GGO football English episode6 Who is team captain

[Applause] [Music] [Music] the day so stand up keep getting better [Music] together [Applause] myth finally breaks through shadow's defense isaac knows very well how the eyes are structured in ggo footballers and how they are dazzled by bright light team barefoot pulls even but soon loses another goal to team perseus due to their superior coordination barefoot then launches an all-out offensive and pulls even once more the match is finally decided on a shootout right before the shoot-out begins isaac and sean announced their decision to team up to participate in the ggo national tournament 32 teams qualified for the ggo national tournament the most dramatic match from yesterday's competition was the match between perseus and barefoot the teams were tied at two and two at the end of the 90-minute game and a shootout was to be held but in a surprising turn of events their controllers sean and isaac called the game off but sean why did you change your mind about this with your talent you have the ability to win the nationals even if you participate alone so why are you teaming up with isaac now though this is strange after playing against him i feel something what is it it's chemistry sounds silly but i think that if i work with him there will be an unpredictable chemistry he doesn't even wear shoes dude are you sure you can work with a guy who does that i'll try my best to guide him you're gonna guide him yes i'm going to guide him to put on shoes before playing with me good luck with that so will you keep playing when you're back in germany of course i will we'll meet again at the ggo world tournament and then don't you hold back on me of course i won't then it's a promise can the three of you guys stop lying around all day like good-for-nothing sloths well ron and howard aren't even here yet and i believe sean's butler mr glanz hasn't come yet too those who should be here aren't here and those who shouldn't are so in that case why are you here what do you think you're doing are you trying to leave me behind or something what am i some useless cactus sashimi huh why is that why is cat using your hands super scary signature moves she must have learned it when they were baking cakes why did you learn that of all things it's terrible yes of course we'll all be going together that's more like it boys to celebrate the foundation of our team i the beautiful and amazing cat have made a strawberry cake for everybody yeah i hope we don't get sick from eating it you guys don't have to hurry mr glands isn't even here yet no it's not that it's that we can't go along with you guys oh why not oh i'm last in my class again this year my mom won't let me play she wants me to focus on schoolwork so i don't repeat the year yeah then i guess you'd better work hard not to but don't worry we'll get the whole class together to cheer you guys on of course you two will hey so howard why are you quitting the team what's that all about [Music] this oh wow that is so incredible it's not such a big deal paris school of communication gave you a letter of acceptance this is so amazing howard howard you're brilliant but why are you quitting well because i have to leave for the school next month so i can't go to the tournament with you i hope you don't mind what of course you don't mind just focus on your studies when we have our own ggo football club then we'll ask you to interview us and you can write a feature how's that sound to you hold on that's a biography no that's an interview and a feature huh looks like mr glance is finally here okay everyone let's all work hard towards our goals even if they are different come on wow what a huge beautiful mansion this is ah welcome guys wow it's my idol in the flesh sean i made this cake myself i hope you'll accept it it's lovely thank you yes he accepted it he really accepted it check it out lobster and salmon and steak and hamburger steak oh wait those are hamburgers even better i asked mr grant to prepare some snacks for you if you're hungry please help yourself later this is all for us all you care about is eating this is embarrassing [Music] what's wrong with you i don't mean to sound offensive but i'm curious do you happen to own any other pairs of shoes or is this it what are you some kind of snob are flip-flops too far beneath you i won't say that they are beneath me but i think the dress does depend on the occasion don't you think are you saying my flip-flops aren't good enough for your mansion don't take it the wrong way i didn't mean that huh well fine then everyone please come inside [Music] wow i don't believe it this arena is approved by the ggo association for official matches we can practice right here from now on please make yourselves at home everyone mr glanz would you please bring the food and drink in here please um of course young sir wow there's all this great food and a beautiful arena to practice in we are so incredibly lucky it's just an ordinary football arena what's the big deal oh you have a point there now the one you drew on the rooftop that's a truly unique arena if a high-class arena didn't guarantee a win we wouldn't have to be here but wait don't you guys practice in an actual arena now where will we find the money to do that we usually just practice on the chalkboard on isaac's roof it's worked fine for us so far and you still managed to go a long way you've proved my instincts right then yeah and i hope i'm right about you too before we start our first official practice together i have something i'd like to say to you all since we are all a team now we need to make some decisions about team-related things first we should decide on what name we are going to use from this point on what do you feel about keeping the name persios no way i like barefoot all right and what do the rest of you think go ahead uh barefoot i guess well honestly guys i prefer the name perseus oh really cat so are you with us or not what does that have to do with a name perseus does sound better you are not on the team so you can't vote why not i am this new team's manager aren't i you promised me that isaac didn't it will indeed be more convenient to have a manager take care of things after the tournament starts i am so happy my idol agrees with me it's two to two there's one more vote come on timmy which name do you choose [Music] well i really don't mind which one we use okay fine so that makes it a tie let's have a coin toss to decide which name we're gonna use do you agree to that sean well sean all right the coin toss it is so who's gonna pick heads or tails you let me choose first right heads [Music] isaac are you really sure you want to stick to the name barefoot yes yes it is you guys win barefoot it is then but i get to decide on the team uniform is that all right but why you let's have another coin toss carl come on let him decide on the uniform we each get to make one decision that's fair right oh this is fantastic so do you think i can help make the uniforms i'll give you the design when