you're so festive today shut up I'm sorry sorry to say it bad more but she's really annoying and it's very early in the morning shut up so bad working you don't say bad blonde feel like you say it all the time Center don't point at me that's like a bad one it's like seeing bad one with your zone hey guys so today to get into the moon of Christmas we're gonna do um Christmas house it's one Ds called gingerbread houses very tired mrs. rachel linger on and she is going to be helping me here and by helping me I mean we're gonna be do don't copy me I focus so we're gonna have a cup of tea team of who can do that better gingerbread house and if you copy me in this that's genie so this is a competition against Lorient you could just you don't have to cut into the cardboard do you hear this abuse first things first you gotta make the house we're gonna need in this awesome I think you're supposed to use the icing as the glue I seem does not mean to stick together way that's the point of a gingerbread house you look everything is done with the icing and the candy now supposed to stay together with the icing there okay houses are finished so now we just have to put the decorations on and this part is the really fast part so we get ready for it I don't want just an ordinary gingerbread house these are boring candies on our scale well I got actually good food because I want to actually eat mine I'm gonna make mine that's good you everything Jim yes I have but I will never eat one again you don't like sticks of meat I don't actually I don't eat meat how are you living are you Robin I eat plates are you a model I'm a male I'm really confused I got you as a human learn something new every day so do you eat water I do eat water you're sure we'll go with me being a fish you're gonna dream about a wing did it eat you no just take your brief ramble okay I have eyelashes because everyone loves a fern a thing my taste it requires patience that it's when you're okay with waiting so like racism no I'm not even a little bit you know racism is you know when really awful people make on appeasement wait a really long time for history to change you know what that actually makes sense speeches so this is from breakfast yesterday into something and who doesn't wanna meet as a front door looks like it's freaking snowing chunky next we have a camp out for lunch but instead I'm going to play inside out right now I [Music] lobby named House up cotton balls for snow are you know so bad there's need someone here well winter times you know what's fashionable in the wintertime oh we're almost finished you have 30 seconds I'm almost done I'm good to go I didn't even use any of the candy they provided me I use my own candy do you are foul so this was really fun I've never got my dog back right good for you healthy dogs can't eat healthy you don't have brains wow you look really yawns I will show you a close-up here is Rachel's it's very ugly no meat no hairs and there's not even glue on it so it's probably gonna fall apart the worst here is my beautiful look at the nice trimmings on it we have this is beauty this is Wonder this is probably the most beautiful house everyone song thankful thank you so much for watching this make sure to not subscribe to Rachel do not give her any of you any attention and please pray for her and write in the comments that you hope she becomes not robot soon so that she can enjoy meat Oh also can you come to my New Year's Eve Barney it's at the end of this month on December 30 for us it's being newsy party to prove I'm really um maybe if I if I don't do the thing I'm already planning on doing okay so you'll be there so when we hear that Rachel Belanger it's gonna be there she's gonna bring all her entire Von Trapp families I think they're called the Duggars and there's lots of kids in them so you guys don't be like this video make sure to subscribe and I'll see you guys next week [Music]