Gaethje vs Barboza I cant wait for this fightbut cant tell you why


Chael Sonnen


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Gate cheese gotta fight barbozza and I have to tell you guys I love the fight I loved it from the moment I heard it was going to happen I look forward to seeing it and I don't know if I could articulate for you guys why right it is not a contenders fight it is not a title fight it is not a super fight it is a main event it is with two killers they don't have a personal grudge they don't have a history they don't have a backstory okay great a lot of times you end up in these spots where you don't have it but it just makes it very tough for me to tell you guys the story as to why you're gonna want to watch telling you the story becomes tough I know why myself I've watched maybe all of just engages fights maybe if I haven't I've watched maybe one or two slip through the cracks somewhere in the smaller ranks but I was with it over the world series of fighting sir I saw his fights before he broke on and maybe became familiar with you guys or boza so skilled so fast both of these guys mean goethe has this toughness that you cannot possibly not admire and respect our Boza has these leg kicks that you can't possibly not fear you can hear them when they land it is like a baseball bat being swung into his opponent's thighs ribs head it is a scary thing Justin LTS Carrodus just engage he when he came over to the UFC said and I quote I want the scariest fight and the scariest fight that I can think of is barbozza because I have nightmares about that guy kicking me Inc whoa that's powerful that's a power that's the tip of the hat that's not your typical trash talk as guys so falsely continually engaging but it is some interesting talk and it is very interesting after admitting he had nightmares about a guy kicking him he finishes that thought by saying so I'd like to fight with that guy ok that's not usually how fights are promoted but guess what Justin you just won me over you just taught us something new and you win so let's go ahead and do it I still feel as though I'm struggling with telling you guys what the compare compelling storyline of this contest is I know I know as a hardcore fan that watches everything I know exactly why I want to see it I know exactly why something specials gonna happen I know exactly why the other guys in the back are all gonna go and take a seat they're gonna come out from the back they're not gonna watch that on a monitor they're gonna come out to their seats and take a seat they're gonna get a notch I want to show it and look forward to it I know the respect and the honor I know the pain I know the toughness I know the grit I know everything that's on the line I don't know how to tell you guys I don't it's easier to tell you guys when there's some kind of a personal grudge or backstory or fool behavior or this guy's a good guy or this size the bad guy it's just easier this is a harder story to tell but I can tell you something special is going to happen this this fight does not go 25 minutes whenever I break a fight down for you guys I always assume it will even of the fights that don't represents the majority of the of the fights that we we really want to see but I always when I give an analysis because that's really important for the intangibles what's going to happen in the third round who seems to hold up better what's going to happen in the championship rounds should be a 5/5 fight contest five run contest so it's really important and that's the way that my mind works on this one I am very comfortable and sharing with you guys in advance that my prediction absolutely no way it just doesn't go five rounds you just can't fight the way these guys fight and make it that long now when I brought that up with my producer Nick he actually threw a curveball at me he said you know Jail I don't know if you've been following just engage lately but just engage he is more than happy to come out and tell anybody who will listen that he's gonna go back to his wrestling not just because of the Barbeau is a matchup that that was his plan after his last three fights is to go back and do more wrestling after all he is an all-american wrestler well that's true and that would be a wrench into what I'm predicting for you guys that would throw a rich wrench into things if Katie was to come out and start to try to just wrestle and smother if he watched the khabib fight against Barbosa and got inspired by it it said okay I know how to go out and fight this guy my pushback would be and it was to Nick and it will be to you guys as well or boses defenses of such then unless you are as powerful of a wrestler as khabib most of the wrestlers don't succeed in wrestling with them they just don't unless they can really lure him into a fight unless they really come out and lure him into a stand-up battle and spend meaningful amounts of time in the stand-up in the stand-up range and get Barbosa to turn that switch off in his head that says hey I got to protect my lower body from a takedown attempt if you go out and do that I have seen some guys who I would put on the same level of just pure straight wrestling as gaetti have success outside of that I don't think so though think you got a stand-up battle and I think that our boza is just too damn powerful and just engag it's just too damn mean to possibly allow another person to go all 25 minutes with them I think you're gonna see something fun I will admit to you fully I am struggling with telling you why the story of this fight is a hard one to tell and heavens knows neither one of those knuckleheads came out and did it for us neither one of those two guys told us why but there's still something special there isn't there and we all do remember the day that that fight got announced and we all have marked it on our calendar and we have counted down those moments so even if the story going in is a tough one to tell and it is the fact that something meaningful and entertaining and possibly historic whoa what a compliment what a compliment I just gave them possibly something historic happens in that fight we're gonna have to wait and see