[After Kuala Lumpur GGG is over] Thanks for your hard work~ -I gave it everything I've got. -Thank you~ The end! It was the best. So many fans! Thank you~ Thanks~ bye! [After Singapore GGG is over] The performance is over! You did so well. We received the touching video from BUDDIES in a long while. It is touching whenever we receive one, but it was even more moving today. Let us interview EUNHA now! Your eyes are dewy! I don't know what you're talking about. -Your eyes.... -It's still nice and dry. It was fun hanging out with BUDDIES today. It moves me every time to see the lyrics of YOU ARE MY STAR and A Starry Sky. -It's so touching to hear they've been waiting for 1000 days. -I know! -I know there are a lot of fans who are waiting for us in the Asia Tour. -Yup. So I promise I'll work hard in the Asia Tour as well! We will all work hard! We'll show you the song Fever on the stage. Thank you! Thank you! Bye~ Dear fans, it was such a bliss to meet you at last. My mother came to tour Singapore a lot, but I couldn't come due to my schedules. It's been almost 1,050 days since we've seen you. Well, it is easy to say, but 1,000 days is a very long time. But it made me so happy to see you in 2-3 years, and even happier when you welcomed and cheered us loud. I'm not sure when we'll return, but we'll do so as soon as possible, so let's meet up again, okay? Thank you~ [After Bangkok GGG is over] Let's think for a moment and see each other again! The end~ Your face looks really white. The end! The end! The end! -THE END!! -THE END!!! Dear fans of Thailand, don't you think her voice is weird? -No. -Maybe not? All the fans of Thailand, You have to raise the end part. He wants to convey the message to me. BUDDY~ BUDDIES today... At the back! I must be seeing things now that the performance is over. I thought I watched it in the movie Whisper of the Heart. How can ghosts be so pretty? [Ghosts that put you over the moon lol] Let me wipe off the camera. It won't go away! -Thank you! -Thank you for the hard work. I honestly am. -Please let me join the ghost squad. -Alright, come on in! Let me have a tube around my neck too like EUNHA! One, two, three! You're still clumsy, my friend. Cheer up. We're just... Gosh, I'm tired. What? I tried to brag a bit on how slim I am. Is that something to say about yourself? -It is, but you can simply ignore her. -She was banished from the ghost league. -Two ghosts are enough. -Enough! Let's banish YUJU and be the union of two ghosts forever. It's one of those cool beauties. There's a fine line between a ghost and a cool beauty. You're right. Look at the eyes. Smirk from there. That's the ghost right there! [The ghost is dancing at the back lol] A cool beauty doesn't smirk like that. This is a ghost. Thanks for your hard work. Do BUDDIES love ghost or cool beauty? Do you love UMJI or YERIN? Bye~ Hey, I miss you. [Suddenly she climbs the door frame] -It would be weak, right? -Nah I think it'll be fine. Guys. You did so well today. Umm... YUJU, please don't come close. Step back a little. You must be tired. [YUJU disappointed] Huh? Did YUJU just... Thanks for the hard work~ See you again! Thank you~ [After Hong Kong GGG is over] Well done~ [The BUDDIES are singing Glass Bead in a group] We had such a wonderful time today. See you again. The waiting takes long, but the meeting is short. See ya! [They are saying goodbye to the dancers] Oh, I know! It's duōxiè(Thank you in Guangdong language). It's so Thank you. We just finished our last stage, but the fans were still singing 'Glass Bead.' Hong Kong was just awesome, we had lots of fun, and as always, you guys gave us strength to carry on. See you all~ Buddy! You're the one for me. You know that, right? Love you, you did good. Me! Everyone worked so hard. Thank you so much. [After finishing Jakarta GGG] We all put our energy into it. Today was really really impressive. I mean, seriously, I was so touched. [After finishing Taipei GGG] Thanks, Buddy. Yuju, you did well, today. My dear members, too. Look, me and Yuju have the same wreath~like a couple. I didn't expect, but they've got me one, too. So I feel like, today, I'm going to marry Yuju. What did she just say? Hmm, I object to this wedding. I won't allow it. Why? That' secret. As a sister to Yerin, I feel like Yuju is already married to Yerin. -What do you think? -Well, actually it belonged to me. I am the original owner. Anyway, it's over. -Done. -Now we've got only Yokohama. Let's put up an umbrella and go. Let's go, bye Good job. Thank you all for your effort. [Right before Yokohama GGG] Go! Go! G-friend's Asian tour is facing its last performance. So what, we did performances in 7 countries? -7 countries? -This is your 8th. 8? Wow! Including Seoul, we performed in 8 countries. In the beginning, I was feeling a bit lost, and had doubts. Can I make it to the end? But now I can't believe we have only one more show to perform. Since this is our last show, I'll put my everything into it. I always do that, but this time, I'll even outdo myself. This is the last show. LAST~ The Last concert! Our last concert, bang, bang, bang! We'll see you again in the future concerts. Still, so hard to say good bye, right? Well, we'll meet again in the next year! Good bye! Well, if you say like that, it doesn't feel sincere, does it? While preparing for this GGG, our director worked real hard, coming up with ideas and all. Thank you so much for that and great work! Of course, the other staff members were great, too. [out of blue?!?] I want world peace... Well, this is our last day. Let's go!!! It's really over!!! The End!! Done! Over! -Thank you. -Great job! Amazing! GGG is really over. I'm not sure when our next tour is going to be... Thank you so much for your hard work and effort. G-friend members, let's prepare for the next concert with fun, passion and good cheer. Yewon, good job. [FYI: Yewon is Umji's real name] [After completing the tour, the members burst into tears] I can't tell if you're crying or laughing. Ah, when Sowon cries, I can't help myself, but cry with her. Yuju! Why are you crying? Wow, Yuju, you cry so prettily. I thought you were smiling. Wait, I saw Yuju looking at Sowon, and smiling brightly?! But in the next moment, she's crying. What's going on? [members laughing again] Alright, everyone, keep that face, and Ok, ok, they're laughing again! Let's take a picture! Everyone, look here. Thank you! [Thank you for loving GGG] Come on, one of you, put that sign higher. [Let's meet again at the next concert] Ok, 1, 2, 3!