GIANT Spikeball Challenge 🌕

[Music] welcome to giant spikeball we're starting off with regular spike ball to warm up your palate and then we're gonna go and use that thing it's your giant spike ball dude it was a surprise net and we're gonna use all sorts of different types of balls Gunnar and I are on a team Matthias and Bryan are on the team Matthias Bryan guys make sure you click that Bell icon by our logo to get notified because we are commenting back for the first 90 minutes after the video release so make sure you click it don't click unsubscribe which I think a lot of you might be doing don't click on subscribe because I thought all you're doing he meant because the bell icon is so close to the subscribe button people accidentally click right is that actual not that they're actually purposely unsubscribe that would be that would be devastating to us periodically we're gonna change the rules of the game so just be just be heads up to see how to just periodically we're gonna change the rules of game if somebody loses they get beheaded why do you have wind resistant pants on some windy in here because I'm having a lot of wind today the game for 15 points ready let's do it serve it serve it serve it wait is there certain oh my god oh my gosh just there the giblet dude what he wasn't positive I don't have his and Hagin whoever I know this is what I was expecting don't mess me up you're the only one that wore jeans I'm like I'm gonna destroy you anyway science is obviously useful you simply one zero clothes rip like literally bounce mr. day oh that was rim dude whoa zero ah you don't comment down below all the ways we're playing this game wrong turn shut up jacksepticeye get out of here dumpster owed you getting the trash I show how's my fault those are bad serving sweet falls here ah here oh no radio doing but you're so excited I'm on your team yeah yes you have a left hand there is always something you should know about me is my left hand is absolutely useless watch me watch me throw the ball with my left hand dude I'm not joking okay this is real Oh dumb mad now watch me throw it with my right hand probably better than I could do my blog you'll in my head well know that I just wanted to get Brian workshop now I that's a loss of point for us a loss of point he's too short oh no oh pay attention dude nobody gonna Oh Matt oh I serve okay drop the ball go like you always do okay okay dude it's all dude it's on it's on I'm not I'm not like gearing up I just pooped and little bit covering it no you gotta shake it out your leg first oh geez get out of here serve set ahh ah you gotta put it back over here little bit you gotta jump he not make it a big player Mike you might want to just mark us as winners right now no all right tilt ends go to 10 Oh Oh mother Oh aah left and it threw me off I know threw me up to do that's what happened okay o8 600 little backspin arch runner oh good that hit no I did oh it didn't know that was like perfect that's a perfect I was looking at that's a perfect dude that's a perfect Jenner's falling asleep on the job over me it's like you have to play with your opposite hand hey wake up dude Gunnar Koenig on place is correct and that'll work for the next five points team edge rules left hand dude Joey's in the dextrous that's not fair yeah oh why would you make that hole thinking Lily can do the same thing with both hands no he can't watch him dude I'm ambidextrous as well wait see look at that sir bro Oh syusai gotta play up a player say okay I want to do so bad I was like all right wanted to punch it yeah let her know it doesn't matter good dozens we can't get it hey hey Mike that's the point yeah yep oh wait yeah I was like was that the I was just gonna cut up cuz my look like he looked like I'm just trying to actually hit it dude who look a little too gay with that regular now gurgling Oh regular I do it so high bro I know washed it what got her get up oh you broke my fall so thank you better yeah oh my gosh no you didn't even I didn't touch it it landed him touch it why were you gonna touch it I don't know cuz I thought it was a small it is a small I yeah Joey just like to look at OE he's this side going buying them was like serving oh yeah that's a shame is by mine go eat that is it that hit the rim it is going near the Rendon like the center of it well it was super dainty who enjoyed is looked at he's like I'm fine really Oh time for times I go change angle let's start giant light ball we're starting off with this big exercise ball here and then we'll go to the giant spike ball yellow ball ah all right Oh what happy met to happen what you catch it what happened you can bite why did you hit your play off the wall yeah can I just throw it nope oh yeah sure you can but it's an illegal serve okay shaved it I'll destroy you if that's what's fun yeah oh I got I got excited dude oh yeah are you touch it you're gonna hit it ha it's like another hey how many turn because it's again Oh Brian what are you doing on my side dog for gold nice gunner four points for us why buzz on the ball or if you're right look at the other low standards I was a little serious oh hey that yo-yo he I should have hit it look at it I was like waiting for it I could have hit it Oh got it the same rules apply we get the point oh that's good do that one should I find me yeah we win one one remember same thing first to five points wins the round you guys won the Ryder we go so joy joy sir nope it bounced and then he hit it again Oh touch a white ball and they go crazy this is edgy dude oh I thought I was your right eye like just getting sterling I don't think I can I'm just like oh there you go oh my gosh yeah yes hi okay my other five button mine papaya papaya my amp we don't know what does that mean now you're old oh yeah ah yeah I think I'm good oh yeah I am I am fire my heart oh oh yeah let's do that again yeah oh we shouldn't test it at the best I think you can play like oh no at the end footage that isn't yet you had to call me that that he didn't call it you guys keep hitting me boy round to us Jews like Ron Dayne you just got to five points alright next ball blue ball oh you shouldn't hit that dude that was in his choice bro that's oh I just hit it again dude she was like I'll do it he went out of his way to save us from losing the fourth date I wasn't thinking about it he's for all the papayas oh dang it 2-0 by a fiery when I apply a papaya yes I sold that's not how a game works I'll watch it I knew he was playing that game though dude Wow oh he grabbed it he grabbed it with your hands Oh conscious it it's a giant ball grab it out of the air that rose like a toy ball you can it's just not legal it's purpose of trying to bury oh my bad oh yes well he stepped on it he can't do that I know right little bit like oh oh you hit that what thing this speaker on the wall fix it I tried it's like sticky back tape whoa that doesn't count you son of us Facebook isn't expecting this nope ah hey ready I was into it though man this is this is working hard to get we're switching to the next ball smiley time oh yeah Oh was that the edge that was clean and hit the trampoline oh that hurt so bad it felt like your spleen by your professor fry oh no three one honey one who's us ha ha ha ha you just got taken by surprise dog can you point yes all right daddy what do you write gah don't does it yes I don't know I have a doing with their vine you want to we want three he blocks out any loss of memory you forget I don't want to lose in my defense gunner sucks what pull it out all right well it looks like Matthias and Brian one make sure you click Subscribe on this little channel logo in the middle of the screen check out this video that YouTube thinks you like over there left-hand corner ice cream no LF you are no screen make sure you watch the Giants finger flick football where we you know you know the little thing we go like this and it was crazy it was credible people suck