[Music] hey guys it's me Miranda sings I'm so excited to go on tour and I'm so excited for you to come see me but I need to teach you how to look perfect first so let's do a makeup tutorial first up your eye shadow of course you need to have a smokey eye for my show so you look really fancy I use my stick you just put on your eyeball the shape of an eyeball and then you just do a little tiny thing like this so that you look like a cat everyone loves a Harry I'm right next up we have the blunt this one is essential if you want to look like a princess let's just get this open [Music] so you just dip it into the blanch and then put it on the cheeks okay that's not bright enough so we'll just season listing so I'm just draw it on and Pat it and there you go so that's how to do the blush now Cheryl is bald but today we want you to look like me so we got to give you these weren't just logs normally use a hair clip but if you don't have a hair clip you can use paint yeah like that so pretty lucky for Cheryl I found some hair clips so we just clip it on so if you have a type of hair that's not cooperative you can stick the hair clip right into the scalp so and last but certainly not least the most important thing if you want to come see me on tour you've gotta wear the listing this is a very important step if you want to be a good more Fanta now if you want to look like me you need to have big launches lips so go oles on the lip line like so and under the lip line so your lips look bigger because your lips are not as good as mine no offense just the trucks there you go Cheryl you look great you are ready to see me on tauron can't wait to see you there [Music]