watching for gordon is it arm day now is it arm day yeah i'm getting big your shoulder's dropping faith keep it still get your together what is this what has been the hardest part about moving here making friends but now i have and i'm happy are we now pals i made a friend [Music] when do you teach me how to first trap whenever you're ready what is the proper way to thirst trap have fat cheek check check maybe put a little lip gloss on a little lip gloss okay what about eyeliner it's like emo a little edgy yeah one more leg exercise and then we're gonna continue with some cardio and abs let's go your toes like this press through your heel and you're gonna try to feel it in your butt cheeks sometimes you know what you gotta just change positions and then hit it you know hit it after you change the position seven count in a different language sometimes when the girls around me i try to make a joke it's horrible but stuff you know what i'm gonna do this i'm gonna do some butt stuff today do you think i can score a body with a fatty yeah do you have any body of fatty friends i still don't have that many friends but hold on pull the four hold the three one of them i'll get on it all right when you find one calves are not important though right let's rate my calves when you see them they look horrible today no those are some juicy cats there's hair on there chicken breast that's a good that's a freaking chicken thigh right give it a slap slapping the calves can i hear my set and you're distracting me [Music] catch thank you i spit on it i'm not gonna make any comments on that one i think you just made that comment yourself we're gonna ignore that okay we're gonna be doing some abs and cardio okay can you jump real quick sometimes you're a big sometimes girl yeah well i'm gonna [ __ ] up then i just said sometimes so like maybe an hour's in the time you know so we're gonna go jump rope okay i can't do all the fancy footwork then you're gonna do med ball flank and then you're gonna do mountain climbers and then you're gonna do squats this is giving me ptsd from whenever i went with a boxing trainer last week [Music] [Music] you do some squats oh your hands are dusted dusted you're a grandpa so aren't you dusted yeah that's what comes out all right hit it okay [Music] i still see you being like a pirate like this is the land i want to know where can i get that pump where can i just sell pumps are in my pants what listen boys if you're enjoying the video hit the subscribe button i appreciate you we're trying to do the impossible this year hit the million man i was one of those people who was watching videos not subscribed to the channel subscribe to the channel he said it not me uh faith she definitely left because she doesn't want to do another round of cardio but it is not a problem i'm gonna continue we're gonna wait for her we're gonna wait we're gonna be nice hey we got cardio to do where are you where are you hey maybe she's behind the flamingo no i went to the toilet and then i purposely hid from you you don't want to do cardio do you well you realize that was cardio yeah i just tricked you how does it feel now not too bad look at my pecker why are you what happened okay so i have a heart condition you should have told me this before we worked out i'm going to kill the girl bad i have like wolf parkinson's syndrome what is basically like an arrhythmia i already had surgery on it years ago so it's pretty much fine i can't have like flare-ups what does a flare-up look like sometimes if i do like a motion like this or like i pick up my leg or whatever it can trigger it and it's just kind of like a fluttering like my heart will just like snap into this weird rhythm where it's like fast it doesn't hurt but next time please please tell me before we train i don't want to kill you i won't die yeah well you just described sounds like the mountain climbers and flank that we just did yeah yeah but i'm fine you're a risk taker safety first okay do you practice safe sets yeah sets t what do you mean s-e-t-s yeah [Music] okay matt gem yeah that's the workout round of applause everyone round of applause that right there is a wrap you're trying to hug me or something no you're sweating distance stinky here we go we're gonna be cooking some madness that was like a little rat i am a rat so hey welcome to my kitchen y'all kitchens i fed us as fat as my barbecue that looks like there's coffee somewhere you see how freaking much of an addict i am i literally just like tripped okay we're gonna be cooking up some anabolic pb and g's i got you regular pb j in case you don't want the anabolic antibodies anabolic means high protein i'm done for that i'm not gonna lie to you you can't wear this really no oh you can wear this you're let's boom jessie's kitchen i don't know what is are you all right there let's chef up some pbj oh we don't need these oh my god here are your panties your cheeks aren't as fat as they looked earlier in the pan okay you know what i don't want hats i had butt pads i also have caffeine plants here we go why are you not wearing your full chef's outfit i didn't want to wear the hat because i looked like a mushroom butter up this panic we are going to be using butter on a pan as a toaster because we don't have toast yeah rub it i'm sorry i said it like that while that's going here's the ingredients we got sara lee delight 45 calorie bread faith are you taking notes yeah okay on the right the only way we cook in jesse's kitchen to make anabolic pb js you need some sort of protein powder transparent labs coat jesse you could do regular peanut butter now this is 190 calories or you do powdered peanut butter and it's 110. and then we got some chocolate sauce blueberry sauce this is gonna kill me one day but you know what we're gonna die shredded and for comparison five calories per serving 50 calories per serving yeah we're not getting chunked we're getting busted first step i want you to take one scoop of roon ski right into there okay i thought you're gonna make me eat it again yup there you go we're done you can leave now all right see you later thank god she's finally gone i spanked the bread on give it a little spanking just a gentle one all right we're gonna do two pieces each what did the bread do to you nothing nothing slap dog two slices per person okay now we can crank it up a little bit crank it up a notch shoo shoo okay just keep going keep going in there i'll see you later yeah just keep going next up take your locale hershey syrup mix it in there now this is the crucial part take your powdered peanut butter you can come back in i'm really sorry she's slithering in like a little slithery snake oh my god it's working wow don't try this at home kids you want to pour it in yeah here's the mixture get it in there yeah like sometimes you gotta like flick it a little bit you know what i mean now what's next are you a vampire yes i'm not a vampire but i feel like one how are we looking it's a little fried but why are they cooked we put way too many breads on there but it's okay they have personality okay bread on it looks so good it's just flipping a little rainbow but you wanna no that'll be the inside put the burger on the inside no one will ever know it's like hiding all of your flaws really cool clothes or something like that it's like la whoa sorry who hurt you next up you take your little mustard mix you just dribble it on there okay we got a little chocolate sauce flavor you know what i'm saying whoa get out of my kitchen get out that's our kitchen oh my god it's so juicy put the blueberries on there okay only four why only four five five seven three four five six seven what are you doing there we go next up we're gonna toss a little bit of this it's the blueberry sauce that's gonna kill us it's so fake oh wait you should have put it on that side she's juicy no we gotta quickly boom where's my plate i'm kind of hungry can i eat it yet all right we'll give a little taste test for the boys back home what do you think okay um yeah do not like it you make me uncomfortable what are you gonna rate it do i have to be honest i give it up seven what is it really oh four try this one come try this one come for this one is there pasta in here is there a pasta here give it a little taste tester ski for the boys come here babe it's amazing it's a ton ladies and gentlemen that is me a wrap on the faith ordway collab i hope you enjoyed it i hope you enjoyed her i had fun maybe in episode two yeah if you guys want to see episode two one subscribe to me and two follow her teach him how to be tick-tock queen mandatory like comment subscribe follow her link down below yeah the youtube get her big on youtube she wants it stay relentless i'll catch you guys the next one peace you wanna hit the screen [Music] you