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(MONOGRAPH "DYE") (S#4. SOLO SCENE) (TAKE.5 JINYOUNG) (At the set for Jinyoung's solo scene!) Hello, I'm Jinyoung of GOT7 (Q. What's the solo scene about?) In the previous scene, a bird flies away The bird symbolizes 'eternity' So the bird flying away means 'eternity was lost' That's what the scene is about You'll see all of us expressing a sense of loss (Jinyoung's humming in a sweet voice during his break) (Remembers to work out in his spare time) (Starts with Jinyoung's lip-sync shoot!) I just made big movements in the last take but should I just keep it simple? I liked the one before better Then I'll try to keep it simple (Sharing opinions with the director to get a better take) (Finished the shoot!) This one is the best We'll go with this one (Q. What will fans like about the shoot?) I think the fans will like the atmosphere This luxurious atmosphere? I think our fans might like it Quite different from there's this certain luxurious feel about this set (The bird eggs raffle as always!) Oh, look at this detail These dice are the same color as I GOT7 I'll roll the dice Feels like a game of yut Okay, three, two, one! (Jinyoung got 4 eggs) Four! I'm going to take out 4 eggs at once First egg Q1. What is the most recent photo you took with the members? First, let me take a look at my gallery We didn't take any selfies recently But there is one we took together Well? Nice photo, right? We all look handsome, don't we? Q2. I always bring "this" on my world tour What I always bring... God, I have a lot of those I always bring my running shoes We don't get much free time on world tours So in the mornings or when I have the time, running is good exercise and a chance to look around the city Next! Q3. What was the most memorable movie or book? I recently watched a movie called I think it was the most warmhearted movie that I watched recently The fact that their problems from the past are still ongoing makes me very sad, and the story captures that really well So I think it's a brilliant film Q4. To which member would you like to buy a meal and why? To BamBam, Jackson, and Mark! They work really hard in a foreign country So I'd like to treat them to a meal They've been away from their families for 7, 10 years So I'd like to have a meal with BamBam, Mark, and Jackson We have the group dance and the group scenes left I hope we can finish shooting without anyone getting hurt Thank you so much Three, two, one! (TAKE.6 JB) (Shoot for JB's solo scene followed!) (Q. What's the theme for the set?) This place has an old-timey feel and looks cool like a palace (JB also starts his lip-sync shoot!) (JB monitors closely after each take) (Doesn't forget to have discussions with the director!) (Q. Behind the scenes of writing ?) I actually made the song for the JUS2 album But I rewrote the rap and changed a large part of the track I'm so happy that it turned out well The song is about 'Let's always be together' 'You make me crazy' It's about someone who makes you crazy It's really about passionate, burning love (JB sings alone surrounded by people dressed alike) (Finished shooting the scene with the dancers!) (Q. Can you describe your solo scene?) This is where they make the potion And I secretly swap the potions in this scene (Ends with his skillful hand acting!) Thanks very much (JB's bird eggs raffle time!) What should I do with these? Do I pick as many questions as the number I get? Wow, I think I'm going to get a huge number Here I go (JB gets to pick 4 bird eggs!) Four Four? Okay I just picked one Q1. Do you have any new hobbies? It's not a hobby, but I do play a lot of games these days Second question! Q2. What is your favorite flavor at Baskin Robbins? Oh, that's unexpected It's Mint Chocolate Chip As you all know, I'm a mint chocolate fanatic Mint Chocolate Chip and Shooting Star are my favorite flavors (GOT7's member of mint choco squad!) Q3. What do you do first up in the morning? Isn't it the same for everyone? I sigh (Starts the day by taking in deep breaths!) I let out this big sigh The last one Q4. Which facial features of the members do you admire the most? I go, 'I wish I could be a bit like them' when I look at soft facial features of Mark, Jackson, or Yugyeom I look kind of sharp, you know? So I did once admire them in a way But I have my own charms, so... I'll see you later (TAKE.7 JACKSON) (Jackson is the last runner in the solo shoot!) Hello, I'm Jackson of GOT7 And this particular segment belongs to me in the music video As you can see, I'm the prince here I mean, I'm the prince only in the music video (King Jackson waving his cape while getting ready for the shoot!) (Jackson's solo scene takes place in the king's throne set) (Monitoring intently!) Let me try one more time before we finish - Okay - Or did you like... I liked one of the takes, and it'd be nice we have another one Yes (The shooting continues until they get the best take) (Q. If you were king, your wish?) If I were the king I'd perform for our fans every single day Perform every day and sing in the concert every day Admission free! (Self-applause) We'd release albums every day and produce merchandise every day I'll go to each fan's house and deliver them myself Provided, I'm the king But in reality, I'm not a king I'm sorry (Shooting with two conflicting groups!) (Q. Can you describe your solo scene?) It's about... In the music video, you can see two teams, one on this side and one on that side fighting in a certain scene And they're fighting because they're trying to break the notion, 'No love lasts eternity' This side believes 'Love can last eternity' while the other side argues, 'No love lasts eternity' So they keep fighting over that And I'm stressed out because I'm caught in the middle I'm contemplating why love can't last eternity That is my part, my scene That's what it's all about Thank you very much! (The essential step for this scene, 'fixing the cape') Action! (NG because the cape slid off!) 