Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Winner Decided Full Comparison

hey there soccer from sake tick and in today's video we'll be doing a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S 20 old truck vs. the iPhone 11 Pro max both of these smartphones are the current flagship offerings from two of the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry as such people are naturally asking questions questions such as is the iPhone 11 pro max a better smartphone than the Galaxy S Tony ultra or is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra better than the iPhone 11 pro max and the most direct request of all is just tell me which one is better and of course in this video that's exactly what we're gonna do by doing a full side-by-side comparison of every aspect of these smartphones so if you want to a crystal clear response keep watching so let's dive in and start with the build and design now before we dive in if you find my videos useful make sure to click that subscribe button and also make sure to click that Bell icon on the side to get notified every time I upload a new video and of course if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook make sure to follow me on all at Sakhi tech online also for the latest updates all right let's dive in so both the iPhone and the s20 have a similar build quality front and back you will find glass on both smartphones with a solid metal band around the edges this makes for a high-end build therefore both smartphones feel like a million dollars when you hold them in your hands when you move on to the design is where things differ they both have massive frontal displays and they both look gorgeous the s20 has a large and tall display that dominates the screen leaving tiny bezels on all four sides with a hole cut out on the top Center while the iPhone continues to have a notch which houses the front camera and the face ID system you will observe that the bezels of the s20 are actually thinner than the iPhone all in all I might say that the design is a subjective choice but in my opinion the s20 pulls ahead it seems more clean and futuristic in overall presentation from the front this lead could possibly have been avoided if the iPhone had somehow eliminated that notch on the top in my opinion the Center hole cut out on the s20 is a better option than a notch it is less intrusive while watching full screen movies as I will show you very soon now both smartphones come with water resistance with the exact same water resistance rating of ip68 rest assured both phones can easily handle a rainy day or an accidental drop into a puddle of water you can even wash them with clean water which will cause no problems most smartphones offer high quality stereo speakers that produce a loud deep and rich sound which is perfect for listening to any type of media and there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on either so to summarise in this category so far we have an equal overall value from both smartphones the only thing I prefer is the overall design of the s20 now let's move on and talk about the processor memory and storage the iPhone Mac sports a powerful a12 Bionic processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM and can be acquired with 64 gigabytes of storage for the base model with available 256 or 512 gigabyte storage options starting price for the Mac's is $1100 the galaxy s 20 also supports a powerful Snapdragon 865 CPU with 12 gigabytes of RAM and can be acquired with 128 gigabytes of storage for the base model with available 512 gigabyte option that comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM starting price for the S tronic ultra is a mind-bending $1,400 now the S Tony does have 5 G capability while the iPhone does not in the storage race s 20 pulls ahead it has a higher hundred twenty-eight gigabyte base storage and has a microSD expansion slot so you can add additional 1 terabytes of extra storage on the s20 if needed now if you move on to the benchmarks it is clear that the iPhone has more raw horsepower than the s20 now the lead is not groundbreaking and real-world performance of both smartphones is rock-solid with Swift user experience so the iPhone certainly wins in terms of processing power while the s Tony takes a lead in storage capacity and storage expansion options 5g is interesting but it's only available in less than 5% of the country so that is not a big win for right now now let's move on and talk about the dimensions so as you can see from these dimensions both smartphones have somewhat similar dimensions overall but in this day and age dimensions and weight don't seem to have much of an influence on buying decisions now let's move on to a much more important category the display the iPhone has a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 12 42 by 26 88 with with 458 pixels per inch --is the s20 has a six point nine inch dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 by 3,200 with 511 pixels per inch --is most smartphones support HDR 10 were available for superior video viewing quality now both of these phones have fantastic displays that looks stunning from every angle they're not dull they're very vibrant the s20 sharp and clear and highly color accurate the iPhone is sharp and clear as well also offering exceptional color accuracy overall quality wise I cannot recommend one over the other as they both look very clean and crispy however the s20 ultra has two things that gives it a lead first the display is larger so it has special appeal to anyone interested in extra display real estate movies and videos will feel more immersive especially because there also isn't a huge notch in the way second the s20 altra has a brand new 120 Hertz display which allows you to get super smooth scrolling now 120 Hertz is not everything but it does make a perceptible difference in terms of motion smoothness as you navigate your smartphone the iPhone has a smaller display in comparison and is a 60 Hertz display so in this category the s20 has a lead due to the hundred twenty Hertz option and a larger display but as far as display clarity and brightness is concerned they're both at the top of their game when it comes to software it really is going to be a matter of preference with Samsung you get the latest version of Android that allows for a customizable experience so you can tweak your phone to your own sense of style by using things like widgets and themes and on top of the themes and widgets you're also able to access special features like the edge screen which is a side screen that allows you to add even more widgets off your choice available at a swipe and every single area is fully customizable iPhones iOS is a more limited system yet feels more polished and has a superior app ecosystem when it comes to gaming apps iPhones will deliver beyond