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(MONOGRAPH "DYE") (S#2 CINEMA TRAILER) (TAKE.1 CARRIAGE) (Arrived at the set with a smile on his face!) Good morning (A lot of soul from the morning) (Starting with JB, they're getting on the carriage one by one) (All seven members got on!) (Q. What's the scene about?) [Mark] We're riding a carriage to go somewhere (The scene in CINEMA TRAILER where they ride across the desert) (Writing something in a shaking carriage) (Q. Any behind-the-scene stories?) We were shooting the carriage scene And it actually felt like we were going somewhere in a carriage I felt really bad because the shaking effect was done manually by the staff I think that must've been very difficult So I'm so sorry and grateful And it was cool for all seven of us to ride the carriage together But where are we headed? You guys know the answer We're headed your way It was too shaky in there, so I couldn't write well I couldn't write at all (Refills the pen with ink and resumes shooting!) Does it work? Yeah! - You have to do it like this - Show me (BamBam is teaching Jackson how to use the pen) Try it (Acts cool when there's camera) (But breaks out in laughter as soon as it's gone) (Youngjae starts poking his thigh with the pen all of a sudden) Should I just let it soak? (Amazed by the pen soaking up the ink) Oh~ (Excited that the pen works well now) (Having fun during their break with just pen and paper) (Look at Jackson's paper) (There's a hole) (He poked a hole in the paper but his facial expression is flawless) (Mark is playing darts with the pen) (It's Mark, Youngjae, and Yugyeom's turn!) (Q. What's this scene about?) [Mark] We're writing something It's hard to write with a fountain pen but we're writing about something hopeful (Youngjae is reading Yugyeom's writing on the spot) We can see everything (Surprised to see their poor handwriting on screen) I also want a hard surface Wait, I shouldn't (Next up are JB, Jinyoung, BamBam, and Jackson!) When you do it, it's like art (BamBam is decorating his paper with the fountain pen) Just old concept (Finished filming the carriage scene!) (TAKE.2 THEATER STAGE) (Next scene is set on a theater stage) But this isn't the one I wrote Then who wrote it? Does it matter? It doesn't, we can't see it But I don't want to deceive our fans (Jackson wants to be truthful to I GOT7) (Yugyeom singing in a sweet voice) (Jackson coming to tease him) Places, Jackson (And Jinyoung controlling everyone) (The scene where they put the papers from the carriage into a machine!) Oh, cool (Rehearsing because the papers won't go in smoothly) He's crumpling it (Forcing it in) Oh, they came back out (Jackson is folding his paper because the opening's too small) (But got stopped by the director LOL) - You're gonna break it - This is how we do it You shouldn't wrinkle them too much Can we do it like this? They won't go in - Really? - The opening's too small But it got a little bigger now (The practice continues) I think it's okay to fold them But they don't look pretty if you do Okay, okay (Q. Meaning of the scene) To change the tragic ending to a happy one we each take what we wrote on the carriage and put it in a machine that makes books Then a book with a happy ending comes out as a result We need someone to hold the book BamBam says he'll do it (Casting BamBam without his consent) - BamBam wants to do it - Alright Who... Me? (BamBam was casted for hand acting!) (A book of their hopeful stories came out!) (Turned the handle the wrong way) Yes, that's the right way (Finishing up with his perfect hand acting!) (Shooting the teaser next) (Playful the moment he's out of the frame) ♪ When I found you in my dreams ♪ (It's actually a cool scene where JB walks past each member!) (Q. Theme for this shoot) We're each playing the role of a film crew JB's playing the director who came to check on the set (Trying very hard to hold in the laughter) Director! Who was it? (Someone laughed when they weren't supposed to) Oh, you know Come on, be honest! We won't say anything (Yugyeom confesses quietly) (Re-enacting the moment in question) - Isn't that too cute? - There I am (Watching Yugyeom's blooper together) Come on, Yugyeom No, I laughed on purpose (Yugyeom's sad it didn't go as intended) (The shooting resumes!) I mean, how can we not laugh? (But they held in their laughter and finished in success!) Jinyoung who practices hard every moment he gets (Jinyoung is goofing around) What? You want something? Keep it Nice~ (Playing with JB's accessories) I'm wearing a lot of layers underneath (JB fails to retaliate!) (Each filming their solo shoot) Thank you very much Mask~ Wings~ (Deciding on a greeting gesture) I like this one (Sudden miming) (Caught on to Jackson) Peekaboo! Oh, sorry (Surprised to find the staff behind the curtains) (Laughing right after they get the okay sign) You didn't do it (They told Youngjae they should dance when the curtain opens) Why didn't you do it? They told me not to I even checked the continuity Oh, really? I knew you guys were pulling a prank on me We were looking forward to it (Prank on Youngjae was a failure!) Right after they open? Shall we do it right after? (Deciding on every detail of the curtain call) Right hand? Just with one hand Like so? (Singing the national anthem) (Youngjae being playful again) (Youngjae bowed a little late) Yep, that was Youngjae from GOT7 I got it wrong while trying to teach Jackson (Jackson confused) I'm kidding (They're all monitoring carefully for the perfect cut) (BamBam's end-of-the-shoot ceremony) (Handsome members posing together for a group photo!) (GOT7 in person (dazzling).mov) (POST-CREDITS SCENE) (Jinyoung is writing a thank you note for the album) (Caught on Jackson's radar!) What are you doing? Writing thank you notes We've known each other for over ten years now And I've never seen you looking so serious until now I try to remember how we started out and stay humble every year Come to think of it, Jinyoung and I have known each other for ten years now I've spent almost half of my life with you (Taking a trip down the memory lane) (Youngjae writes songs during breaktime) This is nice (Not easy doing it on a laptop without his piano) (Time to go home!) I was having fun alone... but I can do it later (Didn't even know the strap had been stuck) I'm gonna get a hunched back Oh, it's snowing! It's snowing? Why is it snowing again? But it's more like sleet Or is it hail? Wait Arghhhh! (o0o?) (Startled by Yugyeom's sudden reaction) It's huge The particle's really huge but it melts fast Is it sleet?