'Jackson, where are you going?' (Guessing how the fans might react) Where do you think? (Into I GOT7's hearts) It's really great I agree! Shall we end it here? Great work, everyone! Thank you (Finished shooting Jackson's solo scene!) (Bird eggs raffle as always!) (Solemnly rolling dice before the throne!) (Jackson gets to pick 9 eggs!) Nine! Q1. Promote the album to I GOT7 in 7 seconds Everyone... Please watch our MV a lot! NOT BY THE MOON~ (Next question!) Q2. At which competition are you certain you'll win? A fencing competition among JYP employees If they held a fencing competition Oh, wait! If they had fencing in one of those idol championships, I think I can win Who says GOT7 is not good at sports? That's a huge misunderstanding I think you guys don't know me very well I've once competed at the Youth Olympic Games I was on the national team So why do you keep saying GOT7 is not good at sports? Q3. Which facial feature of the members do you admire the most? I don't I mean, I'm not perfect But I have to live as I am (But you are perfect, Jackson...!) Q4. If you hadn't become a singer, what would be your profession? Probably an athlete? An athlete Q5. Which of the GOT7 albums would you like to keep forever? Our debut album? Our debut album Q6. What is your favorite flavor at Baskin Robbins? Mint Chocolate Chip (Another mint choco squad member!) But if I had to get a milkshake, I'd choose vanilla Q7. Which song do you listen to the most lately? GOT7's title track (Jackson, the playful promotion fairy) And James Arthur's 'Breathe' Q8. What do you do first up in the morning? I get in the shower I take a shower first Q9. TMI of the day? TMI of the day I arrived on site, and I waited about an hour to get my iced americano... (Breaks out in laughter because it really is TMI!) There's no coffee shop near here So it took an hour and a half It's not something you needed to know I just wanted to share (S#5. BALLROOM) (TAKE.1 GROUP DANCE) (The final shoot is the ballroom group dance scene!) (Members are practicing hard until right before the shoot) (Jackson's focusing on the basics!) Try and move your pelvis to each side (Starts shooting the group dance scene!) (JB got nervous and made a mistake) (The situation warrants Jinyoung saying 'That's JB of GOT7') (Resumes shooting after regrouping!) It's so dusty in here, I hold my breath while dancing (The members are monitoring intently) (The main vocals starting to get playful) Just! Until you say so (Youngjae's goofing around as always) Be good, yeah? Don't go around getting beaten up (BamBam's making jokes about bandages on Yugyeom's shoulder) Who did this to you? Beating someone up is worse (BamBam learned a valuable lesson, lol) Everyone, what do you think this means? Is that VR? A VR experience (Curious about what the statue is wearing on his head) What does that mean? Is that supposed to be VR? Yes - Is it really VR? - That's right (Surprised because they turned out to be actual VR goggles) The frontside is wearing them but the backside isn't (The statue's two different faces symbolize what's eternal and what's not!) (BamBam and Mark go to check the back of the statue) (Mark imitating the statue's pose, lol) (Q. Favorite track in this album) My favorite track in this album is the fourth track (LOVE YOU BETTER) Please listen to it a lot once it's released (Q. Point dance move of ) We make a moon-shape gesture And I think that's the highlight of our choreography Yugyeom also goes like this at the end (An adorable moon-heart!) I'm going to go and do well on the rest of the shoot (Shooting the group dance scene is coming to an end!) (A cool ending with Yugyeom's moon-heart!) (Yugyeom's running away after making a mistake) (The members are all disappointed) (Yugyeom doesn't know what to do because he's so sorry) I was really confident Until then, I was really hmm... (Saying he was really confident but lost his balance in the end) That's how it happened (Suddenly teaching the ending dance move) (The BamBam & Yugyeom's ending move) (BamBam teasing Yugyeom for getting an easy move wrong) Where are you going? Come here Let me hydrate first (Now, JB's bothering Youngjae by goofing around) Poor guy Didn't you see? (They didn't realize JB's prank while shooting an insert of the set, lol) (He's talking about this scene) 3, 2, 1 Thank you so much for your hard work and we hope to work with you next time We are GOT7! Thank you very much! (Finished shooting