it's ready all right i have received information on group stage for nationals this morning our first match has already been set it's team mirror [Music] guys if you're not practicing then get over here and help me i'm too tired oh come on that wall fell apart a long time ago so why don't you just let it stay like that hey mike thank you for your hard work really headmaster it's nothing at all all the years i've been here i think you're the only one who cares so much about this school these days it seems that none of the new students feel attached to the school anymore i miss your class they won awards and studies and in sports one by one they've gone now you're the only one left don't worry headmaster you took such good care of my grandma on me i won't leave you or the school there would be hope for the school if only the rest of the students think like you nowadays the students lose every competition they represent the school in i'm getting discouraged by it well have you heard of ggo football headmaster hmm yes i've heard of it many students like to play that game well i'm in the final 32 of the tournament i even named my team team mirror after the school name if we become the champions i truly believe it'll encourage all of my juniors to work harder towards their goals you have such a fight in you of course i'll support you all the way thank you headmaster that means a lot i'll do my best to win [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey grandma tonight we're having fish yes it's raining sheets so hot sheets i said we're having fish yes fish fish is good fish is good let's get this going do some laps um hey mr glance tell me which design do you think is a better one you seldom use red as the theme color right sir is it because of the team name change because the team will be called barefoot from now on do you think it fits i think it's a big improvement that you have learned to compromise do you think i made an impulsive decision when i decided to go ahead and team up with isaac hmm yes but you can work with anyone as long as you are sincere about it the color of the uniform is not important rather the relationship between the team members i understand you perfectly satellite signature move gravity dribble is truly incredible i must develop an excellent signature move from myth as well well with myth skill it won't be difficult to train him for a new move there's no need to look so worried about it i'm not worried about myth it's something else i'm thinking about hmm what is it then when i played ggo football with you you let me lead and we work well together it's very smooth and we're pretty successful right what's the problem then the problem is between me and sean now who should lead then you should lead of course but what if sean also wants to lead ah well i'll vote for you of course barefoot's new insignia what do you all think i think it's pretty awesome i also think it's cool isaac so then what do you think nice i like it too glad you all like it as for the uniform i finished that also i gave cat the design and i think it will take i finished all the uniforms sean's perfect designing skills and my perfect sewing skills are a match made in heaven yep we're a match made in heaven you really know how to blow your own horn don't you just ignore him take a look at the uniforms [Music] right uniforms for barefoot it's a perfect match simply beautiful what's beautiful me or the uniforms missy there's a real limit to my tolerance you know so now the uniforms are set as for the team numbers i've already arranged them goalkeeper shadow is number one pullback title number four midfielder nucleus number 10 winger satellite number seven forward mid number eleven as for the captain of the team i plan to nominate nucleus are there any questions okay to be a captain all the footballers values including offense defense skill and speed should be average and stable and the intelligence value should be superior this makes for a successful captain with regards to our five footballers nucleus is definitely the best candidate you know jimmy and i will agree with you so nucleus is captain no biggie it's decided then however though when it comes down to being in an official match who will lead you or me i will i think it should be me welcome everyone the group stage of the gto nationals tournament begins today and just as it was before the 32 regional representatives will be divided into eight groups of four teams each the top two teams of every group will advance as the final 16. they will compete for the final eight then the final four the final two will fight for the tournament title the champion will represent the country in the gto world tournament titan does not seem to be here those for his assistance they look so smug the biggest obstacle we face in this tournament are those four i'm not worried no obstacle can withstand myth shots yes confidence is good but logical assessments also necessary well i only think about scoring when i play yes scoring is good but defense makes the team but don't we compete to win and scoring is the only way to win and turning defense into offense is the best way to accomplish that i disagree with you yeah well you may disagree but it's the truth oh no the competition hasn't even started what do we do now no matter what we side with isaac that's what the competition begins right now the first match in group a will be barefoot versus mirror with the controllers lead their teams under the field now go go why are you only cheering for sean ron you really came to cheer for us how awesome of course i said i would come didn't i ready [Music] barefoot [Music] [Applause] [Applause] what's up anyone i'll take a soda hey why do you always drink water during a match and i want to know why do you never have to go to the bathroom when are you going to learn to stop all this unnecessary chitchat concentrate the gto national tournament group stays group a first match begins [Music] i call it heads i call tails we'll attack left we'll kick team off in the red uniforms will play to the left [Music] in the like uniforms we'll play to the [Music] right hey look team your information is the same as ours so should we change up no we shouldn't we should what so what is it then listen to me it's hard to break through against the same formation you just play your defense part of it let me handle the offense they've started arguing even before we've had the kickoff we're gonna win this game for sure that's right we're gonna win for sure in the gto national tournament the representatives of the 32 regions are divided into eight groups of four for the group stage of the competition the two teams in each group with the highest points will advance to the elimination stage as the final 16 then to the final eight then the semi-finals and lastly the finals the champion of the gto national tournament will represent the country to compete in the ggo world tournament [Music] today's the day so stand up you and your team keep getting better [Music] together [Applause]