GSP to the WWEwhat would he do there


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this rumor got started that George st. Pierre has been approached by the WWE a rumor of which George confirmed and that's interested me for this reason how are you gonna use him I think that's where you would have the most fun as a fan is if you knew that how are you going to use them do you plant you think George is gonna go in and train wrestling and it's going to take him 18 months and he's gonna get it and doing Matt's not very realistic and I don't think you're gonna get George to do it he's not the size of some of them look like some of those right so when what capacity you're gonna use him if you look back through history there's all sorts of options guest referee yeah absolutely an enforcer yeah you bet it's gonna come out there and backup Ronda sometimes sure I don't think he would go out there and be the manager type but I also know that he was going into a match and if you look back Mayweather who also doesn't fit the but you know one of these great big huge guy Mayweather had a fantastic piece it was at a Wrestlemania had the segment with the Big Show where they used his side they just went with it hey look Mayweather is not as big as some of these guys now we're gonna give him the biggest guy on the entire roster it worked it totally worked but that's the big what are you what are you gonna do with George if George says yes how does he get used you know does he cut is it a is it a fight angle and I keep hearing these rumors that WWE is talking to all these fighters I mean you're right there was some kind of movement there with Chris cyborg something's going on with Travis Browne has even had a couple of small segments Cain Velasquez is now time about going and doing some stuff and one with WWE but he is going into Mexico and gonna do some luchador type stuff so it just begs it quite how far they go in are they putting a whole stable of fighters they trying to do like an invasion angle you never know what they're gonna do but that does that's a big question when then what are you gonna do with George and I think the only thing that you know is he's not gonna wrestle he's not gonna take on a schedule and go out there and do a match is he gonna be part of a Royal Rumble is he gonna run in as it's just a cameo what do you do with George and I think that there's a lot of really good options and I think that they're really fun and I would love to know what you guys think how will Vince put George in the show