the group dance scene without any injuries!) (TAKE.2 ENDING) We finished shooting our MV today And this set is so beautiful So we decided to shoot our album cover one more time We also thought the set was gorgeous and the outfits are cool, too (GOT7 being professional despite the late-night photo shoot!) This is also a bird A bird with its head sticking out (Energetic Yugyeom never gets tired!) This outfit sort of feels like... Everyone, it's 1:30 in the morning and we've been shooting for 15 hours But he's still so... Don't popping dancers wear these pants? (The BamBam & Yugyeom keep playing around) (Shooting the album cover with masks on!) (They have the most fun when they're together!) (Group photoshoot for the album cover is finished!) (Members have left Youngjae behind, lol) (Upbeat Yugyeom) (and playful Jinyoung) Oh, sorry (and mimicking Youngjae) Oh, sorry (But Yugyeom doesn't care and keeps grooving) (Jinyoung ends up catching the groove) (They're now unstoppable) We're starting to look like tourists dancing on the bus Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai (Youngjae, on the other hand, looks exhausted, lol) This is the first time JB has made me feel drained He kept saying, 'You can do it!' (Next, the solo photoshoot followed!) (Q. Behind the scenes of choreo) I said I'll do it Jackson and Yugyeom must have liked the song as well They said they wanted to join me And if more people work on it together, we get to have more ideas So I said, 'I'm totally grateful, let's work on it together' And this is Yugyeom's song So I thought he might like it I think I choreographed for JB's because I have affection for them I tend to care a lot about people around me So since JB wrote that song, I wanted to do it even more And since Yugyeom wrote this song, I wanted to choreograph it and wanted the fans to listen to it more If I'd thought the song wasn't good, I wouldn't have done it I choreographed it because it was good The choreo is coming along nicely I wanted the dance to feel different from the title I don't put in a lot of dance moves in my choreography My choreography always needs a theme and a lot of formation changes Instead of a dance routine, I wanted to go on stage and just have fun together And I wanted our fans to see that and have fun with us That's the kind of stage I wanted to create What do you think? I don't know what the future's going to be like But those of you who will be watching this video in the future I wonder what you guys would think This reminds you of , doesn't it? What do you think, I GOT7? Did you like it? I'm having a hard time wrapping this up Chsuuhh (Q. Highlight of this album) The highlight is probably... The rappers of the group got to sing in this album I also think the theme itself draws a lot of attention Yeah, that's about it (Q. Favorite track of the album) There's this song called And I personally prefer that kind of style I also like my part in this song By the way, I don't have any tracks in which I don't like my part There were no bad parts You know? I hope you guys like it, too (Q. Secret for Jackson's positive energy) Well, I'm doing what I love at the moment And since I get to live while doing what I love, I think I've been incredibly blessed The way I think is pretty simple I think I need to be happy to put out great work (Q. Message for I GOT7) I hope you guys like it And this time, we really... Well, we always work hard That's a given But we prepared a special treat for you, especially the choreography So I hope you guys enjoy this gift I hope you get this gift and like it It's for you! (Q. Message for I GOT7) Hey, guys I worked so hard that even my ring started to rust, see? Our album means 'to add color' And I personally think I GOT7 and GOT7 add color to each other as we create memories together I thought about that while making this album And my brain feels a bit fuzzy because I've been up for too long So please excuse me if I sound weird Please show lots of love to our title song We finished shooting the music video and the album cover We finished recording So everything about the album is ready And we'll show you great performances during the album promotion I love you guys (Q. Message for I GOT7) What do you think? The art... sort of feels like what you can see in a museum We finished shooting the music video and the album cover So all that's left is for the album to be released Please show lots of love Watch our music video And listen to our songs See you soon! (Q. What did you think about the shoot?) Actually, I was really worried today It's been a while since we filmed and I haven't gotten up so early in the morning and worked for so long in a while, to be honest Unless you're shooting a music video, you don't have to work this late But time went by faster than I'd expected The atmosphere was so good And a lot of CGI is going into it, so I want to know how it turns out Anyway, I had a lot of fun today and thank you so much for your hard work (Q. Message for I GOT7) Our new song We just finished shooting the MV and album cover for it I'm curious to know how you feel about it Since you guys have waited for so long, I hope this is a good album And please show lots of love See you then