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[Music] let me guess you love making mobile apps Bitcoin predictors and flip your bird games that's cute me I'm a super app yeah that's right super names go Jack baby app killing how am i super hmm schools in ready to learn some stranger things here we go welcome to Indonesia the crown jewel of the east 18,000 plus islands but 22 billion minutes wasted in traffic and the land of meat go Jess Subaru NEMA transport delivery food in Paris massage ooh nice payment bills roared shopping business you get the point I do a hundred million orders every month wait what no yes you heard me eighteen plus products for 261 million people who are you gonna call me I do it all faster than you can beam Scotty still would be good thinker linguist say math to one of the largest JRuby Java and go clusters in Asia one in foreign a nation's have me in their pocket even your grandma every day my riders cover sixteen point five million kilometres that's more than twenty one round trips to the moon does your app go where no man's gone before I didn't think so oh sorry Neil most importantly 2.5 million people rely on me for the income every day I helped fill bellies run businesses and move an entire nation I know where do I get the energy wait now going to other countries to Vietnam Singapore Thailand and Philippines you ready now what were you saying right you're looking for a job say something super come help us you