Samsung simply because Apple AppStore has better games which runs smoother than their Android counterparts that's not to say Android doesn't have any good games or they don't run well but iPhone simply performs better when it comes to games and offers more exclusive titles that's really what this is all about in regards to software and open-ended customizable experience versus a closed and an app driven experience which one to choose remains with the end user refined simplicity versus customizable complexity is what we have over here now let's move on and talk about the camera so s20 has four rear cameras and one front facing camera that's a total of five cameras while the iPhone 11 pro max has three rear cameras and one front facing camera that's a total of four cameras I don't really care about the front-facing cameras too much since either smartphone will deliver if your objective is to take selfies or do video conferencing now on the rear both smartphones have the following setup a telephoto camera for zooming in a super wide angle camera for wide sweeping photos and a main camera that most people use all the time then we have the extra fourth camera on the s20 which is nothing special it's a 3d depth vision camera that is useful for producing background blur in portrait photos or videos and in fact the iPhone produces with software processing now when we dive into the particulars the s20 is more capable as a camera the main camera is a hundred eight megapixel camera with an upgraded sensor that takes superb photos with rich detail the iPhone has a main 12 megapixel camera which is a masterclass camera as well yet it falls slightly behind in the bottom line quality and sharpness then with the telephoto camera the IOC Estonia is capable of hundred times hybrid zoom and five times optical zoom iPhone on the other hand is only capable of ten times a hybrid zoom and two times optical zoom so the s20 has a better zoom camera overall when it comes to video both smartphones offer 4k recording at 30 or 60 frames per second or 1080p at 30 or 60 both phones offer excellent video stabilization to take steady video with minimum shake or blur now once again as 20 gets some extra capabilities in video as well it can now record an 8k at 30 frames per second using its main rear camera now a lot of people are not gonna use this feature but the option is there iPhone matches out at 4k it's not a big deal but if you want a cave IDEO then you have to go to the s20 now let's be very clear as a total package both smartphones offer an excellent job of providing the user with a solid multi camera set up these are some of the best smartphone cameras in the market for an average consumer either camera will yield great quality photos delivering full satisfaction however the s20 ultra is a more appealing package for people looking at more extreme options such as EK video and powerful zooming capabilities and to be honest if it wasn't for 100 times zoom I would say that the both cameras are in the same exact range so make your mind based on that now let's move on and talk about the battery and battery features now in the battery department overall you get a full day of battery life with medium to heavy use on both smartphones however in my tests iPhone did yield almost 1:00 hours of extra battery life so it does have a slight lead in battery life with a full charge both the iPhone Max and the Estonia offer wireless charging which is fantastic as xx has a 25 watt fast wired charging out of the box with an included charging adapter and the iPhone Pro max finally has an 18 watts fast charger in the however the s20 does charge faster than the iPhone so it gets a lead here it is considerably faster by 30 to 45 minutes for a full charge additionally the Estonia now offers wireless power share which allows you to charge other smartphones as well as compatible accessories such as wireless earbuds and smartwatches using the back of your s20 a feature the iPhone does not have so in this department the s20 definitely has a lead in the battery features Department faster charging more features now let's move on and talk about biometric so the iPhone 11 pro max offers a powerful face ID system that uses your face to unlock it it is fast convenient and secure yes 20 on the other hand brings the much-desired in-display fingerprint sensor that also works flawlessly and does have a special futuristic appeal since its built inside under the display this is mostly a matter of choice since both systems work great but Samsung does get extra points for having it in the display without sacrificing screen real estate so now let's tie everything together to find out which one of these smartphones is the superior device while being conscious of the price as 20 is $1,400 while the iPhone is $1100 so it is clear that both smartphones offer value but one of them does lead in overall features let's see the advantages of the S 20 or the iPhone the S 20 comes with a minimum of 128 gigabytes of storage in my opinion has a cleaner design it offers the wireless power share feature and faster wired and wireless charging as 20 also has a more aggressive camera setup with powerful zooming capabilities and 8k recording it also offers a better screen with more screen real estate and the 120 Hertz refresh rate finally the S 20 offers 5g which right now I think is not a big deal on the flipside the iPhone only has one advantage that is superior to the s 20 it has a more powerful processor otherwise they both have many flash' features such as IP 68 grade water resistance they offer top-tier multi camera systems and top tier display quality looking at all the metrics and seeing how the s Tony hasn't has more features over the iPhone it is easy to conclude that the S 20 is the better smartphone however we have a slight problem although the winner of this comparison is the S 20 ultra it is $300 more expensive than the iPhone 11 Pro which is a significant price bump so definitely the s 20 is a more comprehensive phone it is the winner in a side-by-side comparison but it comes at a high premium and at $1100 the iPhone 11 pro is still a top-tier phone so it's hard for me to say especially comparing the Estonian altra to the iPhone 11 Pro to simply get the s 20 ultra because at a cost savings you're still getting a powerful device the iPhone 11 pro max so if you're not worried about the pricing I would say go for the better phone get the s 20 ultra but if the price is a little too steep either consider an S 20 plus or just buy the iPhone and that brings us to the end of this video if you have any questions comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know which phone you chose all right have a fantastic day all right so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at sake tech online to get the latest updates as well alright have a fantastic day