Gaethje vs Barboza not a smart fight but it was a smarter fight


Chael Sonnen


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Keiichi versus Barboza in so many ways it was exactly the way you thought this fight was gonna go down alright two killers go in there that aren't gonna back down from one another and start throwing hands and feet at one another I have to say this though and it's one of these fights don't blink you know that expression don't blink or you'll miss it if you blink you're gonna miss three different things because these guys are going so fast and they're throwing everything at one another I do have to say just engage this was a smarter fight by him now I'm not saying this was a smart fight all right Justin kg has been talking overtime about fighting smarter taking less punches using that resi somebody if you don't know or you have forgotten the Justin gate she is a Division one all-american in wrestling when's the last time you've seen him go out there and wrestle he right he has a style he prefers to fight he's not going to let you guys down he's just not but I also have to say it was a smart fight there was times where he got hurt even in that quick a fight that of what he got hurt there was also sometimes he did some her Dean either way okay even when he had Barboza hurt he didn't step in and look to get reckless as he's done in the past in the past 90 plus percent of the time that's worked out but a little less than 10 percent it hasn't so we got a little smarter he also didn't go in when he was hurt and start to engage and start to try to shake the cobwebs off by firing back he just took a step back either way he hurts his opponent he gets hurt either way takes a step back by some time it's a really big deal guys controlling range you'll always hear fight guys I'm guilty about myself we're always telling you guys about range and you're going yeah I don't get it what's the big deal about this range well maybe I can explain it to you like this you may be afraid to fight old jail in fairness all right yeah I don't really want to fight you but guess what what if I told you right now I'm gonna fight you if I told you right now I'm gonna beat you how scared are you gonna be probably not at all because I can't get to you that's range that's all about range guys it doesn't matter if you're this far out of range or if you guys are watching on your computer and I'm sitting here in the studio out of range a Miss is a Miss I can't get you so if you're worried about anything if you need to catch your breath if you need to regain and recompose take a step back if your opponent steps forward take another step back you keep that range you've got nothing to worry about in a fight in an unarmed fight you have nothing to worry about until you are in within arm's reach whether it's your opponent's arms reach or it's you putting your handouts arm reach whoever is this longer that's the that's where all the dangers at and nowhere else so just engage you to by himself those minnows moments even if they were brief I want to pay Justin a compliment I can't say it was a smart fight but I can tell you that was a smart fight and he was able to recompose himself and he was able to keep that power high he was able to find that one big shot at one point in the contest he did look like he wanted to rest at one point he kind of came in for a double a I think he could have got it too by the way knowing him being a wrestler seeing the position he was he could have finished that I think was for you guys that he did it I think you guys have compelled and peer-pressured and encouraged and won Justin over I really think that fight was for you